The Golden Age Paradigm of Abundance

The Golden Age Paradigm of Abundance - Freedom - Dolphin

By Joshua Eagle

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Today, an epidemic of materialism and ego/identity illusion has spread like wildfire amongst all cultures in which capitalism has reached. It is interesting to note that when European imperialists first landed on the continent of North America and started taking “possession” of the Native lands, these native peoples looked at their fellow Earthly beings as having a mental illness of which was ever consuming to both the individual as well as the planet.

Yet what shocked the Natives most was not the notion that these new continental arrivals thought they could take possession of Earthly lands, rather it was that there clearly was no end to the satiation of the imperialists’ material conquests.

Capitalism and Possession

In looking at the structure of capitalism and taking possession we find interesting synchronicities arising from their multiple perspective definitions. While capitalism or the ‘ism’ or science of using money/capital as power is the primary definition taught. A less recognized definition is that what capitalism is at its very nature is the science of exploitation. For in order for capitalism to work, someone must always be exploited so that another can have an over abundance, as opposed to all parties having an equal abundance.

Yet in tracing the emergence of the term “possession” we find far deeper roots than the cars, jewelry and gadgets we refer to them as today. The word “possession” in fact was first used to describe  the act of a negative entity or spirit gaining control over another’s consciousness, or in other words, taking possession of them. In the events where this negative entity or demonic possession took place in indigenous cultures, specific entheogenic plants and shamanic rituals were carried out upon the possessed person to cure them of their mental illness.

Defining Freedom

Unlike the current system of capitalism in place today which revolves around a class system hierarchy of super rich, rich, middle class, poor and homeless, the indigenous cultures which thrived on our planet for more than 98% of Earth’s known existence operated under a much different system of communalism. In this system, every member of the tribe or community was looked at as equal and all participated in hunting, gathering and celebrations.

While many look at this way of life as savage and even frightening, what is rarely ever recognized is the discovery made by anthropologist Weston A. Price, who concluded that the average work week for indigenous people to maintain their food and shelter was only 11 hours per week. This is a stark contrast to our current 40-hour work week, in which the majority still struggle to even get by on on the wage they are paid. Yet if this is the case, and people are actually working more than ever in today’s “free” nations, then one must stop to ask the question, just what exactly does the word “freedom” mean?

The Golden Age Paradigm of Abundance

Universal Abundance

As we have now entered into a new Golden Age foretold by ancient astronomy and countless civilizations of the past, the time has come for those of us who care about the fate of this planet and our own species to embody a new paradigm. Where as the old paradigm existed on a dualistic balancing scale, proclaiming that for one to win another must lose, the new paradigm which must be embodied is that of a win/win mentality.

In this universality based consciousness, there is an understanding that a loss for one is a loss for all and that if one causes harm or exploitation to another, the universal scales of karma work to counterbalance this disharmonious action in its own mysterious and synchronistic ways. To truly become one’s highest self, one need not look externally for outward possessions, or achievements of egoic and societal status, but rather we must work to cultivate self-love through truly doing what we love in life and merging this love with our fellow brothers and sisters of this universe.

Abundance is not something that should be fought for, but rather, it  is an inherent natural right. What only need be changed is the word’s current definition. To  past generations entrenched in the chains of materialism, abundance was only viewed in terms of external possessions. The time has come for those who have incarnated in our present Golden Age, to take on a higher perspective and understanding that we are all connected on a physical, metaphysical, spiritual and electromagnetic level — and to help another is to help oneself.


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Joshua Eagle Music as MedicineJoshua Eagle is a Holistic Health Coach specializing in immune system revitalization, detoxification, weight loss, mind ascension and longevity. After a decade of studying health through various modalities he received formal training from the Institute for Intergrative Nutrition as well as The Body Mind Institute where he studied under various Naturopaths, Nutritionists and healers of various holistic health systems.

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