5D Shift: Inflexion Point in Society – Anchoring the Emergent Light

March 29th, 2023

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We’re entering a major inflexion point in the Shift that’s bound to impact society. The controllers are efforting to chaperone the system with greater financial control. But all the while, the old karmic construct is losing its power. The light of a new Star Being consciousness is breaking through. It’s essential evolving souls anchor in this new light for the greatest possible upliftment in our own lives, but also to ripple ever wider afield through the world. Let’s double down on our focus.

Manufactured Banking Crisis

It looks like the next card the controllers are dropping in this great game of charades is a manufactured banking crisis. This last year, we’ve witnessed the fastest interest rate rise in human history which, has fractured the business models of many banks – they’re struggling to keep their heads above water. It’s clearly been engineered to introduce the new Central Bank Digital Currencies. On the one hand, it can manage the burgeoning global debt mountain more expediently, but also, it’s clear they’ll try to use it to apply greater control over people’s lives.

Let’s be abundantly clear, no matter what the doomers and gloomers tell you, the controllers will NOT get it all their own way. Genuine cryptocurrency came into being in 2009, after the last credit crunch. It’s a “white hat” gift from the Star Being consciousness to break the hegemony of the financial controllers. Right now, over 1 million people in the USA hold some amount of Bitcoin, and despite the obvious suppression of this bright new industry by the shadow, it’s still thriving and the industry blossoming with exciting new developments daily.

It reminds me of the story of the little boy seeing a leak in the dyke and putting his finger in to block it – yet sure enough, new leaks began springing up all around him until the dyke broke apart and the free flowing water gushed through.

The karmic shadow of intervention is losing its power. It’s because of massive reconciliations and realignments happening in the field, where benevolence has been diligently engaging these wayward groups and steadily ushering them back to the light. Why do we not witness an immediate response through society?

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Anchoring the Light

The 3D will take time to respond, and bear in mind that it takes time for the human psyche to catch up. Many have been locked into a collective coma. To witness the light breaking through these layers will take some time of awakening. But the light is nevertheless breaking in. We just have to be clear how to harness it and what we focus on each day.

The crucial thing to realise is that you don’t have to know how the light will shape through your life or what it will create. It has it’s own intelligence. All it needs, is for you to meet it with your own soul, to illuminate the field you’re travelling through, the inquiries you have, then let the light weave of its own accord. All you then have to do is step positively into it.

Here are 7 pointers of the key things to focus on in terms of anchoring the light in your life…

1) Keep breaking through karmic density within – feel any tightness, fear or anxiety that comes up. Express into it, but then become the One in it. Let go of your fear of it, let go of the attachment

2) Unleash the soul in any given moment – give energy and attention to those things that make you feel expansive and connected

3) Feel the new expressions of soul beingness activating within you. Be sure to find ways to embody them through your being

4) Keep your immediate landscape clear with continual smudging and cleansing, plus the placement of essential crystals that harness your star soul frequencies

5) Keep the mind opening through any negativity and doubt by dropping into the depth of your Sacred Ground of Being – interrupt negative thought patterns

6) Look for new connections, innvovate new ways of approaching the day and the things that you do

7) Call in Star Being support to help you align with your soul’s path and create abundant opportunities from that.

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Weaving a Vibrant New Reality

We’re most definitely living in two worlds not one, and where you place your focus and how you are being in any given moment will determine which one you experience. To be living in this higher emergent light and be creating from there, you’ve got to anchor it on a daily basis through your life here and now.

That’s a constant practice – breaking through the negative patterns of doubt and anxiety, reminding yourself you are the One, feeling the power of that, then landing the energy that’s going to uplift your life.

Crucially it’s not necessary to know how this is going to happen. Instead do those things that make you feel filled up by the divine, that make you feel alive and vibrant. Hold that energy. Embody it. Let positively radiate through your being. Then boldly go in the direction that is clearly shaping through signs and synchronicity.

For sure we are passing through another key inflexion point in society, it’s transforming yet again with the controllers desparately efforting to hang on. But the light is breaking through ever more strongly. Let’s pay attention to this, animate it through our being, and step positively into the new landscape that it’s weaving.

Bright blessings to all

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