The War on Crypto is the War on You

March 29th, 2023

By Sergey Baranov

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

In my latest book titled Dancing in Hell with Eyes Wide Open: How to Survive the New World Order, published in August of 2022, apart from highlighting the problems, I also offer solutions. Otherwise, this book would be more depressing than inspiring. In other words, this book is both the diagnoses and the cure for the world’s sickens; a map, if you will, to move forward through the dystopian nightmare that is being planned for us by the powers that shouldn’t be.

In it, I address all aspects of human existence, that must be enhanced if not only survival, but also living, is at the top of your priority list. The strongest accent, of course, I place on a psycho-spiritual side, the sphere of the mind. This is the most important from all to work on in a daily life, simply because it’s where the battlefield is. The war is for your mind.

It’s been three years since the world was put on a lockdown, a prison term which was used in a globally coordinated attack on our way of life. The COVID war has destroyed our world in so many ways, that the damage is hard to even calculate, simply because its destructive process continuing. The psychological damage that billions of people have had to endure and will continue to suffer in the years ahead due to the constant fear that was injected into people’s minds via the mainstream media for years. The joy has been sucked out of life by the covid measures, such as lockdowns, masking, social distancing, the shutdown of schools and play grounds for kids, all that which were unnecessary, ineffective and extremely harmful. In fact, it reached such an absurdity in South America that certain days of the week were designated for men and other days for women to go out to buy food, the only activity we were allowed to have for many months. People had to mark their calendars to remind themselves which day of the week is their turn to go out. “It’s Monday, honey, your turn to enjoy the walk to a store.” Just a few years ago, we would think that such insanity could only be seen in a sci-fi movie, not in real world.

Of course, a lot more can be said on the subject of psychological damage and the suicides that followed the lockdowns, however, merely listing the problems is not the focus here. Rather, is the fact itself that all what we had to go through as a society was only due to a fear factor, a psychological poison that was massively spread by the mainstream media in every country on Earth. Same narrative repeated over and over again by the liars in suits. People were simply scared into submission, obedience and compliance. Fear of the virus turned out to be a lot scarier than the virus itself.  None of this could come to fruition if people have had psychological immunity to fear and mind control, something I happened to acquire due to a combination of different experiences in my life.

For an ex-cult member, mind control is easily recognizable in whatever form it may appear but if years ago, I thought that the purpose of me having this experience was to help spiritual seekers to free their minds and check out from mentally suffocating ideologies preached by charismatic leaders, then in a post- covid world, I see a larger application for it, helping an average person to find the way out of the fear-matrix. The world has become a cult in which masses are blindly following their leaders. People who have an ability for critical thinking are rare like diamonds and certainly more precious. These people are the islands of sanity which serve as a shelter for others. Interestingly, there was a very good movie titled The Island, (2005) which I recommend watching if you haven’t already. The movie is an allegory for awakening, something that our world desperately needs today. Breaking through the cult-like indoctrination should be the common goal. What’s more important to a prisoner than freedom?

Freedom comes in many forms. Not least of them is our financial freedom, the very thing that now is attacked. Financial freedom does not only imply an x amount of money in a bank or a passive income from an investment that allows you to sit on a beach while others go to work. Financial freedom is also a freedom to transact, buy and sell regardless of your political views. Paying for goods and services and receiving payments from others without government sticking its nose into your private life and dictating you how to spend your hard-earned money.

The Bitcoin was created to protect privacy and your money from debasement of currency and inflation, which are the thieves of your savings. A reckless money printing, six trillion dollars to be exact, which were injected into the system during the first two years of the COVID war, caused raging inflation with which the Federal Reserve has been battling by raising the interest rates, trying to get the inflation down to 2%. Although their only tool to fight inflation is effective, severe side effects for the economy are beginning to appear. Rising unemployment rate, the housing crises and the collapse of the banking system are already making the news. The recent collapse of tree banks in the United States, the Silvergate Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature Bank, followed by the collapse of the Credit Suisse Bank in Switzerland, the hub of world’s money supply, might be only the beginning of a domino effect, a contagion that can spread worldwide collapsing  banks as more people question their banks’ solvency and the safety of their deposits. The recent statement from Joe Biden and his unwillingness to answer questions asked by the reporters as the President was leaving the press room, proofs that the government is committed to bail out the banks, not you. The little people don’t count, as it is always the case. Afterall, banks live matter.

