New Moon In Leo – Unleashing The Voice of Freedom

New Moon In Leo - The Voice of Freedom

14th August 2015

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

The cyclone of change continues to unravel and unfold us in ways we did not think were possible. Old definitions and outdated spiritual, psychological and physical attachments are finally being furrowed out, and the intensity of the last couple of months’ challenges are now coming to an end. This is not to say the inner work is now done, but things are most certainly getting brighter.

It is important to recognize that this inner journeying and working, and the massive personal transformation that results, is becoming clearly visible to those of us who have looked inward. On the global stage, our world is still very far from the transformation we wish to see, but there are promising signs; the stalling of the proposed TransPacific Partnership, which aims to sell our sovereignty to corporate powers, is a perfect example.

In reality, we are the leaders of a new paradigm, and our influence is expanding fast. The more we establish and anchor our light into the Matrix, the faster we will accelerate the outer transformation as we follow the cosmic karma we all chose to live through at this time. Who is with us?

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution

Jupiter in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces

Jupiter has now completed its 12-month transition through the constellation Leo and will now begin its journey through Virgo. This recent Jupiter in Leo cycle has been very influential in bringing deep soul-empowering change, elevating our intuitive knowing and enabling us to live directly through the heart. Through this cycle, our collective consciousness has been constantly working on becoming aware of what was out of alignment with our hearts. In the first part of 2015, we started exploring what our hearts wished to see in our worlds. Following a turbulent ride of internal backtracking into the shadowy depths of our psyche, we found illumination along that path of heart resonance at the time of this month’s Full Moon in Aquarius. That journey back home has been completed and we have arrived at a place where that resonance can now manifest.

The alignments that accompany today’s New Moon in Leo reflect an invitation to deep awakening, and this alignment in particular – Jupiter in Virgo opposing Neptune in Pisces – echoes the need to now nourish, heal and mend the wounded heart. Through active participation in our own soul’s growth, we being are asked to integrate more and more of our light presence into the physical reality. Our healing hearts are opening up and seeing the distortions in the world for what they are, and seeing what they can become, in some way shape or form. In essence, we are being invited by this alignment to become activists in healing the collective and ourselves. It is a call to action, to take the next step in our evolution and create tsunamis of healing through active expression of our heart resonance.

This alignment of Neptune in Pisces opposite Jupiter Virgo will be taking place for at least a couple of months, and holds something really important for our evolution. These two symbols, Virgo and Pisces, reflect our relationship to deception. They are a part of the Mutable Square that includes Sagittarius and Gemini, and these four signs in total correlate to the assimilation and deconstruction of the deception and false propaganda that until recently have steered the direction of humanity. The illusions of Pisces are being uncovered by the truth-seeker (Sagittarius) which are being communicated through language (Gemini) into the collective reality (Virgo). For this reason, this will be an important planetary cycle through which, for the next year, we will have to become very clear at discerning between what is actual and real, and what is illusions and lies.

Uranus in Aries Trine Moon, Sun and Venus in Leo

Uranus, “the awakener”, is continuing to reflect and amplify areas in our lives in from which we wish to expand, liberate and inspire. This alignment of Uranus Trine the Moon, Sun and Venus in Leo holds the potential for all of us to find new avenues to expand and shine our light.

The culmination of the Jupiter through Leo cycle brought about new ways in which we as individuals (Leo) present and represent ourselves. To see its effects, just take a look around and see how simple things have changed; for example, your local stores may have re-decorated, while other souls have re-shaped the way they express and receive love and light in their everyday lives.

As this transit is now complete and Jupiter has moved into Virgo, the current alignment between Uranus, the Moon, the Sun and Venus is helping us to re-shape and re-construct the final pieces of this recent personal transition into place. Pay close attention! Listen to your inner voice and see with your inner eye. Their subtle insights reveal themselves in ways that accelerate our perceptions and have to power to directly influence how we experience this spectrum of reality.

Truly, what lies beyond the veil offers some powerful potential. Expect more radical changes.

Saturn in Scorpio Square the Sun, Moon and Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo

Through this alignment, we are finding courage and building empowering realities, particularly through the influence of Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. As we have written in previous moon updates, this alignment caused us to feel that everything has been moving at a snail’s pace. Yet, if this alignment did not induce a process of slowing down and venturing inward, we would not be on very stable ground right now. The energies in the nonphysical world were rapidly changing during this time, and by leading us inward toward a process of inner clarity and heart-resonance, the Saturn in Scorpio alignment helped to protect us from experiencing the trauma of consciously trying to consciously integrate such rapid outer change.

Many of us during this time encountered and learned to assimilate the law of impermanence. This law teaches us, through loss and completion, that our time on earth is precious and that life should be lived and felt. In essence, the alignment of Jupiter in Leo activated our true life force; it showed us how to be alive! This was a vital lesson for the next stage of our evolution.

