The Somatic Movement Summit – FREE Online Event

Are you finding yourself glued to screens, sitting for many hours at a time — almost without noticing how long your body’s been in the same position? The realities of life in these times mean most of us will spend a LOT more time inside, stagnant, and only rarely putting our bodies in motion — but movement is not just a nice thing to do; it’s imperative for health and wellbeing.

How are you engaging with movement these days? Do you have a daily movement practice?

If not, we invite you to join us at ground-breaking Somatic Movement Summit — a FREE experiential online gathering of seasoned leaders in this burgeoning and evolutionary field.

More than rote exercise, somatic movement is a call to return to embodiment, the wisdom of your body’s capacity to self-heal — a timely answer to our modern world’s shifting landscape. Both subtle and profound, somatic movement modalities — such as Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind Centering, and others — gently foster an abiding sense of wellbeing and fortitude over time.

RSVP here to learn from more than 40 of today’s highly sought-after somatic movement experts and teachers, who will be sharing simple somatic practices to move you from stress, anxiety, fatigue, or depletion into easeful states infused with vitality and relaxed alertness.

In this one-of-a-kind, 5-day summit, you’ll discover:

  • Ways to bypass the “amygdala response” of hypervigilance and terror, and nourish your nervous system with centering, connective movement
  • Enhanced movement techniques to slow aging, lubricate your joints, and encourage lymphatic flow
  • Groundbreaking research and the latest discoveries in how movement can help dissipate residual trauma in your body
  • How somatic education transcends old notions of the body as a machine, liberating movement as a holistic discipline
  • Ways you can apply conscious motion tools on a daily basis to provide ease around challenging, high-stress situations
  • The connection between movement, personal power, and conflict mediation
  • Movement practices that aid in endocrine health and sexual wellness
  • A movement “plan” you can integrate into your daily routine
  • A pathway to strengthen immunity, improve cardiac vigor, and more
  • Ways that somatic movement is being used to empower women at any age
  • And much more…

These techniques can assist you in moving from rigidity to fluidity… enabling you to make choices from your body’s wise, grounded intelligence, while at the same time preserving your body from the long-term effects of stress. Especially now, as many of us are feeling more immobilized than ever — movement is our friend.

We aren’t doomed to inertia or stagnation or disease… and life has a way of compelling us to stay in motion!

Join this unique gathering of exceptional teachers in the field of conscious motion, and start the rest of your divine, delicious movement journey today.

We look forward to seeing you there.