The Hidden Truth behind Mormonism and Magic Mushrooms

March 2nd, 2020

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Did Joseph Smith secretly add psychedelics to the sacrament?

Did you know that, according to the Book of Mormon, the original Mormons reported mystical experiences and hallucinogenic visions during religious ceremonies? In fact, not only were these mystical visions and hallucinations shared amongst a large number of Mormon parishioners week after week, they were virtually guaranteed. But, how was this even possible?

What could possibly account for a guaranteed mystical experience?

Guaranteed Mystical Visions

While prayer, chanting or meditation can result in mystical experiences, it often takes many years of dedicated practice, and there is no way to guarantee a mystical experience for even for a seasoned practitioner…and yet, Joseph Smith (the father or Mormonism) was able to promise and deliver these experiences like clockwork.

There’s only one thing that could explain how large groups of people could have shared mystical experiences and hallucinogenic visions…..the use of strong psychedelics. In fact, this is the only thing that can guarantee these experiences!

Mounting Evidence

While Mormons trace their origins to the visions that Joseph Smith reported in the early 1820s, there’s now growing evidence that these visions may have been induced by psychedelics, such as “magic mushrooms” which contain the psychoactive ingredient psilocybin (and possibly the use of other psychedelics as well).

While Joseph Smith was reported to have relationships with shamans, medicine men and alchemists, Smith’s family was also known to gather psilocybin mushrooms which grew abundantly where Smith and his family lived in Upstate New York.

While “magic mushrooms” are known to result in visions, hallucinations and psychedelic trips, this may explain how “an angel led Joseph Smith to some mysterious golden plates” that he later translated into the Book of Mormon.

Moreover, not only did Joseph Smith partake in “magic mushrooms,” some historians are beginning to believe that Joseph Smith secretly added psychedelics to the sacrament during religious ceremonies, and this could mean that the first Mormons may have ingested psychedelic substances without their knowledge or consent.

Nonetheless, it would explain why these original Mormon Church goers were often worked into a frenzy – exhibiting wild, crazy and uninhibited behavior, and of course, why they shared mystical visions during religious ceremonies.

Let’s be clear, based on the psychedelic nature of art work found in various temples throughout the world, Mormonism is probably not the only religion founded on psychedelics, and it’s certainly not the first nor only religion to use psychedelics as a religious sacrament. However, Joseph Smith may be the only known religious leader to drug his followers without their knowledge or consent.

Shared Hallucinations – Mystical Experiences

Even though shared psychedelic visions are not always the norm, people under the influence of psychedelics are more susceptible to suggestion – and Joseph Smith was known to be brilliant at inducing these shared visions.

As a revered church leader and captivating preacher, Joseph Smith was able to masterfully use “set and setting” to induce a state of altered consciousness….and more specifically, through the combined use of psychedelics and induction methods, he was able to mesmerize his parishioners into experiencing shared mystical hallucinations. For instance, this could have meant that everyone in the church saw Jesus float across the ceiling.

Moreover, the promise of mystical experiences may explain the exponential growth of Mormonism in the early days. While it isn’t unusual for religious leaders to entice potential followers with magical promises, unlike other religious leaders, Joseph Smith actually delivered.

By promising a direct experience with God or Jesus, as well as the allure of spiritual revelation, potential followers were drawn to Mormonism like a magnet, and of course, Mormon parishioners likely shared their remarkable mystical experiences with non-Mormons as well (acting as a powerful enticement).

But, why did all the Visions suddenly stop?

What’s even more interesting is that once Joseph Smith was murdered in 1844 and Brigham Young became the new leader of the Mormon Church, all mystical experiences suddenly stopped.

Just to clarify, since the death of Joseph Smith, there have been zero reports of mystical visions in the Mormon Church.

Today, many Mormons wonder why they’re not having visions like their predecessors. In response, they’re told by church elders that they’re not having visions because they’re not worthy enough. In other words, they’re not good enough Mormons – and if they want visions, they need to follow Mormon doctrine more strictly.

However, it’s not just followers who don’t have visions any more, it’s also church leaders and elders, and even the Mormon Prophet! In fact, in recent years, the current Mormon Prophet publically admitted that he had never had a single vision. Is he not a good enough Mormon?

Or, could it be that all Mormons stopped having mystical experiences and visions when psychedelics were no longer added to the sacrament?

The Origin of Mormonism’s Strict Rules?

If you’re Mormon or if you know anything about Mormonism, you probably know that Mormon’s must obey some very strict rules, such as abstaining from alcohol, coffee, drugs, premarital sex, etc….and in fact, meat should only be eaten sparingly. While Mormon’s believe that these rules must be obeyed in order to enter the kingdom of heaven, it’s interesting that these same exact rules mirror the guidelines for proper psychedelic use.

According to the guidelines shared by shamans and other plant medicine facilitators, before and after the use of psychedelics, a period of strict abstinence is required, and this includes abstaining from certain foods, alcohol, drugs, meat, etc…, and this period of abstinence also includes sexual activity.

While certain foods and substances can interfere with plant medicines and result in physical complications, these restrictions are also known to promote the transformative and visionary effects associated with plant medicines, ultimately leading to higher states of consciousness.

Could the similarities between Mormon rules and psychedelic guidelines just be a coincidence? Or, could it be that Joseph Smith formulated these rules because he was secretly adding psychedelics to the sacrament?

While these rules became part of the religious doctrine that all good Mormons blindly obey to this day, without the use of psychedelics, there may be no basis for any of them.

Moreover, due to the Mormon Church’s approach to obeying strict religious doctrine, many Mormons have experienced a history of dysfunctional dynamics personally and in their families, and consequently, this has resulted in deep psychological damage and emotional trauma that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

Psychedelics and Polygamy

While it is undeniable that polygamy was at the very foundation of Mormonism at its inception, the current Mormon Church rejects any connection to the practice of polygamy. But, why would a religious organization embrace and even encourage polygamy as part of its official doctrine in the first place?

Well, the reason could also be psychedelics….

When psychedelics are taken in large doses, people often experience a type of “boundary dissolution” where they’re all connected through love…and this profound experience has been linked to polyamorous behavior in psychedelic tribes and communities.

(Due to mounting pressure from the U.S Congress and in order to be admitted into the Union of the United States, the Mormon Church officially renounced polygamy in 1890.)

Divine Telephone Line!

Let’s be clear, psychedelics are not the problem, but rather, the problem is ongoing secrecy and trickery.
In fact, it’s quite possible that psychedelic plants were put on this planet to help facilitate the awakening of humanity.

According to one of the most famous psychonauts, Terrence McKenna, there may have been a time in history when our ancestors consciously used plant medicines for healing and other purposes, and if this is true, it means that psychedelics are a part of our human heritage.

While psychedelics provide a direct connection to Source, and allow us to talk to the unconscious mind at the same time, they have the ability to lead us to healing and awakening.

Even though many of us may have forgotten about our psychedelic roots, things are now changing, and the use of psychedelics is sweeping the planet at an exponential rate!  In fact, what’s even more interesting is that small groups of Mormons and ex-Mormons are now gathering in private plant medicine ceremonies under the guidance of trained facilitators, and as a result, generations of “religious trauma” are now being healed through the use of psychedelics.

By acting just like a telephone line, psychedelics can connect the human to the divine!

(While the use of psychedelics requires a level of mental stability along with guided support, the proper set and setting are crucial, and therefore, psychedelics should be considered carefully and are not for everyone.)


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