Understanding Negative Emotions

By Kashi

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In recent times, it has become clear to millions of friendly earth inhabitants that the bodies we have looked to for guidance in the past, are as corrupt as the day is long. We are now starting to accept that our governments and their minions, the religions, the lawyers, and the pharmaceutical companies and food manufacturers neither care for us or about us. The purpose of their existence is to make money for interested parties and gain power, at whatever costs they can get away with legally.

Previously, with our heads buried in the sand, we were unable to see the true global situation unfolding (or unprepared to admit it) and most of us chose to stay a little too long in comfort under the hazy, drug-like veil of ignorance that until recently, was exclusively available to all Westerners. As a result, profit-based inhumanity has skyrocketed all around the world.

With the gap between ignorance and truth wider than ever before, when the jolts came that shook so many out of their unconsciousness, the contrast sent many people into a spin that they have not yet recovered from.

It is now becoming apparent that our ignorance costs us way more than money.

It feels a lot like our foundations have cracked and the ground is shaking under our feet. Our old perceptions are crumbling away so rapidly now that we risk getting completely lost in a mind of negative emotions.

Fear, anger and violence are entirely understandable reactions to the global situation and they are natural emotions that we all possess, the only problem is that they are of no use to us at this time.

On countless occasions throughout history, violence has allowed us to save ourselves against attack, anger has driven us to challenge those trying to impose their ideas upon us, while fear has kept us safe by warning us when danger is imminent.

Our opportunity to redress the balance with anger and violence has long gone. We are outwitted and out-armed at every turn. We even pay for the arsenal that our governments demand for use against so-called enemies, while their actions slowly reveal the enemy within.

More citizens of more countries than ever before have had their own governments weapons turned upon them for the first time and for the rest of us, if we are not very smart and careful now, it is only time before we experience the same thing.

“Normal fear protects us; abnormal fear paralyses us.” – Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. King was ahead of his time when he tried to explain to us that fear is useful, but should be kept in moderation. Unfortunately, our fear is also of little use to us anymore.

What is supposed to be our early warning system has been so swamped by false or fabricated threats ever since profiteers discovered it could be used to make money, that most of us would not recognise a real threat, even if it looked us right in the eye, just as long as we are told a believable lie.

We were then and still are now being almost constantly manipulated into a state of heightened fear in order to try and keep us immobilized enough to make profit from us, without significant backlash.

Without our wits about us and with most of our rebels, tough guys and revolutionary-types already incarcerated, what are we to do? How can we defend ourselves against the tyranny of a few self-important overlords treating us like ATM’s?

So far, we have only ever dealt with threats on the outside. We have either fought or talked our way out. This won’t work anymore, words and weapons are the defenders of the past.

The new threat is multi-faceted, pervasive and incognito. It is internal. It can be likened to a demonic force, covertly debauching the mind and demagnetizing the soul of anyone seduced by its offers of competition and reward, and here lies the big difference with this particular threat – we are all susceptible to becoming the enemy.

Our strongest emotions are the medium these forces actualise through. When we allow ourselves to become over-angry, fearful, lustful, passionate, excited, violent or power-crazed, we offer up the opportunity for this kind of activity in a heartbeat. It is like digging a hole in the sand – the water just pours in.

It is not a question of creating a different world. It is only a question of creating a different you”  – Osho

Entanglement with skulduggery causes a persons connection with their innate higher intelligences to diminish, resulting in them functioning only partially and in accordance with their mood. Limited to the lower faculties of body, emotion and mind only, the possessed are unable to even realise how they are being, or “what they are like”.

So, how do we slay a demon? Well frankly, we don’t, we can’t. These forces are unaffected by us in the basic realms. We are nothing more than material, a resource that can potentially be used. We can scream and shout, swing our fists and shoot our weapons as much as we want and this force remains impervious to us. In fact, the more we react like this the more of the same we attract!

Demonic energies do not have their root in existence as individuals, we are individual and when we allow these forces to act through us, it makes this omnipresent energy appear unique.

Demon-slayers are for Hollyweird films only. The huge influx of these types of films is a reflection of our problems and they work to encourage us to apply fear, anger or violence against a metaphysical threat in the real world, which is like swearing at a tank or throwing stones at a ghost. It has no effect other than leaving us in a perpetual state of frustration.

Demonic forces manage to keep functioning through humans by providing their repressed energies with an outlet. Have you ever noticed how some of the wealthiest and most horrific people seem very happy? It is because they can breathe deeply. The lid has been taken off their boiling pot, the pressure has been alleviated.

That is the real deal with the devil. Money and power may give someone the opportunity, but the deal itself is about relief, through validation from peers. The word “relief” has its root in Old French relever, to ‘raise up’ or Latin relevare, to ‘raise again’. There is a place beyond pressure that exists an evil calm.