Understanding that it is impossible to save the economy and the dollar at the same time, the Federal Reserve is facing a serious choice to make. To continue raising interest rates to fight inflation and let economy collapse or saving economy by cutting rates and printing money, thus causing hyperinflation and the death of the dollar, turning America into Zimbabwe. The choice is tough, no doubts about it. It’s like a choice one has to make to be eaten by wolfs or a tiger. Either one is equally bad. The blame, of course, is on the Government’s COVID policies and its measures to lockdown economy and turn on the money printing machine, giving people free money to stay home while small businesses were getting destroyed. What we see today is the direct result of it.

Following the collapse of the Lehman Brothers in 2008, and the biggest bank bailout in history, Bitcoin appeared as a savior to allow people to store the value of their money and transact freely, without a third party, turning the people into their own banks and the true custodians of their funds. The truth is, the moment you make a bank deposit, this money is gone. It’s been lent out to others to earn interest on your money. Did you know that regardless of what bank you are banking with, this bank is not requeiered to maintain any reserves? It this wasn’t bad enough when banks were only required to have just 10% of the money in the bank while lending 100% out, today things gotten worse. If you have $10 dollars in your pocket, that means that you can only lend $10 to your friend because it’s all you have. A simple logic makes this clear. Banks, on a contrary, were allowed to have $10 but lend you $100 and make interest on it. It’s called fractional reserve. If this wasn’t bad enough, during the covid drama, the 10% requirement was removed and today banks can lend out 100% of the money they don’t actually have. On top of that, banks are also allowed to gable with your money, making bed loans and buying risky assets, something they are not telling you when you make your deposit with them. The financial collapse of 2008, was caused by it. During this time, I was working in the real estate and mortgage industry in California. I’ve seen this first hand. First, we were told to approve buyers without verifying their income, an essential process used to determine the buyer’s ability to repay the loan. These loans were called ‘’stated income loans’’, which means you can simply state your income, imagining a number in your head to get approved for a loan. If that wasn’t strange enough, a new wave of madness was injected into the subprime mortgage lending: stated job loans. You could now just imagine a job in your head and apply for a loan. When I’ve asked my manager about the risk for the lenders by issuing these loans, his reply was: “we are not in a business of asking questions, we are in a business of making loans”. Being in the middle of this, I couldn’t help thinking about the coming collapse of the subprime mortgage industry and the consequent housing bubble burst, which all happened in 2008.

The current banking business model can only work in a system of Cronyism, not in a true capitalist, free market environment in which loser are let to fail. It’s like a football team that would never lose because the referee is always on their side. What kind of a game is it? And it the same way, what kind of a business is it? Too big to fail is just another lie.

This is why the banks are always rich, and you are always poor. There is no one there to bail you out. “The game is rigged, it’s a big club and you and I are ain’t in it.“ as the great George Carlin used to say. Bitcoin was created to fix this unfairness and give the power back to the people. Bitcoin is the people’s money, as gold and silver are God’s money. The metals being deposited in Earth by forces greater than human but Bitcoin was created by humans.

Bitcoin, and the rest of the legitimate crypto world that followed suit, apart from scammers of course, is the way to preserve freedom in the world rapidly sinking into Orwellian nightmare. It’s how you can maintain your lifestyle without becoming compliant with ridiculous government rules and policies, dictated by pharmaceutical giants. Crypto is the antivirus to the sickness of the system of control under which we are forced to live our lives. It’s the way we can preserve our privacy, dignity and freedom.

This is exactly why we now see the war on crypto. Specifically, the stable coins which are a direct competitor to the Central Bank Digital Currency, a.k.a CBDC, which is getting ready to be deployed and entrap humanity into dystopian system of total control. More on this in the book. It is likely that we will see its implementation before the end of 2023, and if not, than certainly in 2024.

