The Superfood Garden – FREE 3-Day Online Event

Do you want a life-style of simply getting by or do you want to THRIVE, worry-free?

Sometimes life’s day to day activities can be overwhelming… especially if one of your goals is to be in charge of your own food supply.

That means gardening and preserving the harvest – but if you’re new to gardening, it can feel like a never-ending, overwhelming to-do list which you simply can’t keep up with.

Don’t worry: master garden trainer Stacey Murphy is here to help – and you can learn from her and other experts for FREE:

The Superfood Garden – FREE 3-Day Online Event

This brilliant event will provide you with 3 days of insight and practical advice to help simplify your garden routine and improve your harvests, no matter where you live.

This inspirational event features 16 visionary presenters, including farmers with some serious tricks to help backyard growers get more harvest with less work.

Register here and get ready to learn:

  • The simple steps to growing superfoods… anywhere.
  • 3 unusual superfoods you should be growing
  • How you can supercharge the nutrient density in all your harvests with ease.
  • Learn to set up your kitchen herbal medicine
  • How to grow microgreens
  • Grow your own spirulina
  • 4 Easy ways to grow mushrooms
  • Get more plants in less space
  • Watering made easy
  • Garden healing + MORE!

Get back to the joy, delight and wonder of growing food… because it is magical when you think about it.

And the best part… this year’s event focuses on transforming all the food you grow into superfoods bursting with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Even some unusual superfood favorites like spirulina and mushrooms.

Grab your free place at The Superfood Garden by registering here – and discover new ways in which you, your family and your community can not only survive with your own food, but thrive.

Here’s to a simpler, homegrown lifestyle and a thriving world!