Feeling Good Now: Raising Your Vibration in Stressful Times

October 15th, 2020

By Jennie Ankney

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Things have changed dramatically since I last posted a blog about my journey in mastering the Law of Attraction. We have found ourselves in an unprecedented time. Perceptions and emotions are across the board. You can pretty much be freaking out right now because it appears that all hell has broken loose, or you can be rejoicing in the Spiritual awakening that is happening around the world. Of course, the entire spectrum is presenting itself, but there is quite a polarization happening now. This is not only happening on the world stage, but also in our personal lives. Most likely, just about every person has had challenges and changes unlike anything they’ve faced to date.

And each of our perceptions are true and right because they are the sum of our experiences and decisions about them. No one can tell us we’re wrong about that, and it is also why we can’t tell anyone else they are wrong about the way they see the world. It is vitally important in this process of coming into our own power that we also give others the respect and space to come into their own power, however different that will be. Ironically, when we are authentic within our power, we find that our values are very much the same even though our ideologies differ. It is each our own responsibility to find the path that resonates and leads us to where no one else can take us…on own our path.

The best tool I’ve used since just a few months before the pandemic is to feel good. Feeling good most of the time helps to create more good feelings. This is Law. Don’t be surprised if your life is turned upside down though before the good really starts flowing. But before I get into that, let me introduce you to someone who you may know very well already.

They know you better than anyone else. They know every experience that would tickle you, even beyond your wildest dreams. They follow you wherever you go, and they see everything. Freaky, right? The good news is they truly love you unconditionally, unlike any human walking on the earth now. They also accept you wholly. They can stay neutral in your most trying times, showering you with as much Love as you can receive. Who can this be…?

What you call them will depend on your faith. I call them my inner guide(s). You may call them Jesus or God or Buddha. It only carries importance to you and is completely personal. My inner guide has become my best confidant, consoling my worst fears, and lifting me out of my self-doubts. This summer I dedicated myself to make this relationship the most important one in my life, and it has been nothing short of life changing, and it will be a choice, gladly made every day.

Why everyday? To create new habits and truly embody them, we get the best results by starting with a daily routine of the new habit.  This is vitally important now because even if we don’t watch televised news or read social media posts, we are still susceptible to negative or fearful thoughts. So, making the choice daily to stay connected with our Source is an enormous function of our success. Give it to God.

I used to rely heavily on what other’s thought about my situations and problems. I bent my friend’s ears countless times to share the details of my biggest worries and complaints. God bless my good friends and family. While I thought I was airing out my cluttered mind, untangling all the emotions, I was only reinforcing and amplifying the feelings I was having and creating more situations where I could feel just as bad. It’s the Law. Like attracts like. I have found this pattern of thinking and speaking has created the biggest failures in my life to date.

Thankfully, I learned from this life experience and I don’t spend as much time complaining anymore. Learning from mistakes is what we are here to do. There is no shame. Because there is no manual on how to live our lives, our experiences are pretty much up to us. It’s our own journey. We have the power to choose the way we think about things, as well as speak about them. And it is up to us from where we receive our counsel. I have found relying on my intuition/inner guide has created the most healing in my life. I’ve healed my digestion and lost body fat. My muscle tone is healthy, and I have a healthy immune system. I am committed to continuing to improve on my regimen of health. It’s been a journey of following my intuitive nudges (or inner guides), and I love my journey.

Our vibration matters when we want to commune with our inner guide. My vibration must be a match to theirs, and their vibration is quite high. Hence “feeling good” has its merits in developing a strong connection with our inner guidance. It also means that if we are having a pity party, we won’t be able to invite our inner guide because that vibration is too low for them. So, to connect with the higher realms, we must work on our own energy to get to the table of bounty. It’s really not that hard. About the easiest manifestation we can instantly affect is changing the way we feel. And as it turns out, no matter what material success we achieve, it is the *feeling* of success that we really want. Think about it. Whatever material experience we want to have, including the quality of our relationships are only fulfilling if we feel happy in the experience of them. So, if we wish to have pleasure on the journey – then feeling good is paramount now.

