Nuclear Experimentation: Year 77 – Postcarious

April 6th, 2022

By Ethan Indigo Smith

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

2022 marks Year 77 of nuclear experimentation on our planet.

Nuclear experimentation is a faulty mechanical operation based on flawed logic. Nuclear experimentation is dangerous to all life and removes the ability for all life to defend itself turning the very elements against life. Nuclear experimentation is built on nonexistent pillars of yet to be invented necessities. It’s unsustainable future depends on the invention of solutions to existent problems that have not been created for present problems that continue to threaten.

Nuclear Experimentation is precarious. Nuclear experimentation is so dangerous that there are systems in place that depend on our ability to invent processes and equipment to deal with the fundamentals of its results. We still need to invent manners to dependably store waste for the next few hundred million years and find ways to deal with waste in the next few decades.

Nuclear power generation experimentation results in problems we cannot yet solve both in the long term, the next million years, as well as the short term. Many nuclear power plant experiments in the USA, both operational and those no longer producing electricity, have spent fuel pools on site. Nuclear power generation experiments produce electricity and are dependent on outside electricity to keep the fuel pools cool. The spent fuel rods are no longer producing heat in a way viable for the power generation experiment, but will remain hot for millennia to come.

If any nuclear storage fuel pools go without electricity, the water in the fuel pools eventually heats up to unstable levels and then ultimately evaporates. The fuel rods, often spaced closer together than original design specifications out of necessity, would ignite and lead to out of control release of radioactive particulate.

In fact, the fuel pools at Chernobyl still require outside power to cool the water and ensure the current ‘stability’ of the stored spent fuel there. Yes, there is still spent fuel at Chernobyl. Failure of fuel pool storage could result in vast sections of the planet becoming uninhabitable. If Chernobyl were to fail, again, likely most of Europe and Eurasia would not be suitable for sustainable life for thousands of years. The release of radiation would be exponential times that of the original Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

In 1986, after lying about the event and then downplaying it, The Soviet Union sent in 500,000 liquidators to deal with the original Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. This was the last time there was an active army in Ukraine. In 2022 just an increase in traffic caused an increase in radiation levels around the power generation experiment gone awry.

In 2022, Putinistan sent his army without the proper protective gear for radiation exposure, nor adequate knowledge of the high value target, nor it appears gear for the very simple winter elements. Scientists predict these Chernobyl exterminators, rather than the aforementioned army of liquidators, will face consequences from inhalation of dirt and dust during their so called Special Military Operation through the contaminated Chernobyl Red Forest.

After the initial invasion there was a firefight confrontation at the Chernobyl site. The Russian army has now taken over the site after damaging several infrastructure components including the outside power that the fuel pools are dependent on. There are secondary power sources provided with Diesel generators, but the fuel pools are dependent on some form of power.

This fuel pool situation leads to a couple of reasonable questions pertaining to Chernobyl specifically and also your local nuclear power plant experiment. And as I have observed this postmodern confrontation in Ukraine through the window of nuclear experimentation and my usual contemplations on the human condition I took a further deep look at our collective consciousness and found the situation of postcariousness. A postcarious state narrows the care of individuals and groups. The world becomes so complicated that there is no room for the remotest of responsibility outside from one’s immediate periphery for all else is out of control.

Questions For IAEA

IAEA, why did the spent fuel in the multiple spent fuel pools at the supposed biggest nuclear disaster on the planet (arguably the ongoing catastrophe at Fukushima is releasing more radiation) remain unmoved since 1986? Is there a plan for the spent fuel there specifically?

Laymen answer: They have nowhere to put it.

IAEA, why is it that most designs of nuclear power generation experimentation have no long term solution to the waste that they are creating?

Laymen answer: Science.

IAEA, is it possible to mandate the safer storage of spent fuel so as not to endanger continents, and the planet?

Laymen answer: Monitored and maintained above ground dry storage is the only way, technologically speaking at this point.

IAEA, it is apparent that acts of God like at Fukushima, acts of stupidity like at Chernobyl and in the GE design of Fukushima, and acts of complete disregard for humanity like Putinistan war in Ukraine all result in potentially shifting the precarious stability of any number of the world’s nuclear power generation experiments to endanger whole continents and the planet. Will anything be done to make these situations less precarious?

Laymen answer: er…Are they trying to kill us?

The precarious operations of nuclear experimentation are highlighted and magnified during a military invasion by a nuclear power, threatening overt and implicit destruction of the planet through missile strikes and the potential failures at the abandoned site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster.

The very worst apocalyptic potentials of war and radioactive annihilation become a discussed and a distinct possibility. This has led us all into an era and modality of postcariousness. Normal problems put us into a precarious state, nuclear experimentation and its consequences condensed puts us into a postcarious mind state. The problems become so great that they are belittled if not apocalyptic. Postcariousness of postmodernism reduces care real problems and consequences for our actions. We have to expand our care to at least remove our very existence from the precarious edge and reinstall caring for all of us, and all situations rather than the postcarious nature of the world under threat of destruction from nuclear experimentation.

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