Healthy New Year! – Resolutions For Health And For All

Healthy New Year! - Resolutions For Health And For All

By Raluca Schachter

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

This past year, successes and failures made us happy and sad as we fought for a  healthier and better “us”. The  health world has been on a roller coaster all year long; food prices, non-labeled GMO food, prescription drugs, vaccinations and epidemics affect us all.  These are main topics which every human being should be aware of and get educated about.

On a positive note, there is an unprecedented, growing, natural health and real food movement, which is both inspiring and refreshing to be part of! A growing number of people from all parts of the country become AWAKEN and it is wonderful to witness it!

So make no mistake:  it is high time these topics shouldn’t be left to the natural health “elite” or the “experts out there” to solve, these should be everyone’s concern. It’s the only way we can see things change for the better on an individual level as well as globally.

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

We have to stop the biggest plague of today’s  agriculture.

Information about the negative effects of GMO food and the evil force behind it, Monsanto, is widely available now…

Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are made by forcing genes from one species, such as bacteria, viruses, animals, or humans, into the DNA of a food crop or animal to introduce a new trait.

Just the definition itself should be enough to become aware that nobody should play with Nature like that! As wise Joel Salatin humorously puts it :

Nature doesn’t bombard with cannons to force extremely alien material into the genetic structure (…) Folks, a corn plant mating with a moth just ain’t normal!

Of course your regular TV and radio channels won’t cover this subject too much, mostly not at all. They get fat paychecks from companies like Monsanto to promote specific topics, products, industries and maintain agenda setting.

In a nutshell, this is what Monsanto is doing to the world, besides  generating tremendous health damage  to our bodies and the Planet:

(…)  Monsanto, funded by its  DNA-destroying ‘flagship’ product Roundup, is able to undermine entire governments in its push to take over global food supplies with its aggressive genetic mutations, all under the guise of “feeding the world” with GMO. Specifically, Monsanto was responsible for and/or complicit in:- pressuring the EU to  block France’s ban on the distribution of Genetically Mutated “foods”; corrupting the California’s Prop 37 vote with blatant trickery and misinformation that ultimately  ensured a food’s ‘Genetic Mutation’ status can remain undisclosed  on U.S. packaging labels;  illegally planting their aggressive GMO corn crops in India;  illegally claiming perpetual royalties from Brazilian farmers  for the natural self-regeneration of established GMO crops; and most abhorrent of all, producing “BioTechnology” propaganda books for kids, designed to “educate” children that GMO foods “improve our health” and “help the environment. (Wake Up World)

Food that’s made in the lab and was not meant to be recognized by your cells will eventually build up as toxic material in your body. What’s the worse that can happen? It starts with digestive problems, lowered immunity and eventually tumors and cancer.

But it doesn’t stop here.

What we eat and  what we are exposed to in our environment directly affects our DNA and its expression.

Epigenetic researchers study how our genes react to our behavior, and they’ve found that just about everything we eat, think, breathe, or do can, directly or indirectly, trickle down to touch the gene and affect its performance in some way. (…)  Not only does what we eat affect us down to the level of our genes, our physiques have been sculpted, in part, by the foods our parents and grandparents ate (or didn’t eat) generations ago.

Take part and help bring GMO food to an end by:

Grow Your Own and Stay Local

The more processed food you buy, the more chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and sugar you will ingest, while getting rich a few profit driven companies. Did you know that in the 1800 the average sugar consumption of a person per year was 5 pounds and these days it is 135!!?? Check out more sugar-related dangers and statistics in my article,  Shocking Statistics About Sugar Consumption: You Have To See It To Believe It.

To counteract the negative effects of  the processed, toxic food and life, we should all go back to  old traditions and practices, which have been keeping people healthy throughout history, when “degenerative diseases” didn’t have a place in the vocabulary.

How to do this?

Plant. Eat Fresh Whole Foods. Ferment. Sprout. Connect With Farmers. Build Sustainable Communities

If you want real health you’d have to step out of the conventional-grocery-store-type of communities, and start to be aware of the reality. Your local grocery store has nothing that will bring you health. Most food is  processed, old, chemical laden and GMO.

Take part and start your healthy lifestyle transformation by:

  • Regardless if you have only a few pots available or a bigger space in the backyard, start PLANTING something, anything! You’ll find out it’s easier than you thought and even if you only plant a few herbs, it’s still a great start! (not to mention the great start towards savings and the therapeutic effect gardening has on us!). There are so many resources available that teach you everything about gardening and its benefits. One of my favorites is  Mother Earth News.
  • Don’t only check the ingredients labels when you shop for food, check the country of origin as well! Eat local and in season, you don’t want food that’s being shipped from thousands miles away; it’s not good for your health or the Planet.
  • Fermenting and sprouting are ancient, almost forgotten practices which need to be re-learned for optimal health. I talk about these healthy foods in  one of my previous articles; there are also tons of resources available online.
  • Connect with your local farmers and build healthy communities starting with these two great resources:  Eat Wild  and  Local Harvest.

Less Medication And Vaccination, More Health

I’ve mentioned many times in my articles that the pharmaceutical drugs are the biggest reason people are so awfully sick these days. It is a fact and a tragic reality that these drugs are not meant to get people healthy, but are meant to keep them sick, while heavy marketing and propaganda are meant to keep them in the dark.

Want to see where your money really goes? Check out this article: Follow The Money In “Sick”-care: What’s Behind The Drugs And Needles?

The vaccination topic is so sensitive these days and much debated, as increasing reported negative effects are associated with it and the fear- based propaganda started to loose ground in the eyes of concerned parents. Increasing childhood vaccination schedules correlate directly to long-term rises in diseases such as Autism, ADHD, Diabetes, Arthritis.