The good news is that with the use of the Law of Attraction, setting our mindset on being grateful and feeling good actually gets easier, because like attracts like. If we spent all day yesterday feeling good and having a blast, then by the Law of Attraction, more ‘feel good’ feelings will grow like a downhill snowball. That is the principle, however, the process involves baby steps of changing our mindset. It can look like one step forward, two steps back. It can depend upon how far into the “hole” we have fallen, what kind of support system have we created for ourselves, and our faith. How well we do is solely resting on our individual abilities to be vigilant with our thoughts and subsequent feelings. We have to care enough about the way we feel, more than anything else. I paid the price for my sloppy thoughts and negative feelings until I decided that I just wanted to be happy. It is a choice. Happiness doesn’t come AFTER all of our outer circumstances line up perfectly. “I’ll believe it when I see it,” is the biggest misnomer of mankind. It’s just not possible within Universal Law. We must reflect the vibration we wish to attract, no short-cuts. We choose to believe in and allow blessings to enter our lives. If there was a manual on life, this rule would be BIG and BOLD.

But..but..but..what if my emotions are huge and I just can’t shake them? I mean look at what is happening in the world. Scary things can come to our own neighborhood! Fires, riots, looting, killing, viruses……It’s a good question. Once a feeling is generated like fear, anger, sadness or hopelessness, we’ve just  got to let go and ride the wave of the emotion. Resisting it will only keep it in place. We’ve already started the momentum, there’s no stopping these feelings.

Allowing these feelings to wash over us is acknowledging how we feel. That can bring so much relief. We are making our feelings OK, no matter what. We don’t need to stay in the emotions. They all subside at some point. We can cause more trauma by hating on ourselves for being in the storm of emotions. “I knew better, why do I keep finding myself here, I must be an idiot…” We need to know when we can change things – and in the midst of an emotional storm is not the time to change things. In fact, that is the time to accept ourselves wholly and develop a sense of compassion that we need desperately. Compassion is a gift that we first give ourselves to be able to give it to others authentically. Wouldn’t you agree that our world can use some compassion?

Once a negative emotion is underway, damage control involves finding ways to console ourselves. It also involves compassion and patience. Do you hear how you talk to yourself? Are you kind, patient, loving and compassionate? If not, would you agree that you are the most important person in your life? When a good friend is upset, do you criticize her for feeling what she feels? No! Treat yourself like a best friend. Choose to breathe deeply, pray, meditate, exercise, sit in nature, move your body, be with animals…just do what makes you feel good. Explore new ways to feel good.

Building an arsenal of tools that self-soothe is paramount for self-care, especially if you have a lot of vibrational clean-up. one thing that I love is listening to music that makes me feel so good that I want to dance or belt out along with the music. Grounding myself in my garden also creates magical shifts in my vibration. In my study of feeling good, I’ve decided that being outside in nature is hands down the best way to help anyone start to feel better. While you’re out there, it helps to ask for nature’s good vibes to lift you up. Nature loves to respond. So, I dance and sing in my garden regularly. What are some of your favorite things that make your heart sing? Make a secret list that you can refer to when life has you down. It helps in those moments when you go blank on ideas of what to do because you are so upset. Go within and know thyself.

My guides have shown me that following their guidance can be easy and fun! When that happens, then keep it coming! But, it can also be super scary. When things start to appear scary, my recommendation is to look away. In the movie “Shrek,” Shrek says to Donkey, “just don’t look down, Donkey.” And Donkey shouts, “I’m lookin’ down Shrek, I’m looking down!!” As he panics, standing on shoddy boards crossing a hot river of exploding lava. Why would anyone say to look away? That’s not realistic! Of course, if you’re in danger then you don’t even think, you just act swiftly. However, most things that we toil over are things that don’t ever come true. Our imaginations can take over in the direction we don’t want!

Looking away looks like changing our focus. Doing whatever it takes to get our mind off that stressful situation is challenging, but it is work worth mastering. This is even harder when it’s in our faces and we need to find a solution quickly! However, that is also the most crucial time to step away. We are not good problem solvers when we are in a panic or even just frustrated. It can be difficult to “look away” from our current circumstances because we are taught that this is reality, but in quantum physics, our reality is subject to “the observer.” Our reality is malleable. What you focus on expands. You don’t have to believe this for it to be true. Try this…observe yourself. Notice how you feel and then be aware of your subsequent experiences. It can be as subtle as green lights (or red lights) all the way to your destination, or someone helping you unexpectedly. In other words, notice what’s happening around you, including within you.

