Love is Free – Everything Else Has a Price

love is free

6th March 2014

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Love is free, everything else has a price.  If you think about it, that is a profound truth. It is also an easy filtration system for truth in a world where discernment is both difficult and rare.

Try this simple formula. Examine your life simply for compromising economic enslavements, or even social relationships. What is the relative cost? Is it more parasitic than helpful? Are they obligatory relationships built on old, controlled patterns of thinking or behaving? It’s tough to realize what we’re in the midst of in a world so entrenched in these programmed mechanisms swirling about us.

Unconditional love, as ethereal-cereal as that may sound to some, asks nothing in return. Yet ironically, an exchange at some level always naturally occurs anyway.

That’s truth economics.

Are You Ensnared Outside of Love?

Who hasn’t been caught in the web? It’s a continual fight for anyone on this besieged planet. All of us have to deal with this sticky maze to some extent, and have been doing so all of our lives. It’s not always fun – it’s become a way of life, and survival. Discerning this changing world around us is our perpetual challenge, especially when our intent to change the flow and our reactions to this bombardment start to bring us to some serious revelations that contradict the narrative we’ve been sold.

It eventually becomes clear that the point of our realizations lead us to disengage. The whole system we’ve been sold is a lie, top to bottom.

Where did we go wrong? We fell for the cost system. Everything costs, so fight to gain more and the guy with the most toys wins. When this type of selfishness kicks in conscious awareness is lost. There is no more altruistic giving or helping those in need in their diseased paradigm, it’s back to a gain/cost game.

That might be a short summary of our condition, but the fact remains it’s time to wake up.

The key is not being in their game at all.

The Price of Love

It’s ironic how relationship love comes to mind for most when this subject of love comes up. That’s social programming playing on our instincts once again. Whereas, unselfish behavior is nothing new. It has been the natural response of cultures since time immemorial, caring for one another and extending that outwards. We just don’t see it today with corporatist totalitarian regimes clamping down on society as they are, and the reflexive responses of those trying to survive within their constricted climates of fear and insecurity.

This kind of fascist control has been the hallmark of every dynasty throughout our blighted history.

The point is, true love is free. There are no strings attached to true love. It gives without expecting in return. We all have it. It’s simply a matter of releasing and utilizing it.

And ironically it all comes back in spades.

The Difference

The key is recognizing what we’re up against, and responding accordingly. True love will always remain unconditional. The difference is in living up to this awareness. It’s not just simply to be observed, quantified and filed away. Loving interaction at work changes the entire dynamic of society, more radically than any other influence. We give and love because we care.

And Universe responds accordingly.

Blinding us from this wonderful truth is the reason for the harshness conditioning – war, hate, greed and most of all fear. These shut down our channels of connection to love. But only if we listen to them. When we learn to operate outside their matrix of deceit our powers blossom.

This is where we need to operate from, the standpoint of consciously aware love.

That may seem a bit esoteric for some, but it couldn’t be any more practical.

Stay in love.

Love, Zen

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold.  My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you…. just wondering. Love Zen.

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