Just imagine what your life will look like if your savings will be controlled and frozen at will, following a negative tweet criticizing the government? This has already happened in Canada during the trucker’s freedom protests. People accounts were frozen for supporting freedom. But this was just a beta test, what’s coming next is infinitely worse. CBDC is programable money, which mean that what you can and cannot buy will be determined by the programmers. If they see that you have exceeded your monthly meet consumption, you won’t be able to buy more meat until next month when you get new monthly allowance. If they see that you drove your car more than you were allowed to drive per month, you won’t be able to buy gas to fill up your tank to go to work. Just an example of what life will look like as we are moving closer and embracing the Climate despotism, a new scare made to replace covid. All these are the building blocks of the new financial system which will encompass all your activities. Social credit score, your carbon footprint, your spendings will be decided by algorithms that computes the data of your online speech, social behavior, purchases and travel. Every digital dollar spent leaves a record for those in power to see. Your saving can be simply put on pause, leaving you with no means to buy food in case you misbehave.

The CBDC is the ultimate tool for controlling all aspects of your life and the only way to maintain freedom is to have means to transact outside of the system. Crypto is the pathway to freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of assembly and freedom to transact.

The good news is that as the traditional financial system is collapsing before our eyes, people are looking for ways to preserve their capital, and staring at crypto with open eyes and minds, which strengthens the crypto space and leads to greater adaption. The bigger the crypto space gets, the harder it is to control it. There are now countries that made Bitcoin a legal tender. El Salvador was the first one to lead the way. Brazil is now following suit.

As global awakening growth, crypto expands. In the same way as the internet took off and became the way we live in the world today, crypto is becoming the global money as it is the internet’s child.

Like truth, crypto cannot be suppressed for too long and despite of the attack, will continue to exist like the alternative news.

One platform gets banned; another pops up in its place like a mushroom after the rain. Same with crypto, one project gets banned, another will come to replace it in a different part of the world. The technology it’s unstoppable as long as there is power. And power isn’t going away either, just like crypto.

This becomes easier to understand when more parallels are drawn.

Crypto does to the financial system what internet did to a printing press and the Amazon to a publishing business. Airbnb to Hotel industry, and psychedelics to religious dogmatism and spiritual indoctrination. A better tech replaces the old one as it’s being introduced. Is that simple. Exception goes for the psychedelics, a general name for mind manifesting agents which aren’t new but being around since the down of humanity, and were suppressed for a long time. To learn more about this whole subject, please refer to my first three books, PATH: Seeking Truth in a World of Lies, The Mescaline Confession: Breaking through the Walls of Delusion and the Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in a World of Chaos.

Like in every sphere, scammers find their prey, and before getting into the crypto space, one should spend time researching, learning and understanding, yet still, having bad apples on the ground does not mean that the whole tree is rotten, a narrative that is now being pushed by those who do not want competition and relinquish control.

In a same way as a responsible use of the internet can expand the knowledge of the world, and a responsible use of psychedelics can provide deeper and clearer insight into one’s own life and one’s relationship to the world, a responsible use of crypto can empower society while shaking the financial tree of the rotten fruits.

Good innovations prevail but it is up to us to speed up the process. Imagine what would happen if Nikola Tesla had a Wi-Fi connection and put his discoveries on the internet for everyone to see and copy? Perhaps, you wouldn’t have to pay your power bill today.

Apparently, as it is always the case, it’s all about money and control, the old, sick paradigm that brought us where we are today, a paradigm that is long overdue for a reset, the actual reset that we need, not the fake and the destructive one that is being planned for us by the unelected bureaucrats in Davos.

Truth is a mountain river, that will find its way downhill regardless of blocks, like the river I look at while writing these words.

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Sergey Baranov is the founder of Huachuma Wasi, a healing center in The Sacred Valley of the Incas, Peru. He is the author of Path: Seeking Truth in a World of LiesThe Mescaline Confession: Breaking Through the Walls of Delusion and The Cactus of Sanity: Huachuma in a Time of Chaos. Sergey’s passion for life on Earth and its preservation is the driving force behind his work.

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