PROGRESS UPDATE: Cannabis Oil Provides Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor

PROGRESS UPDATE Cannabis Oil Provides Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor - Main

4th  December 2014

By  Mike Wilson

Guest Writer for  Wake Up World

On the 23rd September 2014, Wake Up World  published  a story about Jayden, a 5 year old boy from  the UK with a Grade 4 brain tumour, whose father Mike Wilson began treating his son’s condition with Cannabis Oil. You can read Mike’s  first  article here: Cannabis Oil Provides New Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor.

We asked Mike to stay in touch with us about Jayden’s progress, and this  is his  latest  update.

Progress Update

Jayden is doing well! But about one and a bit  months back, he went downhill due to increased mucus build up and a major chest infection, coupled with diarrhea, and a high temperature. It all hit him at once and to be honest, that night at in hospital, we had to brace ourselves for anything because we weren’t sure what would happen.

But we are firm believers that if the body wants to fight something and keep going, it will. It’s not just about what medicines are prescribed or what the doctors can do, but more importantly, it’s about whether the body wants to survive.

We sat in a room with all the big doctors and nurses discussing things we never thought we’d be discussing. Difficult questions like, “If Jayden’s heart stops, would you like us to resuscitate him?”

We understood they needed to ask these questions to cover themselves, and of course we said yes, because if Jayden wasn’t willing to give up, neither were we as parents. We informed them that Jayden responded well to steroids, and since the hospital doctors knew we were giving Jayden synthetic cannabinoid drops prescribed by natural medicinal doctors,  we asked them to give him a short course to see us through until we received a new lot  of cannabis oil.

That evening during Jayden’s crisis, they gave him antibiotics and steroids to help boost him, and we would have to wait to see how he was doing the following morning before we would know more. Was Jayden going to fight this crisis off, or was it going to overwhelm him?

Well our Jayden is a fighter, and I am pleased to report that when he woke the following morning he was a completely different child! His temperature had gone down, his feeling of sickness and bouts of diarrhea had lessened, and his chest infection was a lot clearer.

That evening Jayden had improved enough for us to take him home, and we were able to give him his first dose of natural cannabis oil, thanks to the recommendations of hundreds of people from Facebook Groups who themselves taking  natural (instead of  synthetic) cannabis oil.

Jayden playing with his new Spiderman vs Dr Octavius Lego

In full concentration mode, Jayden playing with his new Spiderman vs. Dr Octavius Lego.

At this point Jayden was being weaned off the steroids so we were expecting some symptoms to return, which slowly they did. But after he had been on the natural oil for approx. 2 weeks, we noticed the symptoms were easing. Prior to this health crisis, Jayden had developed stiffening on his left side, and was finding it difficult to relax that side of his body. The doctors said this was normal based on his condition. But 2-3 weeks into his treatment with  natural cannabis oil, that  side of his body slowly began to relax, which is encouraging as he is no longer taking any other medications other than the cannabis oil.

Over the last few days, Jayden has begun trying to speak a little more and he’s also feeling like being more active. Honestly, for such a sick child, his determination continues to inspire us.

All we can do now is continue our treatment and  hope for the best. It’s very difficult not to get our hopes up because there has been some ups and downs, but after speaking with several people who have experience with cannabis oil, they inform us these ups and downs are normal as the oil is working its magic, helping to fight the condition and interacting with the immune system.

We continue to do what we as parents feel is best and to give Jayden the best chance of survival. We wish to thank Wake Up World and their readers for all the amazing support we have been given. We will continue to keep you updated on Jayden’s progress as time goes on.

SpiderDad – 5 Year Old Son Battling Cancer Gets Birthday Surprise!

Please take a few minutes to watch our youtube video which has gone viral, with over 8 million views!  I had a replica Spider-Man suit made so I  could surprise Jayden  on his 5th Birthday. I’m so proud I  managed to do this for him, and secretly filmed the surprise with my Go Pro 3+.  As you know, today Jayden  is still fighting all the way to regain his health, but at least now he has Spiderman to inspire and “take care of him” 🙂  I’m currently filming a dedication  short film called SpiderMan4K, due out in the new year.

Please keep rating, commenting and sharing any of my videos. I appreciate everyone taking the time to watch and share their thoughts.

If you missed my first article on Jayden’s progress, please  check out: Cannabis Oil Provides New Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade-4 Brain Tumor.


Wake Up World  will continue following Jayden’s progress. Stay tuned…

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About the author:

Jayden + Michael 225x300 Cannabis Oil Provides New Hope for 5 Year Old Boy with Grade 4 Brain TumorMichael Wilson is Jayden’s father, and he and his family are hoping Jayden’s eventual recovery will become one of those miracle success stories they can then share with the world.

The family are strong believers in positive energy, and  feel strongly that positive energy will help Jayden’s body to recover,  so they are hoping that as many Wake Up World readers as possible will send some positivity their way,  for little Jayden’s recovery back to health. Jayden has clearly shown he has a fighting spirit, confirmed by all his medical consultants who have said what an unusually strong little boy he is.

For more information, visit Facebook/HopeForJayden. Or connect with Mike at  and

The family has also set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ fund-raising page  if you would like to make a contribution to help with the cost of supplements and Cannabis Oil.

This article produced  in collaboration  with  Mal Ryan for Wake Up World.


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