Social and Spiritual Engineering – Don’t Slip and Slide with the Herd

Where Are We Now – Dont Slip and Slide with the HerdBy  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Following the news and the reactions and comments of friends and fellow activists, it appears we’re in the steep grade of the water slide now, careening towards splashdown in the maw of the awaiting choppy pool of mixed and mired confusion awaiting us at the end of the ride.

When things move this quickly about, all we can do seems to be to “hold on tight cuz we’re about to hit bottom!”  Totally reactive but understandable.

I keep pounding on waking the heck up and getting off of their engineered ride – which, yes, you can do at any time – for that very reason. The conditioning of the “slippery slope syndrome” is very clever. Remove the idea of options from the get go, channel thinking and behavior in any and every way possible, and send the subjects hurling in the direction that has been so meticulously engineered.

Financial, Social and Spiritual Engineering

All of this takes time. To plan, to structure, to execute. Much like distributing the wealth of the so-called elites and our apparently implanted stubborn, parasitic scum royalty, if societal engineers had spent a small percentage of their appropriated wealth addressing real issues for humanity’s betterment such as solving needless poverty, re-distribution of wealth and resources and true social justice, the world wouldn’t be in the engineered mess it’s in.

Instead, their energies are directed, from the top, towards control and subjugation. Nice place we live, eh? So what are we going to do about it?

It’s much like that water slide. We think we’re confined to these little bullshit fiberglass life-sleds when in fact we needn’t be on their diversionary ride at all! Instead humanity allows itself to be corralled into cattle chutes – financially, socially, politically and yes, religiously. Few realize they have blinders installed from their youth to keep them looking from side to side in order to get the real picture.

That’s the pathetic irony of life on planet earth. Our options are pre-defined and pre-determined as free will is touted as our biggest strength. Go figure.

The World Today

We’re watching a world screaming headlong into another global conflagration. It can be overwhelming. From daily military saber rattling, police brutality and mass media mind-mush, the general population is careening towards something horrific. Unless we wake up in a massive hurry. It doesn’t seem their engineered plans can be derailed all that much, although we are influencing the course of history dramatically. They have way too many toys and tools yet to use.

The surveillance police state has been de facto approved for not just lack of public outcry, but individual agreeance. Why? Fear and survival. We’ve been pushed to live by our most basic instincts instead of being encouraged to explode into the vast wealth and empowerment of true knowledge and conscious awareness.

Most news stories make me cringe as I peruse the alternative and mainstain headlines each day. It’s truly surreal. How people can continue on business as usual baffles me. I suppose it is fundamentally financially driven, which is one of their most powerful strokes of evil genius. A corrupt and fully controlled economic paradigm has been foisted on humanity, creating an ingrained dependence and innate fear of scarcity that is humanity’s underlying motivation.

Clever bastards. And don’t try to tell me it’s “natural” or the “course of evolution”. That’s more BS newspeak. Dump it.

Detach – Do Not Compromise

The beginning of all solutions is getting free from their influences. It is fundamentally drastic but actually the easiest and simplest course of action. I know, I’ve done it, and it gives you a platform from which to operate that is so much more empowering, way less confusing, and peaceful than you can imagine. Until you try it.

Compromise is our biggest enemy. We can detach in degrees and that’s fine, but an infection is an infection after all. There can be no compromise. It’s either you or the parasitic invader. Going half way to a destination is not getting there. As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Very applicable.

Our world situation will continue to deteriorate. You don’t have to go down the slide with it.

Hit the eject button – take action in every way you can to free yourself. Your participation in their matrix only gives them energy and supplants your own.

Watch the news if you will, just don’t be part of it.

You’ll know what to do, as well as not do.

Just yield to the call of conscious awareness.

It’s not just your spiritual survival at stake. Think of the millions you influence.

Get off the chute.

Much love always,


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