Cannabis Dissolves Cancerous Tumor in Young Infant, Deemed a ‘Miracle Baby’ by Physician

Cannabis Dissolves Cancerous Tumor in Young Infant

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Instead of opting for chemotherapy and radiation in an attempt to shrink an inoperable brain tumor, the father of an eight-month-old baby pushed for alternative treatment with cannabis oil. The baby’s physician, Dr. William Courtney, was initially skeptical early in his career about cannabis as medicine but has since seen such impressive results that he’s now a staunch advocate for its use.

“They were putting cannabinoid oil on the baby’s pacifier twice a day, increasing the dose… And within two months there was a dramatic reduction, enough that the pediatric oncologist allowed them to go ahead with not pursuing traditional therapy,” said Dr. Courtney in an interview with The Huffington Post.

At four months, the tumor was completely gone. And after eight months of treatment, the brain tissue was considered completely normal.

Dr. Courtney notes that the successful application of cannabis to heal means that “this child, because of that, is not going to have the long-term side effects that would come from a very high dose of chemotherapy or radiation… currently the child’s being called a miracle baby, and I would have to agree that this is the perfect response that we should be insisting is frontline therapy for all children before they launch off on all medications that have horrific long term side effects.”

A healing phenomenon

Cannabis has a wide range of reported therapeutic uses — from cancer to asthma, as well as from neurodegenerative diseases to autoimmune disorders. Several U.S. states have recognized the beneficial healing aspects of cannabis and have therefore made it available for medicinal purposes. On the other hand, two states, Washington and Colorado, have taken this a step further and legalized cannabis for recreational use.

Numerous studies support the incredible healing capacity of cannabis, especially regarding cancer. The National Cancer Institute alone has documented 25 studies on the exceptional power that cannabis possesses to halt the progression of cancer. In animal tests, two forms of liver cancer — hepatic adenoma tumors and hepatocellular carcinoma — decreased when cannabis was given. Benign tumors in other organs, such as the pancreas, testes, uterus and mammary and pituitary glands, were diminished as well. Several reviews also found that cannabinoids appear to encourage cancer cell death (apoptosis), while preserving normal cells. Moreover, cannabis induces programmed cell death in breast cancer cell lines and offers protection against both colorectal and lung cancer.

The list of benefits could seemingly go on forever. To learn more about the wonder of cannabis, have a look the below  comprehensive documentary by leading researchers and physicians in the field.

VIDEO:  Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary

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  • David

    Bullshit. Lets see an undoctored MRI scan. Lets see some x-rays. This is just some made up BS that will end up with children dying faster than if they got professional treatment.

    • Will

      This is no one-off David. There are hundreds of individual case studies of people who have kicked their life-threatening cancers at all stages with cannabis oil alone. There are zero case studies of cannabis oil related problems, illnesses or deaths.

      Now you decide, would you rather have a 2% shot at survival and lose every dollar you ever earned, taking chemotherapy and radiation therapy, neither of which oncologists said they would undergo themselves in their patients’ position… OR… would you spend very little money on a completely harmless medicine that has a HIGH chance of beating the cancer completely, including the cells that regenerate tumors?

      Me personally, I know which option I’m choosing.

      • Annette Warr

        I lost my husband to a grade 4 brain tumour and although cannabis wouldn’t have saved him because he went into a coma before he could start chemo, we would have tried this method as preferable to chemo and radiotherapy. I have a friend who had a masectomy two years ago and is still fighting with ongoing chemo which is making her sick, tired and after losing her hair twice has no guarantee that the treatment will work. So if cannabis has a 2% chance of success, it should be offered to all cancer patients.

  • Tamara

    Believe it, David. Most people don’t die from cancer but from this “professional” treatment you speak of. Steve Jobs is a good example of this, he died from chemotherapy, not cancer.

    One of the reasons Cannabis is illegal is because pharmaceutical companies (which fund the government) make billions a year from cancer treatments.

    Time to open your eyes, you close-minded child.

  • Lauren Michelle~ lila of the faeries

    beautiful article and news, thank you!~ 🙂 Blessings to the sweet baby 2~

  • Oraana Name (required)

    Where can one get Cannabinoid oil? My father is suffering firm cancer and he would like to try it.Thanks do much!

    • Wake Up World

      You can make your own by visiting Rick Simpson’s offical site –