Community-Based Living – A Paradigm Shifting Solution

February 7th, 2024

By Paul A. Philips

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Unsustainable practices designed to enrich the wealthiest pose serious threats to we the human race and our humanity. Further, through ignorance, deception, programming or brainwashing engineered by the wealthiest, there are so many people unknowingly entrenched in systems that do not exist to serve them.

Be it on the economic, environmental, health-related, political, societal or technocratic levels… etc., the current paradigms threaten to fall apart and take us down with them; the consequences of centralised power and greed.

-To those able to discern this, having the alternative lens, are you dwelling less on the problem to duly focus on the empowering solution? Are you willing to take on the related hero’s journey…?

Community-based living is key

One way of breaking the dictatorial spellbinding hold on humanity, turning the unsustainable into sustainable, is to form tight-knit localised communities. Community-based living is a paradigm-shifting solution, solving a multiple of problems.

It involves small groups happy to work together, serving each other, advocating thriving nature-based, healthy, food farming communities.

-Yes, I know, that’s quite the contrast to the concrete-jungle, winner takes it all, greed-driven, superficial all-consumerist, digital-slave-land, rat-race lifestyle, but we do have this alternative choice.

Choosing the thriving food farming community-based living is a way of promoting and nurturing harmony. It’s a form of preparedness. A form of taking a stand against wealth-draining corporate, political, environmental exploitation in an unjust world lacking in real societal values, camaraderie, friendliness, truth, honesty and integrity…

More specifically, it’s a pushback against the globalist’s: The World Economic Forum (WEF) and its attempts to dismantle food supply chains using crippling legislation which, in effect, for example, is what they are trying to do to Dutch farmers (“You will own nothing. You will be hungry happy….”).

Whereas before, the globalist’s operated in secrecy. Now, however, they operate in plain sight. -Is this a big mistake?

With people waking up in the droves and now seeing the globalists WEF made publicly known and operating in plain sight, there’s bound to be a significant pushback through the realization of their enslaving agendas…

For food farming community-based living to work effectively, advocating growth and development using organizational skills, it must have 3 vital factors:

 Community-Based Living vital factor # 1. Unity

For people to stay as a unity, it is necessary to remain aloof from the enticement of the ruled and divided entrapment and its counter-productiveness. Yes, we can agree to disagree, but holding on to limiting beliefs, dogmatic opinions and fixated closed-mindedness may threaten our biggest asset.

That biggest asset lies in we the people when we demonstrate our power as a unity, having the same goals, same visions, same end-product realisations.

Community-based living food farming communities have demonstrated these qualities. Finding a common ground, they have shown unity on a tight-knit robust level. Through their innovations they have achieved quite an enterprise.

The Greenhorns: How Not to Farm

Community-Based Living vital factor # 2. Being Self-sufficient

 Today, there’s never been a time when the need to be self-sufficient has been greater. In terms of aspiring to food self-sufficiency, it doesn’t matter whether you live in compact urban areas or larger rural open spaces. Small or larger-scale organic food farming operations are ultimately the same in principle: Involving us getting back to our roots as self-sufficient healthy eating food farmers…

In retrospect, these operations are alternatives to ‘Big Food’ and ‘Big Agriculture.’ These dinosaur corporations cannot be trusted. They have let us down with their unhealthy mass-produced acid junk foods, GMO toxicity laden with herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

One shining example of this food-producing model who have been self-sufficient as a well-internally trained business for over 16 years are the Greenhorns. Besides the level of food self-sufficiency, like other communities with their community-based living sources, they also have an involvement in the making of arts and crafts.

On similar lines there are permaculture self-sufficient thriving gardening communities.

These different communities in the locale help each other out by offering their services to each other.

-Is this an answer to Jiddu Krishnamurti’s “… profoundly sick society?”

Community Based Living vital factor # 3 Having the ability to discern

Discernment, the ability to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, is crucially important. This can mean having the ability to perceive that which poses a threat to the food farming community and preventing it from collapsing.

-As the saying goes, if you can’t see it, you can’t handle it, so be vigilant.

Sexual Energy

Consider, for instance, the potential legal challenges: There are plenty of morally and spiritually bankrupt corporations with their political lackeys who would be willing to shut down these food farming communities for a price…

Maybe the world wouldn’t be in such a mess if we the people had shown our discernment in a number of aspects where it was necessary. Indeed, these are very dark times. There are corporate and political power structures who could lead us into abject poverty.

Discernment and the necessary precautionary measures are the key to preventing this from happening.


Going back to our grass roots by forming community-based living thriving healthy food farming communities is a paradigm shifting solution. This solves a multiple of solutions. It’s an opening for creating a world that truly makes a difference for everyone.

For these communities to work it is vitally necessary to have unity, self-sufficiency and discernment.

If you’re inspired take a look at the Thriving Communities website.

Every step of the way, when expanding our communities, in solidarity, it is essential to not buy into stifling overly-controlling governmental power structures. Don’t give your power away to outside sources. Refuse to cooperate if necessary.

About the Author:

My blogs with the related alternative news website are about my stand for the possibility of creating a world that makes a difference for everyone.

I had graduated in biomedical sciences and worked for a number of years in healthcare. I am now a retiree. My website is slanted on health matters.

However, over the years I have come to the firm conclusion that practically every subject under the sun needs redefining using more truthful, honest and integral approaches in theory and practice, hence the website’s name ‘New Paradigm’

From these new approaches, from the ‘imagination of ourselves,’ from our visions… a ‘new era’ in humanity can result!

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