Break Through Your Glass Ceiling!

glass ceiling brokenBy Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The analogy of operating within a glass ceiling when it comes to the degree of personal freedom, vitality, riches, nurturing community, meaningful work and love you are able to experience in your life is a truly powerful one. No matter your current situation, you can bet that you are thinking, living and responding to life within the mandate of a particular glass ceiling that defines, so to speak, the kinds of experiences you are having and who you are at this very moment in time.

Glass ceilings are comprised of both conscious and unconscious belief systems, the corresponding level of awareness and self-understanding they allow, combined with the quality, meaning and depth of the life experiences they create. As you move through life, they are nature’s built-in way of creating tidy pockets or compartments within which you work, play, live, love, laugh and learn according to the growth themes that are current for you.

For example, I observe many of the clients I work with at various times in their lives cycling through the growth themes of self-love and self-worth. And it is particularly remarkable over time, how these concepts deepen and expand revealing their powerful interconnectedness with an individual’s ability to heal and evolve their relationships with themself, their family, marriage/partner and career.

The interesting thing about viewing your personal journey in the context of having glass ceilings is that they affect you in much the same way as if they were physical and real. If you consider the qualities of glass, it is unyielding and clear. A panel of glass will keep you separate from physically participating in realities beyond it while at the same time enabling you to see, sense and emotionally connect with them from the other side.

It is important to realise however that this is not necessarily a bad thing. Your glass ceilings keep you neatly tucked away within the boundaries of your current life lesson while you integrate the levels of awareness and experience unique to this place. In other words, as you move through life, your glass ceilings guide and maintain the integrity of your journey back to your REAL self. Therefore, anything that is out of vibrational alignment with your inner process of ‘becoming’ remains external to your sphere. So, even though you might not think of it in these terms, the container a glass ceiling provides acts as a filter for the people, relationships and opportunities that are not a current ‘match’. This is true both in terms of the spectrum of thoughts that you have access to as well as in the types of relationships and situations you find yourself in.

Sometimes however, as you begin to really feel into and connect with the seeds of new awareness and opportunities for personal growth that are available on the other side of your glass ceiling, you begin to sense that energetically, you have been growing and expanding, coming into a wider view of your true magnitude and self. You come to the realisation that perhaps you have grown to the extent that the glass ceiling you have been operating within is actually now making you feel restricted and stuck.

Hitting against a glass ceiling means that you are READY to take your self-understanding and personal growth to the next level and with it, a deepening of the relationships and life-situations which will support you through your next growth themes. But in order to do that, you need to dissolve the glass ceiling that has so masterfully guided you to this point. Being able to dissolve your current glass ceiling means firstly realising where you are and that you feel stuck. This can show up in your relationships, health or work – in any life-area in fact. It is the niggly feelings of deep spiritual restlessness, boredom and sometimes even isolation and despair you feel in response to your current situation that helps you identify the glass ceiling you are inadvertently trying to blow. Identifying your need for fuller, richer, more soul-igniting experiences brings the current invisible cap on your ability to have them into view.

And so for the answer you have been patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for!

How do you dissolve your glass ceiling?

It is important to note that there is no quick, one-remedy fix and what you ‘need’ to do will vary according your individual circumstances, current level of self-awareness and needs. I can however offer you a general guide which I have laid out here below;

When you realise that there is an inner force pushing you to up-level, it is vital you become aware that what is actually happening is that you are falling out of affinity with and leaving an old way of thinking and responding to life behind. As Abraham would say, you find yourself instinctively reaching towards a better ‘feeling’ place. Being able to truly integrate the understanding that you are growing and changing, enables you to give yourself the all-important permission to stop, reassess and let go of the areas in which you have been feeling stuck. Being able to emotionally, energetically and, as much as possible, physically detach from the relationships and situations or career that no longer serve you, causes your glass ceiling to soften and relax.

So rather than being a solid barrier that separates you from a healthier more fulfilling way of being, the properties of your glass ceiling gradually begin to change. It becomes much more permeable and permissive, allowing you to mobilise beyond it and test out a new spectrum of opportunities and experiences that more precisely match where you are. As you consciously explore formerly unnoticed opportunities for new and improved relationships, activities and environments, you inadvertently plant little energetic anchors which help you more easily re-visit and resonate with this new ‘feeling’ place.

Energetically moving back and forth across your former glass ceiling as you practice stepping into a reality of newly expanded possibilities changes the properties of it to such an extent that eventually you get to a point where it altogether dissolves. This is the point at which you up-level and step entirely into a new way of being, working, living and loving – a new more peaceful, balanced rhythm and pace. The complete dissolution of your former glass ceiling is nothing less than a symbol of your stepping into a greater appreciation of yourself, your true value and worth, your innate entitlement to have MORE of all that fills you with enjoyment, fulfillment and bliss.

And this is the precisely the vision I want to offer as a real possibility in your own life right now. Even if you do not know exactly what you need to ‘do’, to create the fundamental life-shift you want and need, I know there is a place deep within you that KNOWS this is possible. Your action plan will begin to come together almost as if by magic when you yourself begin to trust yourself to let go of that which no longer ignites excitement and and act on your deep wisdom that you absolutely deserve MORE.

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Caroline Diana Surrender to Fear   Shed Your Skin   BE YOURSELF!

Caroline is a professional Intuitive Life Coach, teacher, spiritual midwife and guide.

She leads a  revolutionary, 6 month transformational program called the  Wise Woman Creativity and Manifestation Intensive.   It is the perfect container for women who are READY to  finally create  and enjoy validating, tender relationships, an impassioned meaningful career, a healthy body and mind, strong, honest and nurturing family dynamics and a beautiful living space that will really affirm the completeness and wisdom they already sense within.

It provides powerful structure and support for women who are 110% committed to their self-healing and  value  the benefits of being mentored, held – and stretched – to their fullest potential in measurable, real-life inner and outer ways.   To learn more contact  Caroline  directly.

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