In my most debated and shared article about vaccinations –  Time for a Wake Up Call – The Vaccination Hoax Debunked!  I talk about the lies which are being fed to us, by an industry that knows no morals or has a conscience. Countless whistleblowers from medical  and regulatory branches  are finally talking, and demonstrating the widespread health problems caused in many  children by childhood vaccinations (and other pharmaceuticals)  as well as looking realistically at  their purported  benefits to our community’s  deteriorating  health and natural  immunity.

Take part and offer the gift of health to your children by:

  • Educating yourself on the matter beyond the lies your conventional family doctor might be telling you. A great start to do this is by reading the information on the  National Vaccine Information Center website, and from  dr Sherri Tenpenny’s website.
  • Don’t blindly  follow the vaccination schedule. It is your right not to do so.  Most schools will offer you a waiver if you ask for one. There is NO law that can deny you that. Exemptions are typically for people who have compromised immune systems, allergies to the components used in vaccinations, or strongly held objections. All states but West Virginia and Mississippi allow religious exemptions, and twenty states allow parents to cite personal or philosophical objections.

Control Of Psychiatric Drugs, Less Tragedies and Mass Shootings

Generations of children and adults have now fallen under the influence of psychiatrists, who have given them these brain-scrambling chemicals, and the overall outcome is certain. People will continue to launch inexplicable motiveless murders, on a random basis. (Natural News)

After the awful tragedy we have witnessed in Connecticut this year, mainstream media is diverting attention again towards other aspects of the mass shootings problem in US: increased security, less availability to buy guns… But let’s face it!  The real problem here are the over-medicated SICK minds, and their “right” to carry a gun, while their brain is chemically altered by psychiatric drugs…Even widely used “medication” (or intoxication) such as Ritalin for ADHD has been used by many of these shooters in their massacres.  Drugs like Xanax, Ritalin, Zoloft, Anafranil, Prozac, Luvox, Paxil and many other antidepressants include as common side effects:  aggression, delusion, hostility, paranoia, confusional state, mania, impulse-control disorder, and major depression.

A shocking review of all mass shootings, which happened in US starting as early as 1988 and their strong relation to over medication can be also seen in Ann Marie Michael’s (Cheeseslave) article,  School Shootings Linked To Pharmaceutical Drugs.

So let’s get to the root of the problems, like we should do with all of our health disorders, instead of just covering up “symptoms”.

Take part and contribute to a reduction / elimination of dangerous psychiatric drugs by:

  • Reconsidering the whole prescription drugs treatments in your family and especially the psychiatric drugs like the ones mentioned above. There are plenty of natural, harmless alternatives out there, which actually work and haven’t killed anyone! All you need to do is to step out of your conventional doctor’s office and start educating yourself on the matter.
  • Acknowledge the fact that a “pill” is not the solution, but discovering the real cause behind abnormal behavior. True healing means a whole lot more than psychiatric sessions; it involves a holistic, integrative and customized plan for health, which is able to reverse physical as well as mental disorders on a long term basis.
  • Why would one own guns in a family where there are members with mental and behavioral problems?? This question alone should provide the answer of what “protection” really means.

Ditch Mainstream Media as the Main Source of Your Information

Most of us are on a constant run and lack the necessary time to get informed from real sources. This way the TV, radio station and the doctor office become the only sources to rapidly provide information about everything one needs to know in a modern, chaotic and busy life. It works fast, of course. A quick googling on the Internet for a few answers, online shopping and a chat with a few friends. Evening TV commercials to find out about the latest drugs and “reinforce” this information at the doctor’s office. Then the restaurant food commercials come strong to compete: find out about the latest “menu deals” at McDonalds!

The news are also very “carefully” chosen to fit certain big corporations and industries and shouldn’t generate too many waves. An example of how organizations like the Food And Drug Administration (FDA) is “carefully” watching over the “news” in the health and food industry is this article I wrote:  Breast Milk Secrets Which The FDA Doesn’t Want You To Know.

As you see, this way of getting yourself informed will not take you too far…

There is a BIG, new world out there where you can get truthful, sound, unbiased information. There are many websites, which speak the truth, many alternative news radio stations and many health oriented individuals, who tirelessly spread the word of true health and real living. Seek for them. They are your best bet. Research, learn and form your own opinion. It’s worth the time, as little as you got.

Take part and start your education at the right places. These are way too many and varied in order to list them all here, but you can start with a few directions:

  • Connect with “natural health experts”, “alternative medicine experts”. Usually, they have a whole new set of resources and information as far as health and food are concerned, which most probably will point you towards safer and healthier choices
  • Weston A Price Organization  and  Organic Consumer Association  are two reliable resources to educate yourself about traditional, unaltered, real food and food politics.  Eat Wild  and  Local Harvest which I mentioned above are some of your best sources to connect with sustainable farmers and buy healthy food.  Wake Up World  and  Hand Picked Nation  are two of the websites/companies I am writing articles for and have proved to be updated, accurate and well researched in their information. Plus, they are run by wonderful people! I highly recommend them!
  • For natural health information and an effective plan to reverse disease and build up health from the ground up, though my website  I will  do my  best to provide you what you are looking for!

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About the author:

Raluca Schachter is a dedicated Clinical Nutritionist / Natural Health Practitioner a.k.a “The Health Detective”. Raluca was able to naturally reverse chronic health conditions she was struggling with most of her life, and now uses her knowledge to help as many people as possible do the same. Her health programs and diet plans offer a very unique and comprehensive approach to health, where individual nutritional and biochemical requirements are firstly met using specific nutrients and foods that each metabolism thrives on. Raluca offers her services to international clientele and her practice is fully online based. You can connect with Raluca at and

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