The Ascension Rollercoaster: How to Navigate the Highs and Lows of Ascension

May 20th, 2021

By Paul Lenda and Ariana Mathieu

Staff Writer for Wake Up World

There are common misconceptions these days about the ascension process, particularly about how it is supposed to be a gradual or even instantaneous upward movement in consciousness. Some think ascension is where everything becomes idyllic and positive at all times. However, ascension is actually much more dynamic than that.

This false belief about ascension can lead us to wrongly assume that when we are experiencing negativity in our lives, and are somehow off-course or “doing it wrong.” This can lead us to spiritual bypass in a futile attempt to avoid dealing with shadow aspects, trauma, and anything that doesn’t feel good. With enough of this sort of bypassing occurring, not only will you prolong your own suffering but you will start manifesting symptoms of that resistance, such as trapped emotions and dis-ease. These can lead to a whole host of physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness issues.

If it’s not spiritual bypassing, then it’s an attempt to avoid the lows by turning to vices that may seem to temporarily provide relief. However, sooner or later, you will have to face the facts, and when you do these suppressed energies are usually louder and more intense than before. This is not meant to be a punishment for you but instead it is a natural occurrence for evolution, in order to get your attention and allow the process to unfold.

Ascension is actually more like a rollercoaster. Everyone who has ever seen or been on one knows that it will have its ups and downs, twists and turns. Without the downward movement, it won’t have the momentum it needs to get to the highs. Sure, you could go through life pretending the lows don’t exist, but you’re not going to get the expansion and growth that these lower states offer you by ignoring them.

When we are ascending, we reach peaks that require us to be of a higher vibration to continue ascending. We usually need to release fear and trauma in order to raise our vibration and continue climbing the ascension ladder. This will then cause a dip or nosedive down to the bottom of ourselves. Once here, we are able to re-examine our fears, trauma, and programming from within. We can then also fully experience and release what is no longer serving us. When we do this, it allows us to expand further on our ascension journey. It will then be possible for us to rise even higher on the ascension ladder.

We not only experience these ups and downs personally but as a collective as well. When the collective consciousness is in a descending state, we will all experience that to a degree together. Many of us who see ourselves as wayshowers will go through this process of releasing fear and trauma much quicker than others (though it is an ongoing process with many layers). This allows us to energetically guide the rest of humanity.

It is also important for us as wayshowers to keep up our spiritual hygiene. For example, shielding ourselves in white light for protection is very beneficial to help us feel and connect with our own energy, while creating a barrier for us from the intensity of the collective energy. To maintain a higher vibration, it is also helpful to cleanse both our physical and energy bodies regularly. Breathwork also allows us to feel more embodied and access greater inner peace.

When we experience low moments that force us to zero in on our fears and traumas, we are able to observe this process, and be present in it so that we can experience it fully and realize it is for our highest good. We are then able to begin our work that involves feeling, healing, and transmuting these energies so that we can move forward in our ascension. However slow it may feel at times, we realize that it is for the greater good of all. The collective may still need to catch up  sometimes but instead of judging and criticizing their experience, we are instead able to hold space for them. Knowing that we too were once in those lows and benefited from them, we are now able to act as guides and helpers to the collective thanks to our own healing and inner work.

Even when you are down in the doldrums of a descending moment of your life, once you do your releasing and integrating, you know you are going to be rising back up. Even if darkness is all around you, because you have done your inner work you know you are on your way out of these depths, moving in the direction of the light-emanating Love, that is your Source.

Yes, ascension is a bit of a rollercoaster. The downward momentum creates the potential for reaching new heights that could not have been reached without that process. These temporary descents into the deepest parts of ourselves also provide us with the opportunity to bring back with us sacred gifts of inspiration, Divine knowledge and awareness. We then are able to share these pearls of wisdom with others in the form of creative works and teachings.

Embrace the Dips

When you become a conscious evolver, your life path starts to resemble a diagonally-moving rollercoaster. It moves and climbs higher and higher, yet has dips along the way. Those dips are key to moving higher/further because they give us momentum to reach new heights of expansion and healing within ourselves and collectively.

Even though Reality’s implicate order is a unified Whole, the explicate order we perceive is a world of duality. In this world, we perceive highs and lows, positive and negative, good and bad. However, all of that is just relative to our position of awareness and perception of Reality. The truth is that what we may perceive as being a “bad” experience can actually give us the momentum and clarity that is necessary to ascend and expand our consciousness.

Embrace the dips because they are a part of the process. The more you let go of your resistance to them, the faster you will move on from them. In doing so, you can act as a more conscious observer of your life, an observer who does not fear ascension but instead realizes that it is a process. Surrendering to this process allows us to expand with ease and grace as we allow it to unfold for the good of all.

We are constantly expanding, growing, and learning about ourselves, healing and revealing all of the wonderful aspects of our soul essence. Ascension is not always fun or easy but it is the way back home to our pure divine nature.

With Love, enjoy the ride!

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