The Final Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries – The Reunion of the Feminine and Masculine

The Final Blood Moon Tetrad, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries - The reunion of the feminine and masculine

27th September 2015

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

The intensity of this current vortex of energy can be very overwhelming. We are currently being faced with all and every multidimensional aspect of ourselves as our awareness is expanded and illuminated to new extremes.

This Full Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries leaves us facing the old new and finally culminating the new. We are seeing the reunion of the original forces of the universe come together — masculine and feminine merged together, sparking the integrated life-force within us.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution

Pluto in Capricorn goes Direct

Amplifying this collective pulse of life through our veins is the recent change in the direction of Pluto. After six and a half months of retrograde motion, as viewed from the Earth’s perspective, we are finally moving out of the darkness reflected by Pluto Retrograde as its motion once again goes direct. Pluto will now begin a process over the next couple of years of crystalizing the new pattern of thinking that has emerged in recent years.

The polarity point for Capricorn is Cancer. Capricorn symbolizes the nature of structure within nature, while the Cancer archetype helps us create and nurture security. In essence, the new direct motion of Pluto (evolution) is about finding and creating groups and structures (Capricorn) that reflect your inner heart vibration (Cancer).

Saturn in Scorpio (since October 2012) has allowed our deepest underlying emotional layers to surface, in order for us to ultimately process, ground and clear them. Meanwhile, the energy of Uranus Square Pluto has helped us to break down (Uranus) of our perception of reality (Pluto in Capricorn). This has been one of the is most significant and challenging planetary influences of our generation.

Now, as we Saturn moves out of Scorpio into Sagittarius (personal truth), and the final in a series of Uranus Square Pluto transits conclude, we no longer need to find groups that offer security and safety, rather we will be compelled to create and lead new healing communities that unite us through sharing, inclusion and acceptance. This is fundamental in how we will be bringing the next phase of our collective awakening together. Establishing strong heart-centered communities is vitally important. This will be reflected strongly as Saturn’s transit into Sagittarius and Jupiter’s movement into Virgo (until September 2016) begin to reflect the new themes for our collective evolution.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn’s transit into the sign of Sagittarius represents an exciting new cycle for us. With Saturn’s movement through Scorpio, the intensity was definitely felt. With this transition the experience will be a lot lighter and we will begin to feel a sense of hope emerge for us. (Finally!)

What is really significant with this transit is that, as we emerge out of the deep emotional intensity of Saturn in Scorpio, we will come to feel the collective feeling of searching for greater meaning together. A natural progression from Scorpio to Sagittarius is to search for deeper meaning. As Sagittarius correlates to our relationship with cosmology and the broader truth of the universe, the next two years will involve exploring our large-scale understanding of the universe as a whole and the bigger picture we subscribe to.

Another major aspect that this new cycle will bring for us is our relationship to each other — how we see each other as co-inhabitants of earth and how we come to understand and respect each other’s philosophies of life. As our perspective becomes even more universal in its nature, this alignment will reveal to us what aspects of ourselves we still need to heal and integrate in order to bring more of the love vibration into our awareness. This transit will be the catalyst for bringing communities together, and on the flip side, will also reveal opportunities to identify and heal those areas of our lives where pain is being inflicted, due to the illusions of separation we have lived with for so long.

Many of us will be guides and healers in this period of time.

Mercury Retrograde in Libra

Mercury has been in retrograde motion for the past 10 days now, and will continue in a retrograde motion until 9th October.

When Mercury goes into retrograde motion, the inverse flow of the Mercury energy (gathering and communicating information) gives us a chance to reflect and review projects, experiences, and choices we have made since the last retrograde cycle. It allows the “left brain” or logical mind to take a break after working so furiously during the direct cycle, helping us digest the information we have gathered into our intuitive aspect of our awareness. With Mercury in Libra, this may feel like something of a balancing act.

This Mercury Retrograde cycle brings with it subtle changes in the way we create and form relations with others. Again, as Mercury is making a Square angle to Pluto (evolution), the main theme of this Mercury Retrograde cycle is simply to let go of and clear out the final mental definitions we have accumulated from the past. Due to the nature of the Square between Mercury and Pluto, many will feel a sense of liberation but the actual manifestation of that sense of liberation and new direction will not be completely present. What we have here is an invitation to follow repeating themes and synchronicities in our lives, and over a period of time a new pattern will begin to emerge, helping us to create the new mental patterns we will come to associate with Mercury direct.