Here’s a little quantum secret. What space you were in the last few days is the result of today. There’s a momentum that builds. I’ve told my boys when they received a grade or test score that was less than desirable, that it’s merely a reflection of their past work. They can choose to work differently to have a different grade. This is an invitation for all of us to choose again if we don’t like what we are seeing right now. All things change, which way do you want to go? It is the most liberating experience to have this choice point. I get to decide how things turn out, and I trust and accept what is right now. We can gain so much clarity when realizing the power has always been with us, especially in the way we choose to feel. Not anyone can “make” us feel any way.

I have found that my biggest problems required patience more than scouring for a solution. This required that I focus upon something else. Focusing on solutions to the problems that create the most anxiety within me will not get me to a feeling good vibration. Hence, “look away.” Look at something else that will help me feel good. It could be as simple as petting my kitties. Our goal is to raise our vibration. We can feel good about thinking of another part of our lives that is working out well right now. This affirms that we are already awesome creators.

So, we’re getting our groove on, feeling good despite the usual BS showing up around us. When do we expect change to happen, and what kind of change will happen? FIrst of all, the timing is not up to us. If we try to force something to manifestation, it will result in a lot of effort. If we trust in divine timing, going with the flow and allowing things to unfold, then we can become delighted.

You’ve probably heard that when things need to change, they can often get worse before they can get better? That was the hole I was in. My reference earlier to things turning upside down was the experience of yours truly. Now that I have a bit of hindsight, I can see it was all in divine order. There was still something else for me to do to be able to step into a bigger life. So, my guides beguiled me down a path that I would never have expected to turn out the way it did. While many in the world were left with much less to do, my life entered warp speed at the start of the pandemic lock-down, and I have nothing short of transformed. Every experience was laid out as a valuable lesson about myself, what I want and who I want to become.

I made my relationship with myself important. And frankly, I’m kicking butt now. I feel more centered; I have embodied my faith more deeply; and my fears don’t shake me like they did. I enjoy my work, I get to work at home, taking care of my boys and being there for them. Having been blessed to be a dedicated stay-at-home mom, this is of huge value to me to be able to still be with them when I work. I want to relish their childhood, and not miss a moment. My relationships and communications have improved, and I genuinely feel good about them. I have turned a situation that didn’t involve a lot of income to receiving free services, appliances that we needed, and support from all directions. And what started as not many options for income streams, I now have multiple options. Now, I’m elated to see how it all continues to unfold, and how many cool people I am going meet and what kind of great experiences I can have (I have a good imagination there!) And while I don’t have a solution to all my problems, I relax in the knowing that everything works out for me. This is truth for all. The blade of grass doesn’t toil, it just grows.

This has really widened my perspective on what is possible. What good can come to me, and through me? I learned that the quality of our life results from the good questions we ask. Like how good can things get? Even though this is true, I have the wisdom to stay detached and focus on the “NOW” moment, where my happy lives and there are more blessings than I could count. However, I will still count them and declare that it is a beautiful day because it just takes awareness to see it.
It is my prayer that you choose to focus on your own happiness in the here and now. What makes you happy now? Stay there. If you need to unplug…unplug. Be responsible for yourself. No one else can fulfill that job. Now, more than ever, it’s time to reconnect with what is true, and that can only exist in our hearts. Bring the Love the world needs. We are the ones.

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Jennie has been an empath before she knew what that meant. She picked up the emotions of others without realizing what was happening, and it was quite confusing. As an adult, Jennie dove into the mystical world of the occult, astrology, numerology and self-help books to find who she really is, and what this world is about … at least, according to Jennie Sue. This was the start of a journey that continues for 25 plus years, calling it her own “Hero’s Journey.” She believes that everyone has this wisdom within, and when we tap into this self-guidance, we become empowered to direct our lives to fulfill our dreams. She truly feels that is why we are here, to find our own power – and when we do, we will have amazing powers beyond comic superhero’s. Jennie lives with her husband, two sons and two cats in Southern California. She loves to be in her garden and go on bike rides and hikes with her family. She has enjoyed working at home and raising her own family and continues her journey of self-realization and fulfillment.

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