Full Moon in Gemini – Earth’s New Language

Full Moon in Gemini - Earth's New Language

6th December 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The time has come around again where we find ourselves experiencing the essence of the full Moon’s vibrational pattern, and once again  there is an incredible amount of vibrational shifting going on for us.

There are many layers to this Full Moon, starting with the sixth  of seven Uranus-square-Pluto aspects. This is a huge deal. We have Jupiter turning retrograde on the 8th  of December, Pluto is squaring the nodal axis, Saturn is in its final days in Scorpio as it begins to make its way into Sagittarius, and last but not least Mars moves into Aquarius.

I really wanted to give you a picture of what is taking place for us at the moment, and what these aspects  reflect to us.  There is big change happening internally for us, which  is preparing us for the  next series  of vibrational shifts  and  awakenings which, in my personal view, will manifest throughout the first half of the new  year.

The Full Moon’s theme reflects three important  aspects of our current reality. The first is the up and coming retrograde cycle of Jupiter.

Jupiter Retrograde

Since July this year, Jupiter has been filling our hearts (Leo) with insight and aspiration. We have been connecting to and feeling our new sense special destiny and direction is on the horizon. It feels like it’s just around the corner and we cannot wait to start this new adventure. When Jupiter goes retrograde on  the 8th  of December,  we will begin to review this feeling of special purpose and destiny. The vibration will take on the yin aspect of consciousness, so it’s about reflecting and looking back and re-discovering the ideas we have been formulating since July.

This process will continue for us until the 8th  of April 2015. What is fascinating  about April 8th  time frame is that we will be having multiple fire-trine formations at that time; this is when it all comes together. Things will be seriously heating up folks! You might even start to feel the inward exploration of those dreams and what you will need to further explore in order to start making this new direction work. As I mentioned before, we are in a process of stabilising and building solid foundations. So take the time to nurture your new direction and manifest it into reality. Be compassionate and patient with yourself and others. We are one.

Pluto-in-Capricorn Square Uranus-in-Aries

The next planarity alignment I want to bring to your awareness is the sixth (and second-last) Pluto-in-Capricorn square Uranus-in-Aries alignment. Very briefly, this alignment is reflecting to us why the  world is shifting in the way is. Uranus moved into Aries in 2012 which brought many of us major life altering changes. Many of you had your first awakening experiences then too. As Uranus started moving through Aries it started forming a “crisis in action” square to Pluto. What this meant for us was the beginning of the shattering and breaking down (Uranus) of our perception of reality (Pluto in Capricorn). These two power houses have been having a very long and deep conversation, much of which has been about, “this needs to change”, “this outdated thinking”, “this system does not work” and so on.

On a personal level, we have been experiencing our own awakenings and personal upheavals. Just think back to last December (2013) when Uranus and Pluto made their fourth  alignment. How much has changed within  you in the past year? How much has changed around you?

So here we are at the sixth  alignment and I am pleased to say  that this one will bring  more awakening and liberation. The veils will continue to be removed, and the truth come out. I see it as the butterfly beginning to emerge out of the cocoon. Mars has now moved into the constellation Aquarius and will be moving through there for about a month or so. He will be triggering off the Uranus and Pluto square.

The fact that he is in Aquarius reflects the theme of total liberation from the past. The synchronicity of Mars in Aquarius and Uranus (Aquarius) in Aries (Mars) says it all. The outdated time is now becoming really apparent, on a much deeper level. Accept the powerful insights you receive during this time. Whenever Uranus is involved we can expect to have an acceleration of how we experience time and reality, as new dimensions of reality to emerge.

The last thing that I wanted to share here is that the Pluto/Uranus square effects of change happen very slowly. They are outer planets in our solar system and move very slowly through their orbit – and through the constellations. So in effect these changes have been slow but very loud.  I like to see it like  the drummer in a band. Our conscious focus may be  on the lead singer, but we are moved by  the beat  of the drum.

The Vibration of the Personal Planets

The last and final vibrational alignment I would like to draw your attention to is the placement of the personal planets. Mars as I mentioned has moved into Aquarius. The Sun, Venus and Mercury moving along in Sagittarius. These planets are making some serious noise.

