Being Alone Together: Reclaiming Our Connectivity

being alone together

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There is much suffering today. Most of it is spiritually derived, no matter how physically challenging it may be.

So many are distressed and feeling there’s no way out of this quagmire they’re being confronted with. Even for those of us spiritually predisposed and somewhat prepared it’s the same story. We’re literally at war. Not just of head and heart bashing confrontations, but one of carefully contrived attrition. A starvation of the information that reaffirms the simple realities we would otherwise thrive on.

With a big batch of inserted confusion to throw us off to boot.

How they’ve managed to close off obvious Truths from the common mind is almost surreal. But there is even something more going on. The bombardment is continually more persistent. The nature of the constructed and controlled world we live in is more malicious by the day. We must be aware of this escalation, while not dwelling unnecessarily on the negative.

Live Past What We’re Up Against

The purpose of their tactics is to separate us from our potential; from our fundamental reference points, from loved ones, and from our innate sense of reality. It’s a deliberate corrosion of our connectivity. You can hear this disconnection occasionally in your own mind when a sense of isolation kicks in. It can come out of the mouths of those close to us who are being buffeted and confused and express heavy doubts and discouragement. It’s definitely in the increasingly insane news we’re having to endure as society descends into dystopia.

Nothing seems to make sense. The danger comes when we interpret these disjointed events and Orwellian newspeak as if something is wrong with us personally. Turning inward in this fashion can be a very deep trap, when in fact the opposite is true. It has nothing to do with us; this is a spiritual onslaught we’re facing from outside forces seeking to turn us about-face.

The daily news gives a taste of this warped reality; whether it’s police brutality, the totalitarian clampdown by governments, staged cyber attacks in order to censor, or the media mindflips that accost our senses. The objective is to continually subdue humanity into an ever diminutive sense of insignificance.

It’s an out and out war on our lives, and more importantly, our consciousness.

We Are Never Alone

Knowing we’re in this together and experiencing the same thing is all important. We know divide and conquer is their M.O., but when it gets personal and hits close to home the principles we’re familiar with seem to fade into the dust of mental and moral confusion. Emotions and attachments rise as personal issues come to the surface to further obscure our perspectives.

If this happens to you do not let it throw you. Look for centered awareness, but don’t be afraid to seek advice from those you trust, or solace from loved ones, and remember fundamental truths you are familiar with. Hold them dearly. It’s not an easy time by any means and we need to stick together in every way possible.

All important is knowing we are each experiencing the same onslaught, and that what we’re being handed is a total lie. It’s nothing more than a massive fabricated distraction of planned debilitation of their opposition. Also known as us.

Stand strong, even when you’re feeling weak. This all comes and goes in waves. Let it pass.

We Knew This Was Coming

We’ve known this was coming for some time. None of us are above this. We each have our strengths and weaknesses, we each have our calling to Truth. Some things can knock you out before you know it – loved ones falling under the spell, personal plans being derailed, seemingly psychotic breaks with previous modes of understanding, unexpected twists in the matrix around you. Or a full on combination.

Other symptoms are more predictable when times are not as confusing, but there are clearly many ways we’re being accosted more than ever at this point and it can get difficult.

These waves of confusion have been expected. And they’re here.

When our personal frames of reference take a beating, either individually or via those we love, it’s a very challenging time. I find myself rewinding previous lessons I’ve learned and playing them back like medicine in order to endure many situations. We’re sailing unchartered seas and there is no precedent for what we’re experiencing.

We can take this two ways – as a beating down, or as a powerful lift under our wings of conscious awareness.

Embracing Each Other: the Power of Tenderness and Understanding

There are no pat answers to any or every situation. We’re all learning and growing and that’s how it should be and is. What strikes me lately is the realization of how we need to stick together more than ever as the storm presses on. I’ve heard from many people how much it’s helped them to get some feedback via comments on the site or emails from compassionate acquaintances.

tendernessThese can make or break us at times.

When we’re being laid low and feeling disabled and discouraged it is usually a very personal thing. We tend to make the mistake of looking inward. There may be lessons to be learned, but on the battlefield anything that is crippling is immediately suspect as far as I’m concerned. The issues are too prescient.

We simply have to see these instruments of debilitation as they are in a time of war. And learn from, ignore and/or dispel them.

Shared Camaraderie

Often, we all find out, there are wonderful personal lessons to be learned, but when the barrage of self-doubt and confusion persists we know something much more nefarious is afoot. Shared camaraderie during these times is becoming more and more important. In conjunction with a deep determination to push on through this madness.

We all of course wish we were “stronger”, but really the right kind of weaknesses are some of our greatest strengths. Compassion in sharing an honest heart to heart with other spiritual people is so very powerful. Many face serious opposition in their family situations where they feel alone in their conscious awakening. That can be a gnawing source of discouragement. Despite obstacles, so many have been waking up at a steady pace the past several years and are experiencing what many of us have.

Not just the spiritual exhilaration of conscious awareness, but the social isolation and alienation. These are not easy to brave, as most of us know.

Following that can come periodic belittlement and outright harassment, sorry to say. We’ve all experienced it. I’m firmly convinced this is all part of our testing ground. Coming through that strengthens our convictions and helps us realize what is really important to us. At that point we are forced to make decisions – what will I subject myself to and why, how do I deal with it, and where do I go from there?

The most important point to remember is this is a war, a spiritual one. Do not allow yourself to succumb to the negative voices around you. The big lie is on the march and feeling its oats right now.

It will pass. They screw up regularly and can’t maintain their BS barrage. It comes in waves. Let it pass.

Be Strong. Make Courage Your Mainstay

In reality this is a time of opportunity like we’ve never seen before. We’re in a fight of epic proportions. When we feel embattled that’s exactly the time to come out fighting. We need these mechanisms we learn that were embedded in our souls in order to remember how to maintain our offensive.

Give it a shot. You’ll be amazed at how taking the initiative clears the air, places the enemy on the defensive, and puts everything back into perspective.

See you on the battlefield!

Much love, Zen

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