Practices to Clear Your Energy Channels, Alleviate Stress and Anxiety, and Open Your Cosmic Flow: FREE Guided Meditation

We are the channels for Cosmic Flow. And your body is the vessel for its expression, made out of bundles of interconnected tubes of light and energy.

Yet, when your body is filled with emotional debris, psychic waste, and toxins, your Cosmic Flow becomes obstructed.

To find out how to keep your brain, breath and lymphatic system circulating, free of bodily ‘garbage’ and other impurities, join  Masami Covey, a highly regarded health intuitive, functional nutritional therapist, and positive neuroplasticity practitioner, for a special FREE online event:

Practices to Clear Your Energy Channels, Alleviate Stress and Anxiety, and Open Your Cosmic Flow: Experience a Guided Meditation to Release Emotional Toxins and Restore Calm, Peace and Balance

Masami will describe how to remove waste from your brain and lymphatic system, and restore your natural clearing process, so you can recognize this ever-present Cosmic Flow when it moves through your physical body.

Register here for this FREE 60 minute online event and get ready to discover:

  • The importance of clearing your lymphatic system in the brain (called the glymphatic system) to prevent cognitive decline and promote healthy aging
  • Why physical, mental, and emotional blockages stay stuck in our bodies, causing more chronic symptoms
  • How physiological stress can become Bodily Karma
  • How you are the conduit of Cosmic Flow, connecting heaven and earth
  • A way you can switch to your parasympathetic nervous system (healing, digesting, relaxing) through personal touch

Masami will demonstrate practices you can use time and again that will help remove waste and debris from your brain, create calmness and contentment, and leave you clear-headed and revitalized. She’ll also lead you in a meditation to ease and settle your nervous system.

This total-body-relaxation practice will have you moving and flowing freely, feeling the clarity and intention guiding you, clearing away your anxiety, stagnation, and brain fog — cleansing your mind and body — while strengthening your ability to stay present in a state of calm.

Don’t miss your chance to enhance your Cosmic Flow – RSVP here  – don’t worry if you can’t attend the event live, as everyone who registers will receive a free downloadable recording.

Join us and learn as Masmi delves into the anatomy of cosmic flow – the seven B’s: breath, brain, bile, boundaries, blood, bone and bliss. It’s more important than ever to be physically ready, with an optimized and upgraded life force, so you can be resilient and strong during the monumental cosmic shifts taking place on our planet. We’ll see you there!