Avoid Becoming Hypnotized By Cultural Illusions

By Paul Lenda

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

Cultural illusions are everywhere. They are promoted and normalized by the mouthpieces of the Distortion, fooling people into believing that they are true. Once you are “awake” to how much of what you were taught to believe was a lie, an illusion, you break the spell cast onto you.

Modern psychonaut mystic Terence McKenna once said that culture is a mass hallucination, and he was right. Practically everything within our culture, and many cultures around the world, stems from being disconnected from who we truly are.

Would you be giving your attention (energy) to things that promote division, competition, and fear? Of course not. As an awakened being living out a human experience here on Earth, you would see all of that is maya, illusion. It is not reflective of what a reality would be where everyone and everything was aligned and in resonance.

Besides the usual us vs. them nonsense that many choose to participate in today, there is now a “pandemic” program that has been launched, where everyone is asked to be a player in a game causing the ultimate level of separateness. At such a critical time in our collective story, this is when we should be uniting together to reject getting hypnotized any longer. Do you believe the same players who brought you all the divisiveness into the world are going to lead you into a better future? They won’t.

It is up to use to use our critical thinking skills and intuitive discernment to co-create a new culture. The world is at a crossroads, a transition point. This is where a major choice is being made as to what the future holds for the human story. Will we arise and create an awakened culture that is based on balance, unity, love, and coherence? Will we celebrate life and see that reflected in our entertainment? Will we change the way we raise children, cultivating their psychic, intuitive, creative, and scientific talents, gifts, and abilities so they can provide a practical organic evolutionary alternative to transhumanism?

The decision has to be made right now. I have been saying for years that we have a small window of opportunity to decidedly made a decision to shift into a new conscious paradigm. Well, that window is now closing fast. Will we have a year, five years, or ten is unknown. What we do know, if we have the awareness to see what the malevolent consciousness in presumed power is planning, is that we need to make a group decision fast.

Those of us who have awakened and have taken off the rose-colored glasses see how dysfunctional the current system is and culture are. There is so much that needs to be altered, yet the solution is really simple. It requires people to get in touch with who they really are…beyond the window dressing we call the physical body. It requires people to truly feel and understand that everything and everyone is connected to and affecting everything and everyone else. There also needs to be a shift in what our first reactions are to problems. Instead of brutish tactics, such as sending in soldiers somewhere to quell a rebellion, we should better understand what brought up such aggression and anger in people. We need to become solutionaries.

Many of you reading this have already broken the spell of cultural illusion. What you can do now is embody, reinforce, and promote a new conscious culture. This is a unique time where many businesses may not make it through the economic shutdown; lots of them being a part of the cultural illusions. Support those people and businesses who are doing things in alignment with the kind of future you would like to see. The more of us that get together to co-create this shared future, the more solid that new world template will become.

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Paul Lenda is a conscious evolution guide, founder & director of SHIFT, author, writer, speaker, meditation teacher, life coach, and ambassador for the New Paradigm wishing to provide an integral role in personal transformation and the collective social transformation of humanity. Paul offers private one-on-one holistic life counseling & conscious evolution sessions, via Skype or phone. Paul takes into account all aspects of the hyperdimensional matrix when providing guidance, counseling, and coaching.

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