Message in a Bottle: Sending an SOS to the World

message in a bottle - sending an SOS to the world2nd March 2014

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

I recently wrote about The Great Realignment that I see taking place now across our planet. It’s about recognising the reharmonising force of nature that gathers when unjust, inequitable systems of consciousness are resisting the natural flow – like society has been doing for thousands of years.

Some people asked  “How can we best work with that realigning energy as it breaks the old consciousness down?”  I believe a classic example is now gathering on the Somerset levels where I live which is deluged with astronomical flood waters and 100mph winds. So as circumstances like these become common place, what might our way of dealing with them be?

Liberate the Miraculous Freedom of Your True Self

At the end of 2013, at the conclusion of a  Five Gateways Activation  down under in Oz, an emotive exchange ensued between some advocating free energy to ‘fix the Earth’s problems’ (see the  Hidden Cost of Free Energy) and others who felt we needed to allow the Earth the freedom to heal herself. I tended to agree with the second group – whilst of course holding the space for everyone to express their differing views.

No one has the ‘absolute say’ on reality.  We’re all still looking through the lens of a subjective perspective.

Afterwards I went for a walk on the beach, and a song began playing in my mind…  “I’ll send an SOS to the world, I hope that someone get’s my Message in a Bottle”.  I got the immediate sense as a deep upwelling in my soul, that I was supposed to begin speaking about this  The Great Realignment  I’ve seen as a cleansing of the Earth. I felt that I’d now been ‘sanctioned’ to do so.

That very evening I was kindly invited to dinner by several of the group, who at the end, conducted a typical ceremony of theirs which I didn’t previously know about:  to have someone at the gathering write a message to humanity, put it in a bottle and seal it with a candle.  Synchronistically they chose me, not knowing that earlier I’d had the ‘Message in a Bottle’ experience. I took it as a powerful confirmation to share the Great Realignment message more widely. Such ‘coincidences’ simply don’t happen by chance!

The message I briefly wrote on the spur of the moment that day was this….

“A tremendous shift of energy is upon us,
everything we think we know is changing.
Do not expect today to be the same as yesterday
or tomorrow to be what you desire.

Soften into the heart.
Liberate the miraculous freedom of your True Self.

Confront your fears as the universe conjures them for you.
Connect and flow with the natural harmony of life,
and the passing of your life will not be the end,
but just the glorious beginning.

Dealing With the Consequences of Dramatic Change

I really feel for people when challenge befalls them, like getting washed out of their homes (as some around us in Somerset are right now – see photos below). However my empathy doesn’t extend to then just blaming the government (notwithstanding failed chemtrail geo-engineering), or the local emergency services, the Army or even God for not ‘doing their bit’, because everyone in society who partakes of the consumeristic system is each to a degree responsible….

More land? There’s none to spare in the village of Moorland….

Moreland 2

 No use blaming God!

Burrow Mump

The One Percent build their berms. But will they ever be high enough?

One percent

So how can we deal with such dramatic conditions that are likely on the increase?