New Moon In Leo - The Voice of Freedom

Chiron Quincunx the Sun, Moon and Venus in Leo

This alignment brings into focus many themes through which we have come to learn and evolve on this earthly plane. In our natal chart, Chiron (an outer planetary body) is considered the “wounded healer”, and represents our deepest spiritual wounds and the work we undertake to heal them. As the natural sign of Chiron, Pisces’ relationship to Leo in the astrology wheel can reveal that, when we shine our light, it is important not to get trapped seeking external validation to believe in and follow our dreams. If we are to move into alignment with living our dreams and fully embody our truest essence, we need be our own internal validation, and heal the wounds of external validation.

The seeking of external confirmation is where heart-wounding comes into play for many souls, as we so often do not see or feel our inner truth reflected back to us by the outer world. Due to the separation from our own love and light that is created by seeking validation outside ourselves, and not finding it, we often do not fully integrate our inner child, heart chakra or creative self-expression.

For many reasons, most of us have a stunted relationship with our inner-child. As we mature into adulthood we face many challenges that stop us from believing in ourselves. There can be two main reasons for this: mind set and skill set. At this point, it will be beneficial to begin using the energy of the Jupiter in Virgo transit and the upcoming Saturn in Sagittarius transit as inspiration and motivation to expand on our skill sets, and to look for ways we can strengthen our level of competence. For example, learn self sufficiency and how to grow your own food. By adding to our skill sets, we boost our potential to adopt more creative intelligence and solutions to the challenges we see around us, and to be present in our daily lives as our rapid planetary evolution continues.

Creative intelligence is a fully integrated inner-child existing within a mature adult. It is the ability to access the imagination and inspiration of the child, and to create and lead with the skills of an adult. Cultivation of this inner child/adult relationship is vitally important. We must learn to build our own dreams and then help others build theirs, creating conscious communities that support each other and ourselves to spread more light, anchor the new paradigm into reality, and thereby help the healing of humanity.

New Moon Message

In Oneness — the one light that is ALL — there is no darkness, no duality, separation or pain. There is only unity and light. Through our human experience, these feelings are what we call love; unconditional love. That is where we are from, and where we will return, guided only by our inner voice of freedom and truth.

In the pursuit to truly know and experience that love, there was a separation — the separation between our perception and what we are perceiving — and duality was born. In that separation, that distance between the ego and the all, we experience the polarity of love, the darkness, the loneliness and emptiness. This is the only way for us to know its opposite; the love, the light and the oneness.

As we have ventured into the polarity of love in a quest to understand it, we experience the pain of the lack of love. We search for it in everything, only to keep finding that it was not it. It is not to be found in the things we believed would fill the void, since they are not it. Every step away from love and into the polarity, every experience of disillusionment and separation leaves a scar. We see this wounding as trapped light. In a desperate attempt to relieve the pain, we turn away from the pain and run from the darkness of separation in a search for light and love. We learn to protect ourselves from the pain, we put armor around our hearts, trapping our true light and closing it off from it — and unknowing, we turn away from the very thing we are searching for.

New Moon In Leo – The Voice of FreedomYou see… The love we seek is just beyond the pain… Beyond the darkness and separation… it is right there. We will never reach it by looking towards the “light”, nor by running from the pain or protecting ourselves.

We are now at a point in our collective evolution where we understand how separation and duality has caused our suffering and pain. Those who are awake to it can clearly see it all around us, in everything we have touched. We see it in the way we have structured our society, in the things we have collectively valued in our lives, and in the way we interact with all things living. It is very painful to see the darkness, for it is the polarity of love and unity.

But, as with all polarities, they are a perfect part of a whole. In this Matrix of duality, we need one to understand the other, and vice versa. We can only know the light by knowing the darkness, and we can only see the darkness if we know love. But if we instead try to shield ourselves from the darkness, we will spend our whole lives fighting this unwinnable battle. The only way to reach the love we are seeking is by facing its polarity — by removing our armor and feeling the pain that separation has created, and letting go of the false substitutes that until now have replaced true heart-centered connection in our lives. By going into the darkness and healing the wounds, we release the trapped light within us. By knowing why the pain exists and following our inner voice – our voice of freedom – we can then see the polarities all around us, highlighting and interacting with each other. We no longer observe only one or the other, we can see both — the ALL. And through this process, we transcended the duality and connected to unity consciousness. We find our way home.

We have always known this place deep within us. Despite the distortions we have experienced, we never truly forgot the truth of our being. That is why duality has hurt us so much. But the heart cannot be completely closed off, even if we have put many walls around it. We always knew our inner voice of freedom was there, and now, we are learning to hear it! It is the voice that tells us to seek love even though we know we can be hurt; to express joy in moments of happiness and pain in moments of sadness; to dream BIG and not worry about the details. That voice doesn’t care about the insecurities of the mind; it doesn’t care about the how’s and when’s. This is the time for us to change our perception from limited-ness to infinite-ness.

When we hear that voice of freedom challenging your perspective, make way for it! Unleash it! That voice is guiding you home. Free your voice, shine your light and empower your vision. It is time to live our dreams and to be free.

Simon & Jennifer

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