Surviving vs Thriving – Your Golden Key!

from surviving to thriving11th June 2015

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Have you ever found yourself desperately wishing you could break free from the hamster wheel of merely surviving day to day rather than radiantly thriving? If you have, you already know that it is one of the haziest aspects of human experience you will ever find yourself having to face.

It is hazy especially on your mental, emotional and spiritual levels and in such a way that you can find yourself experiencing the deep soul-level call for healing, growth and change without really being able to see yourself or your situation dispassionately, as it is. And without this inner and outer clarity and self-understanding about who and where you are, it can be very tricky to know precisely the choices you need to make and the direction in which you ought to head.

It raises the vital question:  “How do you move from merely surviving to radiantly thriving and living the passionate, abundant and inspired life you KNOW you were meant to live?”

And what I have come to know with every fibre of my being,  from years as a spiritual midwife helping my clients do just that, is that there is a golden key that must be turned in your awareness of yourself, to make the shift of focus required to do just that.

In the UK, there is a saying ‘going round the houses’ which means taking a convoluted route for example, in conversation or in life, to get to a specific point. I often notice that some clients who come to me have definitely ‘been round the houses’ in their impassioned and sometimes desperate search for healing and connection with their sacred purpose and ideal life. They have tried every movement and therapy on offer and arrive at my virtual doorstep disillusioned and frustrated that they haven’t been able to find ‘the key’.

So what IS the elusive golden key that has the power to literally change the course of your life?

Before I share this with you, I want you to consider that in order to really hear, have and hold it, you need to step out of your head and into the wisdom that resides in your heart. I want you to read it and intend that you can integrate it deeply into your awareness and every cell of your being.

Here is the golden key that can transform your life of just surviving to one of abundantly and radiantly thriving…

The golden key is your Self-Affinity – YOUR level of understanding, compassion, connection and communication with the REAL YOU.

In other words, you have always been, and will always be, in possession of the golden key, that once you figuratively locate and turn, will literally change your life!

The curious thing is, that sometimes when I point this out to clients who have clearly ‘been round the houses’ and in no uncertain terms, it can almost seem like they cannot hear what is being said. They often present with a blank stare as if there had been some unnatural conversational pause. In effect, they have been so outwardly focussed, that energetically they have roamed far away from their real Selves and their built-in golden key. They don’t ‘get it’ the first time I say it and indeed, it is not always easy for them to contemplate that they have been overlooking the very thing for which they have been searching – sometimes for years!

Can you understand now why thus far, there hasn’t been anyone or anything on the external in your search for wholeness and healing that could turn the golden key of meaningful life-change for you?

Built into an acceptance of this fundamental universal truth, is also the acknowledgement of the personal power and responsibility that lies in your hands. It highlights the cold, hard truth that deep courage, dogged determination, self-trust and unwavering commitment to self-growth, are the qualities that enable you to turn your innate golden key.

It is relatively easier, and much more of a passive business being on the receiving end of alternative therapies and healing modalities. And that is not to say that they aren’t effective, but rather that their effectiveness is more often than not, inextricably linked to the level of self-awareness and autonomy you have over your healing journey and process of ‘becoming’ more of your real Self.

You see, regardless of which inner or outer avenue you choose to explore, it is crucial you realise that your ability to follow through on it as a result of your intuition, is what infuses it with potency and meaning.

When you relinquish your birthright to intuitively choose what you want and need, you fall out of connection and love with life.

Sometimes this can happen because you forget about this added faculty of reasoning. At other times, it can happen because you haven’t ever really been taught about this powerful innate skill and how your innate intuition was intended to be used in order that you can claim your natural role as a conscious co-creator – and your own best healer in your life.

By and large, the people I encounter fall into the second category and for the clients who find relief and refuge in this knowing, this is the precise moment at which intuitive life-coaching can powerfully facilitate and guide their long-awaited personal transformation and life-change.

If this is speaking to you, I want to bring you in on something really exciting I am cooking up. I want to invite you right now to step into an incredible program designed to profoundly awaken your intuition and subtle senses. The program is called Becoming ME

This 3 month program gives you the incredibly rare, live and deliberate experience of coming to know yourself as an already intuitive, capable and compelling co-creator. Imagine how EMPOWERING and AMAZING it will be to feel that way in your life!!

I would LOVE to have a complimentary conversation to see if it’s the right fit. Places are very limited for this intimate program, so do reach out right away to set up your call by signing up on the contact form here. On our call we will connect and look deeply together at how Becoming ME can powerfully and sustainably help you take your first key steps towards the happiness, inner peace and freedom you have been longing for.

As a regular contributor to Wake Up World, I am so so happy you are HERE, and about to start the journey back to your authentic self – the YOU you’ve have been readying yourself for!

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Caroline Diana Surrender to Fear   Shed Your Skin   BE YOURSELF!Caroline is a professional Intuitive Life Coach, teacher, spiritual midwife and guide.

She leads a revolutionary, 6 month transformational program called the Wise Woman Creativity and Manifestation Intensive. It is the perfect container for women who are ready to finally create and enjoy validating, tender relationships, an impassioned meaningful career, a healthy body and mind, strong, honest and nurturing family dynamics and a beautiful living space that will really affirm the completeness and wisdom they already sense within.

It provides powerful structure and support for women who are 110% committed to their self-healing and value the benefits of being mentored, held – and stretched – to their fullest potential in measurable, real-life inner and outer ways. To learn more contact Caroline via email or follow her on Facebook at Facebook/TheAlchemistWithin.


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