  1. Take responsibility:  When we blame someone ‘out there’, even if they are partially responsible, we render ourselves no longer the co-creator of our experience, but rather the victim of it. In taking ownership however, causes us to look within, work to soften judgment (including that of ourselves) and thereby find a more positive and empowered response.
  2. Help one another:  accepting responsibility means we’re actually  more likely  to help one another in times of need, because it’s not just about ‘them out there’. If you live in society, we all share a degree of responsibility.
  3. Give up the struggle:  accepting that the environment is moving into uncharted territories that are not stable and we can’t control, means that we can give up the struggle inside to try to ‘fix things’. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do all we can to find a ‘solid platform’ on which to live. It just means that we shouldn’t expect it to be permanently safe. The true self in us is stable in its own right. It doesn’t need the external conditions to always be secure.
  4. Let this become a lesson in beingness:  let’s work with the tightness such dramatic change might evoke within. In the coming years, at times life is going to get tough. We wont necessarily be able to rely on the soft shoulder of society to protect us. We’re going to be presented mirrors in powerful ways that activate deep, emotive feeling: tightness, worry, blame, fear, sense of lack etc etc. These are all fear based reactions of the ego and actually an enormous opportunity to confront constrictive identity through these circumstances. Instead work to let go inside and expand through the tightness that such opportunities present.
  5. Rediscover flexibility:  the Original Human in us was immensely flexible and trusting in the ultimate rightness of life: that if we stay calm and follow our intuition, then life will guide us in a way that serves our highest interests. The weather systems of the world are rapidly changing (with no small help from  chemtrail geo-engineering). I’ve seen weather maps of the U.S. for example where the western half of the country is in +40C drought whilst the Eastern side is in -40C drift snow. You cannot rely that today will be just like it was yesterday. My family has its bags packed ready to move at a moments notice should that become necessary.
  6. Resourcefulness:  the chances are most people in society will continue to blindlessly rely on the supermarkets for food and supplies. Whilst hoarding is not natural, neither is the ridiculous system where we have to rely on supermarkets for our food. Growing your own food where possible and having some hardy supplies in store for extreme weather or when the power might go out is to me a sensible step.
  7. Be aligned with Gaia:  some say that in speaking as I am, one gives people permission to continue to mistreat the Earth – “Because it’s all breaking down anyway”. That’s a lower level of consciousness. This is all about finding the selflessness to do things simply because there’s a ‘rightness’ about them. You do it because for example it’s the compassionate thing to do; because it’s an expression of your soul with no other purpose. If the knew the world was coming to an end tomorrow, would you still plant that apple tree today? If given to in the heart, an awakened soul would.
  8. Learn to follow your Soul:  now, more than ever, each person is being invited to discover how to  listen to their soul and follow it moment by moment. How do you know when it’s the ego speaking and not the soul? There are many ways it ‘speaks’ and it can guide us choice by choice. Briefly we must have the courage to stop, observe, feel and begin to follow the sense of rightness, even (and especially) if the guidance leads to outcomes which are destructive to the ego. The soul does not try to manifest a particular outcome in life (only the ego does that), instead it leads to increasing authenticity of being; one that feels aligned and backed by the supportive hand of synchronicity.
  9. Process your Baggage:  the path of the soul is much misunderstood. In my experience, it guides us into all the places where we would become identified and disempowered. Why so? So that we can empower ourselves as the completeness of the True Self by confronting, processing and unwinding the limiting sense of victimisation and smallness we might feel within. But we’ll only truly master these limitations by confronting them head-on inside and working to soften into them; to become awesomely okay so that we don’t have to recreate this karma anymore in the outer world. Thus when we leave this life, there is no longer any baggage to prevent  our Ascension.
  10. Celebrate the Joy in Life:  Life is continually changing. Out-dated systems of disharmony become unstable and die. New ones evolve and grow. Our very souls are designed to transcend the transience of life by finding the deeper meaning and celebrating in that – our joyous connection to the divine. No matter what presents itself this day, penetrate any inner resistance and work to attune to the natural joy and beauty of life. I find that feeding the birds in my garden before breakfast for example, makes me feel more appreciative of the simple things in life and to always find the deeper message….  The Incredible Joy of Multidimensionality.

Ultimate Liberation

So now is the time to take back personal responsibility for the choices we make in our lives and dealing with what we’ve already created. I believe it’s about trusting and allowing in the natural reharmonsing power of the earth and accepting it. That can come as a great liberation. There’s no need to fight and struggle in society anymore for some manifested outcome because you simply can’t rely on that happening. Let’s work to surrender into that uncertainty. The soul in you thrives in such an environment. Give it chance to speak and a new you will emerge from amongst the ashes of the old.

This is my SOS to the world.

I truly hope that someone gets my Message in a Bottle.

From my heart to yours,

(on behalf of  Openhand)

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