Breaking Through Personal Limits with Conscious Self-Actualisation Groups

Dismantling Personal Limits with Conscious Self-Actualization Groups - 3rd Annual Gratitude Festival

By  Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

There is a mysterious element of order and wisdom that underpins the consciousness and energy of a group that gathers in sacred space.

Often those who are part of such a group will refer to this unseen order and wisdom as “the hand of God”. Another equally valid way to look at it is as a powerful all-knowing force that is unleashed when ‘two or more are gathered’. This universal truth speaks directly to the force that rises as you step away from ego into sacred agreement with others, so the best outcomes possible can come into being.

Of course, when you enter into a group agreement, depending on the nature and purpose of the group, there can be varying degrees of consciousness on the part of the person (if any) leading that group. Of all the types of groups that exist  –  political, cultural, ethnic, humanitarian, charitable, volunteer, business –  this observation relates most closely to conscious ‘self-actualisation’ groups.

What are conscious self-actualisation groups?

Conscious self-actualisation groups can exist as charities, volunteer organisations, women’s/men’s circles, book and poetry clubs, yoga, meditation, dance, art classes or groups.   They are all in one way or another concerned with the empowerment of individuals either directly or indirectly involved with the group. Personal empowerment through such a group occurs when this mysterious all-knowing force first underpins the intuition of the group consciousness before filtering and individualising its way into reality through the consciousness and intuition of each individual in the group.

Requiring consciousness of the self as well as others, the personal empowerment that takes place can  help individuals become more closely aligned with our  true needs and inner voice.

It may well be that those of you who are ‘spiritually’ inclined have already been intuitively sensing the benefits of becoming part of such a community or group as a means of dismantling your own personal limits. Perhaps however you’ve never had a shared a group experience of the magical, inherently wise collective energy that rises and circulates through the lives and experiences of each participant. But as you read this, perhaps it awakens a deep, almost ancestral inner knowing within you that this is so?

You see, the energy born of the sometimes  unspoken ‘group agreement’ that unites any particular group of Spirits together is guided by the overarching intention for greater self-actualisation of each individual being that is called into the group. As each person heeds the call and is intuitively guided to join this type of conscious self-actualisation group, an energetic platform is created that allows the group dynamic to instinctively heal and transform the lives of each person who has unwittingly helped to create that energetic platform. The multiplied consciousness of such a group ultimately inspires and enables participants to connect into a bigger, more authentic version of themselves.

Your  first step is being able to recognise when  you are being called to become a participant in sacred group space.  

Part of the silent call you will hear is that of other individuals who are, each in their unique way, wanting to embark on a similar journey back to greater authenticity and spiritual truth. It is a part of life that occurs whether participants know each other or not. It is how groups and societies – conscious or unconscious – are formed. And it is on the universal themes of humankind’s spiritual journey that any genuine conscious self-actualisation group takes root and is formed.

You can think of a conscious intuition-based group agreement as being comprised of various facets of the human condition. Each participant in the group brings a different perspective, and represents a different facet of experience. As we learn from sharing these experiences and perspectives, each participant can be said to hold a different ‘key’ that unlocks for the other participants important wisdom and innate spiritual information they are each seeking,  in order that they can take their next inner healing/outer manifestation steps.

And so, sometimes consciously through group discussion/sharing  and  sometimes completely unconsciously, the inner wisdom of each participant interacts with and intuitively responds to that of everyone else in the group,  like waves of energy mingling  in the sea.  The result of this type of energetic, subliminal action and reaction of waves of energy intuitively dancing together – waves of pure intent for greater fulfillment, contentment and peace – often enables participants to experience quantum leaps in their relationships with themselves, their loved ones, their communities and themselves.

Dismantling Personal Limits Through Conscious Self-Actualisation Groups 3

Even if you don’t think of  yourself as  a ‘group person’, please consider…

If the alternative is for you to feel alone,  unnoticed, devoid of meaningful interaction, frustrated, invalidated and unseen, what (apart from unfulfilled days ahead) have you got to lose?  Engaging in the shared intent of a conscious group  can only bring new experience and lessons, one way or another.

If you find the potential  of conscious group dynamics described here speaking to you in a mysterious  and  exciting way, consider this;

Your spirit rather than your mind, knows.  Being able to validate and honour your intuition and  act on it is a powerful combination that almost invariably ignites life-change. It is this precise combination that enables you to clear away the energetic cobwebs that can prevent you from taking the steps forward that you would like to take.

So… How much is it worth to you NOW to step out of isolation so you can experience the profound wisdom and quickened pace of self-actualisation that occurs when you embark on a shared expedition of life-change?

When you feel stuck, often the furthest thoughts from your mind are the enormous benefits you may  receive from a being in a safe, devoted, and supported space that encourages and enables you to take ownership of your healing and process of self-realisation. At times like that, it can be helpful to realise that what you are actually searching for is a spiritual practice – an intuitive platform of sorts – that gives you greater self-understanding and allows you to connect to your higher being and function from a clear place of seeing and knowing. Regardless of the platform or approach you choose, in the end, it is your spiritual  connection that matters.

No matter the kind of conscious self-actualisation group you are thinking of or have the opportunity to join, being able to identify, connect into and apply your intuition in a committed and structured way raises your self-awareness exponentially. It can raise your game by allowing you to burn more quickly through those areas of denial, hurt and unknowing in which  we so often become stuck. This becomes especially evident in conscious self-actualisation groups because of the very powerful effects that group dynamic of consciousness and intent can have on your inner healing process.

Most importantly, the simple fact of our being is that it is  undeniably easier to create meaningful and lasting life-change in our lives, and to build spiritually satisfying relationships, when we consciously engage  with a like-minded/hearted community than it is in relative isolation!

The overall effect of committing to your self-actualisation is that it will  bring you closer to who you really  are. If you are in a place of needing and wanting new, more fulfilling experiences, why do it alone? Conscious self-actualisation groups can provide  a unique, fun, immensely effective and authentic tool for personal transformation and life-change.

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About the author:

Caroline Diana

Caroline is an  Intuitive Life Coach and Intuitive Skills Teacher. She is also the creator and facilitator of  Everyday Alchemy: Intuition at Work and Play, a system of intuitive self-healing programs,  thoughtfully designed to help you heal the areas in which you feel disconnected, unseen or in pain, in order that you can reveal your essential energetic, intuitive and creative nature, and effect positive, meaningful life change.

You can experience Caroline’s work directly by joining the  Everyday Alchemy Personal Empowerment Community, a platform created to give you greater self-understanding and alignment with your inner knowing, highest vision for yourself and deepest soul-level needs.  In this confidential and sacred space you are invited via online teleconference each month not only to show up as your most authentic self, but to participate in powerful combinations of transformative group discussion, journaling exercises, guided meditations, intuitive coaching and energy-based self-healing techniques.

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