7 Keys for Developing Your Innate Mediumship Skills and Better Navigating the Sea of Consciousness – FREE Online Event

When a loved one dies, people often turn to mediumship for comforting reassurance that their departed loved one is okay. You too may have sought connection and guidance beyond the veil at a time when you were overwhelmed by grief, merely treading water in a vast, deep sea.

You can be the avenue for that connection and healing for others when you embrace your natural mediumship skills. Through learning and applying some guiding principles, you’ll have the skills to navigate the uncharted waters of consciousness — and communicate more effectively with those we’ve lost on the other side.

Once you’re able to find your direction in the spirit world, you’ll gain new insights and clarity, get support from loving ancestors and guides, and have more enthusiasm for life. What a beautiful perspective you can give to yourself and others!

Join us to find out more at this expansive FREE online event:

7 Keys for Developing Your Innate Mediumship Skills and Better Navigating the Sea of Consciousness – FREE Online Event

Our host for this event is celebrated medium Suzanne Giesemann, who will be sharing a wealth of captivating insights with you.

Are you ready to fully experience – and see for yourself – that death is not the end, but a transition into a whole new world?

This is one of the profound gifts of mediumship; a gift that you already have, should you choose to develop it.

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In this mind-opening online event, you’ll:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of evidential mediumship, and what tools to use to discern the verifiability of the information you receive
  • Explore how you can shift your perception of reality to seek connection, guidance, and comforting reassurance from loved ones who have transitioned
  • Discover the 7 keys you need to skillfully navigate the sea of consciousness, taken directly from a recent experience Suzanne had on a boat.
  • Be guided through a practice called “Silencing the Self-Talk,” where you’ll learn how to quiet the critical, inner voice that can get in the way of connecting with those across the veil
  • Learn how mediumship helps your own soul grow and evolve through your connection with other souls beyond the veil

Mediumship validates the belief that there’s spirit beyond our earthly embodiment… and that we’re all part of something greater than what we can see and touch in the visible world.

Once you attend this event, you’ll see your life differently with a new understanding of the soul, enhancing all of your relationships and access to your higher self.

With pure intention, and a shift in your perception of reality, you have the capacity to provide comforting reassurance from loved ones who have transitioned.

Secure your FREE place at this event today – and get ready for an incredible perception shift!

Build confidence in your mediumship skills with the power of an evidence-based system — and discover how it can help you communicate with deceased spirits and loved ones in order to navigate grief, gain closure, and rekindle a sense of peace… for yourself and others.

We hope you’re able to catch the event as scheduled. But if you register and miss it, you’ll receive a downloadable recording as soon as it’s available.

Here’s your natural-born mediumship gifts!