The first thing to note is the Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius are squaring Chiron in Pisces. They have for the last week been forming stressful aspects to Neptune as well. This is also significant because the planet affecting the Full Moon in Gemini is Mercury (the mind). The effect and message being revealed is how divided we have been in the past and the need to re balance or come into re alignment with the truth that is reflected in nature. The idea of inclusion sharing and giving. Also the awareness of seeing ourselves as a unified organism of this planet, living in symbiosis with all other aspects of nature.  Another significance to add to this is that the placement of the South node of Uranus is at 14 degrees Sagittarius. Here is a little piece of what this symbolises…

The South Node of Uranus reflects the time in the past where we lived in alignment with Mother Nature and her natural law (Sagittarius). We understood her natural cycles and we understood our place in the eco system. The trauma and fracturing through our man made beliefs and definitionshave caused us to live out of alignment with this. This, by the way, is also a natural cycle for us; a cycle of darkness. We are just now re-entering a new phase of re-alignment. This is a gradual process.

Dissolving Definitions

So, the main  theme  of this Full Moon is that we are looking at our reality and world and seeing how definitions  have caused us to be separated (Uranus) from one another. Our cultures are divided and we are subjected to borders that alienate each other from seeing the essence of what we really are.

Full Moon in Gemini - Earth's New Language Gemini makes a natural realignment aspect to Capricorn in the zodiac. The relationship Gemini (words) has to Capricorn (definitions) is what limits us in our ability to experience the true essence of something.  In fact you can see this for yourself. Compare two languages. A book is still a book, even when you describe it using different languages.

When we define ourselves, we limit the truth of what we are. And again this is why we are needing to dissolve the essence of our illusions of separateness  – the false  definitions that limit our collective and individual potential.

Our skin has a direct correlation to the sign Capricorn because again, it reflects definition. So we have to free ourselves from our outdated definitions, ones that are trapped in outdated thought forms and ideas. They are holding us back.

Pluto at the moment will also be making an inconjunct (re-alignment) aspect to the Full Moon. So the message is CLEAR! Liberation (Aquarius) from the outdated thoughts (Gemini) and definitions (Capricorn) comes through dissolving the illusionary (Pisces) barriers  that have kept us from experiencing our true potential.

Full Moon Message

Diversity, individuality and oneness are key to bringing us back into re-alignment with each other. It is vital that in the quest for a new paradigm we learn to embrace each other with open arms.

So many times and especially during this the Sun’s movement through Sagittarius, we are reminded of the disconnection we have from nature. We find ourselves not understanding individuality. We forget that we don’t know the totality of the truth, we  only truly know our own perspective of it. The essence of Sagittarius is understanding that the  paths we walk on earth are linked with discovering our  truth and sharing it with the world; that then allows others to expand on their awareness of reality. Sharing, not suppressing,  our combined truths allow for us to expand the spectrum of light that then aids our collective awareness (Pisces) and understanding. These symbols are really being highlighted at this stage.

Our consciousness is connected to the universe and the universe is connected to us. We are reflecting back to ourselves the way back home. The call to find acceptance and harmony amongst us is of the utmost importance. We know if we want to see change happen in the world we  have to change from within. The light for our humanity is not one in which we solely focus on the new year ahead but the changes we can make that echo into eternity. That is the true essence of our journey.  We unite together by seeing ourselves as a part of a greater  whole and embrace  our diversity as a  reflection of our own unique roles within the whole. We are each  a unique expression of consciousness itself.

The moment for change is here. The essence of our new direction is awaiting us. The final hurdle is upon us. It is the highest and most challenging but we are ready to make that jump. The veils of deception are wearing very thin. The lies that have kept us asleep are coming out in the open. We are increasingly awake to what changes we need to manifest,  and this is the  time to do it — to  unite and stand together as one without prejudice, to share  our truths in good faith,  and  build a world of unprecedented union and unity.

Our experiences  affect us in very personal ways, and each of us has a personal truth that is no more true  than the other.  We help each other create a better reality  by speaking and listening  from the heart. Love is  the new language  — the all-encompassing binding force  that means  nobody gets left behind!

Full Moon Mantra

I free myself from the words that define me. I am not my past, my experiences or my thoughts. I will not be defined by my name, my shell, my nationality or my gender. I will not define myself or others. We are all in this together. We are the experience of  consciousness itself.  We  are aspects of the one Source…  the totality… reflected through our  diversity.

I am love. I am fluid and ever-changing. I am becoming.


We are the Change.


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