Relief relaxes and reflection is the result. When an egotistical, despotic or psychopathic-type is validated, they will relax and reflect on themselves without humility, which results in ideas of supremacy. They are like the worst child with the best toys.

All of us have the capacity to be overtaken by these kinds of energies though, at any time, in any place and under most circumstances. For example;

Have you ever seen “grown” men physically fighting because their football team has scored more goals than the other? Or a woman “steal” another woman’s husband simply because she wants him? What is driving these people at these times?

Have you ever been so angry that red mist is all you see? Have you ever been so emotionally charged that you can’t see anything for the tears? Can you remember how you were during these moments, because when we are like this, we aren’t really there, we get kind of taken over by another force, it is difficult to recall.

Have you ever “hated” your lover or your family? Ever been so scared by a threat that you limit your own freedom? Have you ever gotten annoyed by the News and then snapped at your kid?

To say it isn’t us is irresponsible, we can not all plea temporary insanity, but it is not what we generally consider as ourselves, under the control of our normal faculties.

We call it “being human” though, and these things are just negative expressions that are fairly easily forgiven in ourselves and others. If we “lose it” in some way, just for a second or a few weeks, we can usually realise that we have been foolish, apologise to those we have inflicted our negativity upon and return to normal.

It is when we start demonstrating, or “proving” our point of view and convincing others that we are right that the problems arise. Not only do we open up the flood gates for vast amounts of suitable energy to pour into us to fuel this behaviour, if our belief, idea or point of view is defiled in any way, we experience a negative and harmful result.

For those that consciously sell lies, the profits can be so high that the results are nothing short of atrocious. Only the degree is different.

Most of us have had defiled beliefs and ideas instilled into us and some of us have sought new ones from this foundation. Some of us are reticent now, when it comes to our own point of view because we have realised how quickly things change and how subjective the truth is. Choosing instead to remain open and considerate of the particular situation that is in front of us and responding helpfully.

Demonic forces are to be allayed by each one of us, not slayed. They can be subjugated only by the most specialist spiritual warriors. This is a ubiquitous force that on one level, we are part of and because it is the individual person that only makes demonic energy appear individual, it can only be dealt with by alleviating it’s influence, by the affected person, for themselves.

We can not “fix” our husbands or wives, our mothers, or our bosses, it is not possible.

But we do govern ourselves, whether we like that fact or not. We are responsible for ourselves and we can choose whatever path we want to, moment to moment, as long as we are not smothered by our own beliefs and preconceived ideas.

Accept our own uniqueness just as we are and we remain flexible enough to change ourself, unreservedly. This is our prerogative and we have a choice now.

Either we become our own governors, pastors, healers and food providers, driven by a more humane and caring morality or we attempt to stick our heads back in the sand and try and forget that we glimpsed the truth at all.

The bliss of ignorance is only imagined by those that aren’t.”  – Kashi

To take responsibility for oneself, to seek out and accept the truth takes courage, strength and determination and no more than to surrender the personality to the heart.

And here lies the answer. As the dust of disillusionment begins to settle, hope has emerged in the shape of our hearts. Receptive, inclusive and supportive by nature, heart energy is pulsing strongly all over the world now.

Our individual role, whenever and wherever we recognize it in motion, is to encourage it, include ourselves in it, familiarise ourselves with it and allow our own hearts to harmonize, adding our own unique pulse to the beat. This is how we change the world from within.

How To Encourage Heart Energy

We all sigh everyday, it is a release of stress. The simplest sound in the world has been called the sound of God for a reason. It relieves us and raises us up once more.

Close your eyes and try it right now and notice the relief you feel from just one good sigh.


Sighing practice

This daily practice is about stress release, catharsis, surrendering the personality and getting familiar with the energies of the heart. The more fully you enter into the spirit of the practice the better you will feel afterwards. If you do it with totality, you will reap maximum benefits.

Begin with a comfortable mid to high tone and descend as you release the air, sighing until the sound dies and you have emptied your breath.

Try not to censor your sighs, but start sighing quietly if you need to and increase in volume each time you sigh, building up as you allow yourself to release more tension each time. If you begin crying, good for you, these are tears of relief.

Observe the power of heart energy as the practice subsides and you are raised into the warm clarity that freedom from negative energy reveals.

Continue to observe your feelings over the day and notice how you are changing your choices. Also notice how your lighter self is affecting others in a positive way.


  1. Sit alone in a comfortable position, where you will remain undisturbed. Close your eyes and relax your stomach area.
  2. Take a big deep breath and hold for a few seconds, be aware of the tensions and stresses in your body and mind.
  3. Without reservation, let the air out and direct the wind through your vocal chords to make the simplest of sounds, aaaaaahhhhhh……
  4. Repeat the sigh and do as many as you need to until you feel loose and light and your heart area has a sense of swelling.

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