How to Cultivate Neuroplasticity and Inner Calm With Vagal Toning – Free Online Event

Unresolved trauma is an invisible force that can take over your life… often splintering inner peace when you least expect it. Healing that trauma is reclaiming your inherent wholeness — coming home to who you truly are.

According to renowned therapist and author Dr. Arielle Schwartz, PhD, the imprint of trauma runs deep. When we experience repeated or prolonged trauma, it reshapes our nervous system, keeping those who suffer from it stuck in some version of the classic trauma responses: fight, flight, freeze, fawn, fine, and faint.

Unresolved complex trauma can rob you of your aliveness, passion, and purpose — blocking you from embodying your true wholeness.

The good news is that, with the right support, these patterns can change. The brain has an incredible capacity for neuroplasticity — the ability to create new neural pathways with consistent practice.

Join Arielle for a free online event, in which you’ll experience healing practices that tone the vagus nerve, which is essential for nervous system regulation. It works like a brake pedal, signaling to the body when it’s safe to relax out of fight-or-flight. Vagal tone is lowered in trauma, leading to dysregulation.

Register here for How to Cultivate Neuroplasticity and Inner Calm With Vagal Toning: Learn Advanced Approaches for Regulating Your Nervous System for Peace and Tranquility. 

In this hour, you’ll discover:

  • An easy breathwork exercise to hit pause and shift out of traumatic loops
  • Body sensing and tracking techniques to understand your triggers
  • A gentle movement practice to discharge fight/flight energy and come into the present
  • A preview of Dr. Schwartz’s groundbreaking advanced vagal toning, which addresses the consequences of trauma, C-PTSD, and dissociation
  • Renewed possibility for embodying your whole, integrated self

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If you struggle with anxiety, dissociation, panic attacks, depression, chronic pain, self-harm, or feel stuck in post-traumatic stress, this event offers real hope and practical skills for recovery.

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