7 Precautions to Protect Yourself From the Great Reset

November 14th, 2023

By Paul A. Philips

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Designed for globalist world leaders to engineer a global domination the purported World Economic Forum and the Great Reset has far greater, darker, wider-reaching implications than most people realize. Indeed, these are dangerous and unpredictable times. Who really knows how things will pan out.

In the knowledge of this we need to see the bigger picture, anticipate what lies ahead, so that we can take the necessary precautions to protect ourselves from the endangering Great Reset.

Don’t unwittingly become one of its victims. Don’t buy into the fake effrontery; the well-crafted illusions that the Great Reset globalists care for you, with their self-serving controlling hidden enslaving agendas, or otherwise you could find yourself broke, losing your digital rights and other freedoms, experiencing extreme social unrest, having serious ill-health or even becoming another death statistic… -With technology and the internet at your fingertips, ignorance is no excuse, so get savvy.

Here is my most sincere heart-felt response: Not an exhaustive list, but here are 7 precautions you must take to protect yourself, your family and friends from the Great Reset.

  1. Don’t give your blind unquestioning attention to the globalist’s owned and controlled corporate-sponsored biased mainstream media (CNN – Cartoon News Network, BBC -Brainwashing Broadcasting Corporation… etc.)

Learn to discern the echo-chamber of repeated lies, cover-ups, hidden agendas, disinformation, disingenuousness, propaganda, crooked fact checking, fear-mongering, censorship, deflecting distractions for the gullible to focus on things that don’t really matter…

-For truth-seeking, genuine news, chose alternative media sources instead: The “alternative” media has become the “mainstream” media.

  1. Learn to become financially independent.

Educate yourself on how economics work. First, get out of debt if that’s your circumstance. Mitigate risk of losing money by diversifying: Don’t leave all your hard-earned cash in one place where your money can be legally stolen by centralized control. For examples, in a bank where you will be subject to raising inflation, long-term decreased buying power of your cash caused by government fake money printing, and then there’s the potential bail-ins during bank liquidity crisis…


Avoid the encroaching omnipresence surveillance tied into the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) aspect and how you will be dictated to on where your money goes pending your behaviour. Chose investment strategies outside of the effects of this enslavement system. Chose alternatives from the CBDC to protect yourself from the Great Reset by:

*Using your cash to buy real estate. Bottom line, everyone needs a roof over their head. Or rent out your owned property or properties to bring in consistent cash flow…

*Holding barterable assets such as gold (precious metals) which could be traded during a crisis. It has been said that gold is the real money as opposed to depreciating fiat cash.

*Having said that, also keep a certain amount of cold hard cash at hand. You never know when it might be needed. Your government doesn’t want you holding coins and notes. Unlike their digital currency tied to the central bank, when you hold cash they can’t track your spending, nor can you be taxed or dictated to on where it should go…

*Holding cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC) are a censorship-proof alternative savings to CBD’s which cannot be controlled by the Great Reset control system.

A recently published thoroughly researched 30-odd page Federal Reserve report describes BTC as a worthy store of value (like for example, gold and silver), resistant to monetary and macroeconomic changes. There are other reasons to hold BTC.

  1. Don’t give your consent to the global cult’s manufactured fake wars.

As in the case of the current Ukraine war, it’s not about flag waving, side taking, left versus right wing politics… These things are irrelevant. it’s about the real enemy, the global cult and their associates orchestrating these wars as a means of hitting out against we-the-people to advance their total world domination agenda. Ultimately, it’s therefore about our freedom versus their tyranny on us:

The global cult overseeing the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset are using the Ukraine war to bring about economic and societal collapse, a divided western world from Russia in an east/west conflict… -All coldly calculated to bring we-the-people into a state of dependency on the controlling global cult…

  1. Don’t give your vote to the major political parties and their puppet politicians.

These criminals abuse their power, doing the deeds for their puppet masters, the global cult to advance the Great Reset and total world domination.

There are still too many people falling for the left wing/right wing paradigm charade, it’s irrelevant.

As with all of the major political parties and their party leaders, the left wing/right wing political ideologies have been covertly manufactured by the global cult puppet masters. This has been done to trick we-the-people into the illusion of being offered democratic choice and to keep us ruled and divided.

To spell it out there is no democracy or democratic choice. How can there ever be when all the related options had been covertly created by the same source? Whoever is in power will be there to do the dirty work for the global cult to advance their Great Reset and agendas, while pretending they care for the people they’re supposed to be serving.

  1. Maintain good health.

Another dot-connecting link to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset and the New world Order is the manufacture of fake disease.

Don’t fall for this. Do your research. Learn to recognise its deceptive patterns and refuse to comply. Refuse the medical establishment’s toxic, known to be ineffective Big-Pharma cash cow harmful treatment.

Also, protect your health by:

*Getting good nutrition. Many people eat enough food but don’t necessarily get adequate nutrition. Learn to distinguish good food by eating lots of fresh organic fruits, veggies, beans, seeds and nuts… avoid cooking with extreme temperatures. Keep yourself well-hydrated with clean filtered water such as that produced from reverse osmosis.

Take a look at:

Avoid processed junk foods laden with questionable toxic chemical additives, high salt and sugar content, junk fats such as trans-fats and GMO’s. Stop microwaving to avoid irradiated foods. -All these things even when consumed in small amounts add up and can affect your health when used frequently over the long-term.

  • Try to protect yourself from environmental toxicity.

For health restoration undergo a detox programme which will remove a range of heavy metals, aluminium from cooking utensils, bromide, chloride and fluoride-based substances, noxious chemicals from things such as chemtrails and electromagnetic radiation…

Where possible try to avoid and protect yourself from EMS’s: Cell phone towers, wi-fi sources, power grids, x-ray detectors and other body scanners: for mammograms, use infra-red thermography instead. Don’t use fluorescent lights, chose led lighting (clear and/or white).


Avoid chemical-laden hygiene products. For your personal care use organic deodorants, shampoos and conditioners…

  1. Be prepared – Be self-sufficient.

In these days of uncertainty: Economic collapse, high inflation, food shortages, fake diseases and lockdowns, gross civil unrest, energy crisis, long power outages… amongst other potential disaster scenarios, learn to prepare yourself. Learn to be self-sufficient.

In this modern-day world much of the knowledge and its application used by earlier-generation societies/communities has become lost. For instance, food supplies are taken for granted. In order to be prepared we need to go back to the old-fashioned ancestral ways of growing food.

Effective food growing, gardening, farming, learning to harness your own water supply and off-grid ways of obtaining energy, alternative communication systems… may well take some time to learn the related skillsets, but it can be fun: You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

  1. Get active

The Great Reset has been described as a Marxist utopian agenda which plans to take everything away from you. Have you considered the terrible consequences if you sit and do nothing, unprepared, as the Great Reset, tyrannical escalations rise?

Don’t let the global cult do what they’ve got planned for you, your family or friends. Push back by getting active. Try peacefully spreading the word to others on what’s happening then they too can get active.

The equation is quite simple: Your Silence = Your Complicity.

About the Author:

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However, over the years I have come to the firm conclusion that practically every subject under the sun needs redefining using more truthful, honest and integral approaches in theory and practice, hence the website’s name ‘New Paradigm’

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