New Moon in Gemini – Exploring New Horizons

New Moon in Gemini – New Horizons 2 16th June 2015

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Finally, a fresh new evolutionary direction has collectively emerged for us. The energy patterns of the Full Moon in Sagittarius earlier this month reflected to us all the extremes within our inner consciousness, bringing them to the surface and demanding we make the necessary adjustments. Now, the current New Moon in Gemini brings with it various energy patterns into our energetic field that are allowing us to know that the new future we have seen on the horizon is here.

New through forms have emerged within us that hold a new frequency, and although this transition did not come easily to us, particularly during the recent Mercury Retrograde, the profound rewards that come from manifesting this frequency in our outer world are well worth the spiritual growing pains. By coming into active alignment with our authentic selves, we are helping to create ‘the change’ that is current being seen and felt in the world today.

Happy Birthday Cancer! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution

Mercury Direct

The completion of the second Mercury Retrograde cycle for 2015 has brought about some profound changes to the way we are perceiving our reality. Over the last 3 weeks there has been so much inner reconstruction that we are now emerging from this period with new vigour and excitement. The redefinition of ourselves is taking shape in the outer world. Supporting this phase of our evolution, Mercury now moving direct offers an invitation to open ourselves up to new horizons, avenues, and expansive ideas that allow you to explore and discovery more of your consciousness as you go about the (ongoing) process of creating the change.

Saturn in Scorpio

The Saturn archetype reflects to us the boundary between the conscious awareness of one’s self and the unconscious, our conditioning, and our interactions with structure. The Saturn vibration invites reflection and introspection.

Saturn occupied the sign of Scorpio from October 2012 to December 2014, and now transits back into Scorpio until September 2015. As Saturn (conditioning) moves back in to Scorpio (metamorphosis), we will finally revisit over the next 3 months those remaining aspects of our Self that create limiting thoughts, ideas and emotional attachments — those expressions of the Self that no longer support you in anchoring the new higher-vibrational life that is available. Following the intense process of illumination and reintegration we underwent between January and the Equinox in March, April’s Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse signified our passage into the unknown. Now, as we continue a process of mastery, manifesting our new vibration in the outer world, the Saturn in Scorpio alignment will reflect to us a process of confronting and finally flushing out the last of any energetic debris that still lingers.

On the other side of this transit, we feel the vibration will continue to bring forward core truths about the nature of our reality. However, what is interesting about this Saturn in Scorpio transit is that, over the last 2 and a half years, we have been faced with many disclosures and revelations of the deception and corruption that is entrenched in our society’s authority based structures. And as a continuation, this final completion of Saturn in Scorpio will see those so-called authorities ‘prepping’ humanity for a disclosure of mass proportion that will change the way we perceive ourselves as a human race and our connection to the universe. In this context, further escalation in ‘false flag’ manipulation is likely. The question is; Will we be able to see beyond the smokescreens of deception?

New Moon in Gemini – New Horizons (Starry Night by

Chiron in Pisces Quincunx Jupiter in Leo & Neptune in Pisces Quincunx Venus in Leo

This powerful alignment is literally mirroring back to us the heart of our drive and direction, as we work to create a new social paradigm. Reflecting a vibration of alignment – of Unity and Love consciousness – this alignment encourages us to function in alignment with our Source; the very inspiration of our existence on this plane.

In our last Full Moon report, Full Moon in Sagittarius – The Eye Of The Storm, we described a strong alignment which amplified our focus on balancing and reintegrating duality – left brain/right brain, logic/intuition, heart/mind, masculine/feminine. The energy reflected by that alignment activated our ability to function in a practical sense from a unity state consciousness; from a state of balance, connected to our intuitive awareness and logical practical awareness. Embodying this energetic push allowed us to begin making our dreams and ambitions real.

Now, with Chiron quincunx to Venus, we have an invitation to re-write the inner relationship we have with ourselves, particularly around our self-worth, sense of personal sacredness. Each of us holds a powerful vibration of love and potential, and this alignment will bring into focus our ability to hold in our energetic fields that high vibrational, balanced unity-consciousness.

The movement of Jupiter through Leo has reinforced the process of stepping into our authenticity — of activating our life force. Now, as Venus makes its way towards Jupiter, we are completing a cycle of pre-existing values and personal truths, and ready to begin a new cycle. This new cycle will bring it will offer new potential for authentic growth, and great insights into the direction, options and new horizons that are becoming more and more apparent to us, as we go about manifesting Unity Consciousness in the other world.

Remember it is about returning home to your core being; striving to live from a space of self-acceptance, abundance and empowerment, fully conscious of our interconnection, our inner power and our own true beauty.

The New Moon Message

The planetary alignments accompanying this New Moon cycle come with tremendous power, signifying a wonderful series of new possibilities. As our newfound perception becomes more aligned with this sense of new direction and possibility, the outlook is exciting!

New Moon in Gemini – New Horizons

Of course, new beginnings can come with a sense of uncertainty as to how to proceed, what to do next, and how to make the most out of these new opportunities. The energy reflected by Gemini helps us out here — it asks us to explore what are we curious about, what we feel interested in and drawn to, and prompts us to take up new tasks and goals. In turn, this process of discovery opens doors to us, to new avenues that once did not did not exist or even seem possible. This is a great time to start learning something new, begin a course, and explore. Foster a sense of self-empowerment in your daily life, and actively follow your heart’s intention.

We are on a collective path to redefining ourselves, and this current New Moon cycle represents a great opportunity to spread our wings.

The current astrological alignments are supporting us to become more interconnected (not just feel it) and to find more growth in the expansiveness that Gemini can offer us. Gemini is part of the Air Trine of Gemini (relativity), Libra (harmony) and Aquarius (individuation). In totality, what the Air Trine reflects to us is the nature of how we go about spreading ideas and creating conscious communion as a collective of individuals. This is where we understand that everything in nature is constantly the communicating (Gemini) of individuality (Aquarius) in harmony and balance (Libra) – a part of the vibrant whole.

As we enter a new paradigm and we seek to establish a new way of living that is in alignment with natural law, tapping into the way of conscious communion will bring about tremendous success in our efforts to re-establish our spiritual connection to the natural realm, and each other. By actively establishing that communion, we create a reality in which we live completely through the heart, radiating pure light and inspiration from the inside out.

Remaining centred can be challenging at times, and with Mars’ recent movement through Gemini, the challenge of holding and grounded our personal energy has been even more troublesome of late. So it helps to remember: where there is a challenge there is an invitation. Take a step back, breathe and regain your balance (Libra) and centeredness. Reconnect, and remind yourself of your connection to the earth.

We are just beginning to walk a completely new path, and this New Moon cycles brings with it much needed shift in energy — one that offers great empowerment on this journey. Our inner and collective vibrations are becoming aligned, and it is through participating actively and sharing your light as only you know how – right here and now – that we will continue to build lives in which Unity Consciousness is our ultimate Reality.

Blessings, Simon & Jennifer

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