Crypto in Aquarius: Currency Wars in The Global Fight for Freedom

January 20th, 2021

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

As we sail into the Aquarian Age, the fight for democracy and the emergent light shifts decidedly onto the economic stage. As 2021 dawns and crypto goes ballistic, the controllers are already stabbing their pointed fingers to derail and destabilise. After a steal on democracy in THAT election, the shadow state is now taking on the crypto mavericks to constrain them, which could well be the first shot in an all-out global currency war.

It’s a confused and confusing landscape. I would say a good degree of sovereign agitation is necessary to blaze the light of freedom through the global situation. What might the astrology tell us of this new “battle Front”?

Year of the Eagle

To remind you 2021 is Openhand’s year of the Eagle. We must allow higher consciousness to direct us as to what to pay attention to, and not be distracted by the attempts of the shadowstate to confuse and derail. What do you really feel is going on? What does your soul direct you to?

A week ago as I was camping in the Avebury energy fields, I was awakened with a sudden start. Something is happening in the world of crypto. Sure enough, as Bitcoin and Ethereum were surging, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had launched an all-out assault on one of the top crypto currencies XRP (it’s one that I’ve felt will underpin the new financial system and felt to invest in). Immediately the currency plummeted, pulling down plenty of “alt-coins” with it. Private investors were diving overboard left, right and centre. Would this signal a war on crypto? Or will it turn out to be a shot in the foot by the controllers?

This is where the eagle-eye is essential. You have to see through the fizz on the surface. As one crypto exchange after another dumped XRP, it looked like the currency could go to zero. But then something very weird and contradictory happened. Greyscale, a large institutional investment organisation, made the biggest XRP purchase in history (Grayscale Just bought biggest XRP amount in history). To me it’s clear, high shenanigens are afoot. Personally I have the sense that the shadowstate orchestrated the legal suit so as to kick private investors out of the XRP crypto boat (so it can take over) and to blast a warning shot across the bows of other crypto boats (such as Monero and ZCash). I still do believe XRP will have a major part to play in the structure of the new financial system. Which is why I don’t feel to jump ship.

PS – wouldn’t it be great if we could do a modern day Robin Hood with XRP?!

Activate the Misfits and Mavericks!

This kind of action tells you to be aware of the high stakes shenanigens going on. I mention this case for another reason. The actions by the shadowstate have rightfully precipitated an all-out legal assault by private investors against the SEC, including petitions to the White House. It demonstrates the Misfits and Mavericks in the world of crypto are highly active and rebellious.
XRP investors petition White House in SEC suit

A quasi kind of facsistic communism seeks to take over the world, using smoke and mirrors to conceal itself and distract the attention from its real underlying serpentine movement. But the upsurging sense of sovereignty and freedom, flowing spontaneously through the soul, will simply NOT be quashed! Be prepared for many new battlefields of liberation opening in 2021.

I have gotten the clear sense that what we’re witnessing are the first shots in a global currency war. The astrologer “Black Swan” supports my view…

In October 2019, months before the Rona pandemic, Mr. Swann predicted that January 2020 would bring “a black swan event” that would disrupt the world economy. He also predicts that the Aquarian “Technocalyopse” will ignite massive disruptions to the global economy by the mass adoption of digital currency, all inspired by the New Age’s planetary alignments.

The Grand Cross

For me in recent days, the number 13 has been appearing literally everywhere. Fascinating then that the horoscope depicts a rare configuration, a “Grand Cross”, which appears in 13 degree alignments when the founding dates of Bitcoin, the USA, the US Dollar and China/the Yuan are placed on an astrological chart:

– 13° Sun Cancer: Founding of The United States of America (7/4/1776)

– 13° Sun Aries: Creation of U.S. Dollar (4/2/1792)

– 13° Sun Capricorn: Minting of Bitcoin’s genesis block (1/3/2009)

– 13° Mercury, 14° Neptune, 7° Sun conjunction in Libra: Founding of The People’s Republic of China & Renminbi (Yuan) (10/1/1949)

In astrology, the Grand Cross heralds the potential for massive cyclical change and turning points, from war to geopolitical upheaval.

Here are some of Swan’s main predictions around this astrological convergence…

– Bitcoin will eventually hit ten million Yuan in price (CNY 10,000,000.00).

– The next global revolution for individual rights will be the attempt to emancipate money from the state.

– The American Revolution 2.0 will officially begin in early 2022, as major planets return to key positions they occupied at the founding of the United States of America in 1776.

– The year 2022 will accelerate the eventual adoption of cryptocurrency into the core of the emerging digital currency financial system.

– As the old economic guard wrestles with the unstoppable crypto-upstarts, social protest and unrest will likely erupt among fragile economies. The monetary reins of power are now visible again, appearing last during a similar astrological cycle in 1944 during the formation of Bretton Woods.

– China will unveil the digital Yuan in February 2022 for global distribution.

– The widespread adoption of the digital Yuan will coincide with the February 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Chinese New Year and the historic “Pluto return” of America on 2/22/22.

(PS – investors in merely Bitcoin be wary. It is not, as yet, able to deal with the inevitable insurgence of quantum computing and since China owns 51% of all Bitcoin mining resources, we need to be wary of their intentions – which appears to be to destory western economies through the bogus pandemic).

The Questions are the Answers You’ll Need

Watch this space with eagle-eye clarity. It’s essential to have an underlying understanding of what’s shaping. The astrology helps. A global fight for freedom is taking place on several battlefields, and we’re just now shifting into currency wars. As I’ve said all along, I believe cryptocurrency a powerful route to emancipation, freedom and individual sovereignty. But due to the high stakes, there will be high shenanigens too, as this war on crypto, signified by the SEC’s opening shot, indicates. But who exactly is pulling the trigger? It would appear none other than the shadowstate in a new cloak and mask attempt at global take over. Don’t be fooled by the surface tom-foolery. Steel the nerves. Be flexible bold and courageous.

Above all, what I’ve clearly discovered, is that the light of higher consciousness does speak into the world of this new digital freedom. Some cryptos will fail. Some trails will burn out. That happens in all battles. BUT, some will succeed!

And as private plaintiffs now take legal action against the SEC including the individuals concerned, I do believe it will stir up a revolution the likes this planet has never yet seen. These are the early days of Aquarius. The early days of a popular emergence of soul and sovereignty. The early days of rebellion.

Let the jar break and the waters spill over. Forge through the emotions and gain the higher plane of mind with eagle-eye clarity. That’s the great challenge and opportunity of this New Age.

Finally, I realise this article has provided many more questions than answers. That was my purpose. As humanity learns to ride 5D waves of high creativity, the questions are really the answers you need to find.
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In the eternal search for illumination.

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