To learn more about the dynamic created by Mercury Retrograde, please see our previous article: Understanding Mercury Retrograde in Astrology

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aries Opposite the Sun in Libra

This month’s Lunar Eclipse and Full Blood Moon brings with it a feeling of culmination leading to a distinct change in direction. Being a turning point, this creates a sense of being stuck in limbo. Even though the energy feels progressive there are still aspects of this vibration that are asking us to hold the space and as we simply attune ourselves to this change in direction, knowing we are in a dynamic process of realization and manifestation.

This alignment also brings with it a beautiful realization of being re-united and fully integrated — the balance (Libra) of masculine and feminine, Sun and Moon.

All of the internal change and inner cleansing we have gone through over the last 2½ years is now been revealed, and our inner shifting has now brought a new direction. The Lunar Eclipse ushers now the feeling of completion, finalizing our feelings of attachment to the old direction.

The Final Blood Moon Tetrad, Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries - The reunion of the feminine and masculine

This is a point that many of us have been working towards. This state of being is what it has all been about — finding inner peace and harmony within a process of universal change. During the next phase of this shift, we will experience and see very clearly the polarity between the people that still carry the unresolved emotional pain and energy brought on by the old direction, which was one of separation not unity. This phase will bring into focus an important aspect of this collective awakening experience, which we will be called to undertake — the building of bridges between the old world and the new.

The ultimate goal here is to return back to love; to incarnate more love into our multidimensional selves. We are building bridges within ourselves, reuniting the masculine and feminine, balancing the left and right brain, and healing the illusions that have separated humanity from its awareness of cosmic love. We will also be asked to help build bridges in the outside world. Although the distinction between “the awakened” and “the sleeping” will be incredibly obvious, and at times difficult for us to experience, our role in this next phase is (in part) to help others heal and return to a place of love and unity so that – in unity – no soul is left behind.

Full Moon Message

In the beginning there was total love, unity and perfection. The universe was complete within itself, a unified field of Being. There was no awareness of itself, it merely was. It encompassed everything but was nothing. Then there was a sudden change: a spark of desire was ignited — the desire was to know itself. This desire propelled the forces of the universe to separate into two contrasting parts. These two parts are known as the masculine and feminine energies, the Masculine being of will and expansion and the feminine of nurturing and receptivity. And thus duality was born.

During this journey of expansion and exploration, the universal consciousness could only learn about itself through direct experience — by experiencing all aspects of what it can be. So, during the recent cycles we have been experiencing, we – the universe – have been learning about the different aspects of ourselves through separation. We have experienced the feminine without the masculine and the masculine without the feminine. During these times, we have embodied one of the other, and collectively learned to suppress the energy of the opposite. A perfect example of this is matriarchal versus patriarchal times. During the times of matriarchy, we lived in harmony with the earth and nature, we built our societies on the understanding of nurturing and receptivity, but we did not expand our collective selves or direct our will toward new directions. This left the masculine energy suppressed and wounded, and that suppressed energy rebelled. More recently, we have lived under patriarchal rule, where our will and direction has been prioritized, suppressing the divine feminine and her nurturing nature and wounding the feminine energy of the earth in the process.

We all carry within ourselves a deep wound and sense of lack rooted in that original separation; that formation of duality. This feeling is what propels us to explore in the search for completeness and perfection. However, that feeling that can only be fulfilled through the balance of the feminine and masculine energies within ourselves. We are now at the point in our evolution where we are finding the missing parts of ourselves. Many of us have been soul-searching and healing these wounded parts of ourselves, loving and forgiving all aspects of ourselves. Through our devotion to the wisdom of this inner unification, we have begun bringing balance and harmony into our lives. This is the reunion of the feminine and masculine, a process through which we will continue to expand in new directions (masculine) while nurturing (feminine) those around us and the Earth we are a part of.

With the Full Blood Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries (new directions), the final blood moon of the tetrad, we are being offered a new beginning. It is time to embody the unified masculine and feminine within ourselves, and to begin manifesting it into our world; through the philosophies we embody (Saturn in Sagittarius), the decisions we make (Mercury Retrograde in Libra), the structures we build in our lives (Pluto in Capricorn), and the influence we choose to have on the world around us.

It’s time to start writing a new story. Who is with us?

Simon & Jennifer

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