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Varya Kapran is a wellness coach whose mission is to help people reconnect with their bodies through nutrition, herbalism, movement, and neural re-education. She works with clients worldwide supporting them in their goals through a combination of cutting edge research, alternative therapies, and other techniques. Her website, provides resources, care, coaching, and community for those who wish to improve their quality of life.

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The Cycle of Change

By  Varya  Kapran Guest Writer for Wake Up World In many ways, life is change. We change. Our partners change. Our bodies change. Our goals change. Our circumstances change. Our environment...

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Your Body is Not a Tool

16th August 2014 By  Varya  Kapran Guest Writer for Wake Up World I started my week with a hot yoga class. Sitting there on the mat, yesterday morning, all blissed out, I was suddenly...

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Manifest[-ing] Love

By  Varya  Kapran Guest Writer for Wake Up World I am sure many of you have heard about the power of manifestation. You may even have tried it with different degrees of success. Well, today...

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I Am. You Are. Perfectly Imperfect.

By  Varya  Kapran Guest Writer for  Wake Up World Every day, we are bombarded with representations of “perfection”. Here, buy the perfect outfit. Have the perfect hair...

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(re)Discover Your Inner Sexy!

By Varya Kapran Guest writer for Wake Up World S. e. x. y.  We hear that word every day, in songs, marketing ads, TV and movies. From our friends. From our partners: “Baby you’re so...

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It’s Time to Come Home

By Varya Kapran Guest Writer for Wake Up World Home is where the heart is – we have all heard this expression before. That notion of home, the very word itself, is something we can relate to...

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