7 Nutrient Combinations That Maximize Absorption and Boost Health


By Casie Terry

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

Chefs are masterful when it comes to pairing complex flavor profiles that delight your taste buds, but more complicated still is the paring of foods and nutrients that stand to maximize your nutrient intake and boost your health. While some nutrient combinations work together to increase the absorption of one another, others simply compliment each other to provide incredible protection.   Here are seven complementary nutrients that you should always look to consume together.

1. Curcumin + Omega-3

Curcumin holds extraordinary potential for protecting your brain and reducing cerebral inflammation. In fact, many experts are calling curcumin the ‘King of All Spices” for its role in preventing the formation of beta amyloid plaque in the brain, in addition to the many other health benefits it provides. Add some brain-boosting omega-3s to your intake of curcumin and you have a powerful brain-protecting duo that should keep you sharp for years to come.

2. CoQ-10 + Astaxanthin

We’ve gotten a few emails about whether or not one should continue taking CoQ-10 once they start taking astaxanthin, and our response is always an enthusiastic YES! Here’s why: different antioxidants concentrate in different parts of the body, benefiting our cells in very different ways. While CoQ-10 plays a huge role in optimizing cellular energy for brain and heart health, astaxanthin best targets free radicals linked to inflammation, making it a powerhouse when protecting joint, muscle and skin health.

3. Iron + Vitamin C

While the iron found in meat sources is pretty readily absorbed, the iron found in plant sources, such as broccoli and spinach, needs a little bit of assistance. That’s where vitamin C comes in. Vitamin C helps convert plant-sourced iron into the form that’s more easily absorbed by the body. It’s the perfect excuse to squeeze some lemon onto your next spinach salad.

4. Probiotics + Inulin

Inulin is a type of soluble fiber that’s loaded with fructooligosaccharides, sugars that feed friendly bacteria and boost your digestive health. Pairing inulin-rich foods, such as bananas, artichokes and dandelion greens, with probiotic-rich foods, such a kimchi and yogurt, can give your gut the tools it needs to keep your digestion on track.

5. Sulphorane + Zinc:

Turns out two nutrients that boost that boost the immune system independently are even more powerful when combined. The  immune boosting sulphur compounds found in foods like garlic and onions can help increase the absorption of zinc, a cold and flu fighting mineral found in foods like whole grains and legumes.

6. ECGC + Cinnamon

A magical duo for anyone looking to maximize their weight-loss potential, ECGC and cinnamon join together to tackle fat in a unique way: the ECGC from green tea helps boost metabolism, while cinnamon keeps blood sugar in check.

7. Calcium + Magnesium + Vitamin D

One of the main reasons dairy products are fortified with vitamin D is that vitamin D helps usher the bone-protecting mineral calcium into the bone matrix. However, one often overlooked player in this process is magnesium, which is involved in every step of vitamin D metabolism.   Making sure all three of these nutrients are available in abundance when consumed provides a trifecta of bone and heart health protection.


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