Creating Realities

Creating Realities3rd August 2015

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

If we are creating our realities, why are we creating realities packed with negative, painful and traumatic experiences? Why aren’t we just creating beautiful, wonderful realities for ourselves?

I’ll start by saying that we create our realities with our senses. We use our feelings, our sight, our smell, our thoughts – every sensation within our body contributes to creating our reality. In other words, your sensations are your reality. How you’re feeling is the projector through which you experience the rest of your life. If your projector screen is dirty, then you’re going to experience elements of that in your reality; there’s a frequency disturbance, there are lower vibrational manifestations in your life.

We often hear that our conscious mind is a small part of who we are, with our subconscious mind being a much, much, much greater part of us. I’d go further than that – I believe that the body is the iceberg and the mind is the tip of the iceberg. But what if there are blockages within our bodies? Remember a time when you were young, and you did something wrong and you were told off. You probably felt embarrassed, or guilty, or scared – but you were just a little person so you didn’t know how to deal with those kind of shameful feelings. Instead, the feelings got stored in your body, at a cellular memory level, and you carried on with your life. As we progress through life, each cellular snapshot of an event is stored, and then on top of that we create more realities, some good, some bad.

If you haven’t done any work to look back at your program or your ancestral hereditary programming, what normally ends up happening is that we just keep creating, putting layers upon layers, upon layers on top of our projector and all sorts of things start projecting in our realities. What will be created and projected by all this layers is hard to predict. It’s like a computer program; if you keep adding code to it you don’t know how the program is going to malfunction. It’s hard to predict the behaviour when you’re not very systematic about what’s going into the system.

It’s a similar story with our unconscious mind. We keep adding sensations and feelings to it, but we don’t know enough about the mind-body system to use it effectively, so we just use it unconsciously for the most part. This creates unconscious results, where when something happens we’re not able to figure out what we did to make it happen. Sometimes something really terrible can happen and we can find it very difficult to take responsibility for it.

I’m not saying, by the way, that we should blame ourselves. Most of the time when people ask me about hypotheticals, they ask about a woman being raped or a loved one dying or some other horrible event – am I saying that we’re to blame for that, that we created that? No; I’m saying that we should look at our programming on a deeper level as a tool to clear our DNA of the pain. By understanding the subconscious mind, we can ensure that we are creating conscious realities instead of unconscious realities.

What Causes Unconscious Reality?

One major cause of unconscious reality is actually the physical stuff we pick up in our bodies. You are what you eat, so if you don’t eat well, you’re accumulating toxins. Believe it or not you’re also accumulating karma through food – if you eat things prepared by lower conscious people, for example, or if you choose food which has in any way contributed to harm or death to people or beings. It’s important to eat organic and to choose fair trade food. Eat life instead of death, so that your physical body, maintained by your food intake, is helping you to achieve a higher vibration rather than to accumulate karma.

It’s also important to ensure that you’re in a pure environment. Since the body acts as a lens, heavy metals and toxicity in the environment will impact on your body, which will in turn impact on your projector and your reality. Often we see that people in polluted environments have clogged, confused minds and are experiencing more negative events, because they are unfortunately living in low vibration surroundings. In order to create conscious realities, try to keep purifying your body, and to live in a healthy environment.

Thirdly, try to surround yourself with wonderful people whose vibrations you’re proud of – people who inspire you and who make you be the best you can be. It’s said that you are a conglomerate of the five people closest to you, so make sure that your five closest people don’t drain you, or make you feel guilty, or emotionally manipulate or abuse you.

Activating the Body

When it comes to your unconscious mind, what you have to do is activate the body. The body has incredibly powerful portals and gateways that are literally packed with information about your soul and about your DNA. But because they have become so toxic, we’ve forgotten how to use our bodies. Nobody has taught us how to use them – and of course, if you don’t use it, you lose it. So we have to learn again. We have to re-learn how to open these portals and open these gateways to get our hormones to flow and flush us with sensations. If we’re creating our reality with sensations and our glands become blocked, we won’t have access to those sensations, because sensations are caused by hormones. Your sexual hormones make you feel good, as does oxytocin (the bliss hormone), and your thyroid glands will make you feel like you’re communicating better when the energy flows there. All these different glands release hormones which release sensations, and these sensations give you the power to be able to create more love, more beauty, more happiness, more abundance. They are your palette; they’re like colours, coming from your body, which you can use to create realities.

Using our bodies in this way is intrinsic soul knowledge that we have forgotten. We’ve been taught that the only organ we use to make decisions is the brain. No – there’s much more than this involved in creating realities; it takes much more than just thinking. You have a sophisticated system of feeling and you have to feel things first. In order to feel you have to have healthy organs and glands. It’s absolutely essential that every person on the planet re-claim this birthright; re-claim the right to use their body to its fullest potential. If we learn how to use the body, we learn how to play with sensations. If we detox the body and make a commitment to really flow with these deep bodily sensations, we start to recognize that our unconscious mind is not so unconscious any more.

At this point, we can stop creating unconscious realities. We no longer end up in a situation and think “How did I create that? How did this happen? I have no idea!” When you are intrinsically connected with deeper and deeper parts of yourself, you are consciously aware of what is manifesting in your life, and you start to recognize a direct link between your intentions, your desires, your instincts and how our life is unfolding. You become one with your life rather than feeling disconnected from the random events surrounding you, which is how most of us live really. I can tell you that that’s not how it’s supposed to be. There is a higher vibrational way of navigating, where your path becomes very, very highly in tune and defined and conscious rather than full of so much unconsciousness. You have the right to activate your unconscious mind; what’s more, you have the ability to do so, so that more and more of it becomes conscious. A lot of it has to do with synchronizing your mind and your thoughts with the sensations of the body and being able to use both body and mind in harmony with one another.

I hope that you start sensing your way into creating beautiful realities.

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