Full Moon in Pisces: Where Fate and Free Will Collide

Full Moon in Pisces - Where Fate Meets Free Will

29th August 2015

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

A new level of awareness is now coming to life and, for many souls on the planet today, there is a feeling of big change on the horizon. With today’s Full Moon in Pisces, an invitation opens up for us to connect with and bring into being our most extraordinary and self-empowering dreams.

In March 2015 we experienced some very powerful alignments that offered some incredible insights, including the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra and total Solar Eclipse in Pisces. We collectively felt a huge paradigm shift occur, and have been undertaking a process of mastery and integration ever since. With today’s Full Moon, the personal liberation and shifts those alignments reflected and supported over the past 6 months are now physically present, both with us and within us, and the time to experience and anchor those shifts into manifest reality is now.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution:

Mars & Venus in Leo Quincunx Pluto in Capricorn

If you want to be given everything, you must surrender to everything. ~ Lao Tzu

The above statement brings such powerful awareness into alignment as we venture into the new paradigm of soul empowerment. For as long as we can remember the collective awareness has been disempowered through the illusions of external authority, which has governed every aspect of our lives. Due to the conditioning of our society, many of us struggle with the realization that we can author our own lives rather than relying on outside authority, and have had much inner work to do to integrate the soul empowerment that comes from embodying that personal sovereignty, and learning to act from that space within us.

While each of us incarnated onto this plane with the soul-intention to become master of our own destiny, this is not an easy task; it requires personal strength, courage, self-responsibility and commitment, and a willingness to be differently. And we find these qualities by loving and embracing our karmic path, seeking growth and sharing with others the knowledge and wisdom we have gained along the way.

In the context of our current collective evolution, the path currently reflected to us by Mars and Venus in Leo Quincunx Pluto in Capricorn is to align our inner Self with these new values (Venus) and then, through inspired action, integrate (Mars) these themes into our daily lives in order to be more present — to actively create our own reality. This becomes the path of self-mastery (Capricorn) and allows us to become of service to humanity, not merely a passenger on the collective ride.

This is true soul empowerment — taking our lives into our own hands. The more we relinquish attachments to the system, the more empowered and self-reliant we become. Of course, every soul is unique; the key is finding out in your own life where you can do this. It is time step into your Power!

Jupiter & Sun in Virgo Opposite The Moon & Neptune in Pisces Square Saturn in Scorpio

This alignment holistically brings with it so many empowering gifts. For quite some time now, the cycle of Saturn Squaring Jupiter has been facilitating our increased awareness of the need to lay strong and long-lasting foundations which support us in achieving our Earthly goals. This alignment has now shifted slightly but still holds the same main core focus; creating stable foundations for easier personal growth and raising our vibration.

With this planetary pairing, we have an energetic invitation to look all of our fears and insecurities in the eye for the last time, and to see not where we feel disempowered but instead what we can practically do to create patterns and habits that empower us. This alignment not only supports our own personal growth but also helps us be of more service to others, and as a result to find inspiration in others. It creates a ripple effect! The more souls who step into the unknown with faith and trust in themselves, the more we will encourage others to feel and know that it can be done. This is truly the time to Be The Change!

Mercury Conjunct North Node in Libra Quincunx Neptune & The Moon in Pisces

This formation promotes important pieces of awareness as we strengthen, build, establish and form new, strong bonds with each other. This is how we bring abundance to the world and find security in these uncertain, rapidly changing times. The laws of sharing, giving, loving are all part of this new paradigm. We are bringing a new way of being into reality, and forming open, sharing and co-supportive relationships is an important part of this transition.

Ask yourself: How can I offer my gifts to the world and how can I experience the spectrum of others?

Full Moon in Pisces - Where Fate Meets Free Will - FB

This alignment shares the importance of seeing that everyone has something to offer and that, when we see others as teachers, we can truly grow in ways we never even thought possible. When a fish looks at an elephant, she asks “Can you swim?” At the same time, the elephant asks the fish “Can you move trees?” The lesson offered to us through this alignment is that we have different skills to offer through our individuality, and that if we are open to seeing these differences as potential strengths, together we can find the solutions to our personal and collective problems in a far more profound way. It is wonderful for us to feel the essence of unity consciousness (Neptune in Pisces) and to promote it through our actions, but also to understand (Mercury in Libra) exactly why it is so necessary for our collective future.

The Full Moon Message

As we culminate this current cycle, one which has taught us so much about loss and the Natural Law of Impermanence, most of us are very grounded in our understanding that we are not the sole dictators of our own destiny; that each and every one of us must sometimes surrender to our fate. These lessons teach us about our connection to something much greater than our impermanent lives here on Earth, which humbles us to treasure the moments and experiences that are unique to our physical human lives — such as the the love we experience through our senses. It also shows us our connection to everything; that we are all born from, and ultimately pass on to, the same place.

As painful as it can be to surrender, and to know that we will one day have to let go of everything, these impending endings are ultimately the very mirrors which show us what we are, and help us to create new beginnings. You see, in the realm of eternal life and infinite love, we do not know what it feels like to experience the finite emotions of this beautiful duality we call life. When we truly connect to that knowing, and come to appreciate the experience we are being offered in this reality, it breaks our hearts open to live more fully through the heart and not wait for life to happen to us. Our time here is to be lived and felt to the fullest capacity.

This is where the question of free will comes into play. There are many things in life to which we have no choice but surrender, and yet we are also blessed with free will. We have free will to choose how we wish to live our lives, how we treat others, ourselves and Mother Earth. We have free will to live in fear of the impending endings or to live courageously, cherishing the moments we are given and experience them wholly in the moment. We are not here to work until we die, or to worry about the illusion of money and other false securities of the Matrix, but to nourish our souls with experiences and to deepen our awareness of ourselves and each other — as living reflections of Source.

At this current point in our collective evolution, we are learning to practice our free will. The way we now choose to understand and implement that free will cannot be achieved by operating in the outdated paradigms of disempowerment, competition and outside regulation. Now we need to stand in front of the mirror of self-reflection every day and say: “I am fully present to take control of my life, I am here to lead and inspire and to bring higher vibrational choices into my field of awareness.”

You are the universe experiencing itself through itself as itself. The life you came to live is one that deserves your empowering attention. Gone are the days of self- or externally-imposed limitation. We all have free will and it is time to anchor our truest sparkling essence into our lives, and to finally feel what it feels like to live as our most authentic self — to be the universe. This is the time we have been waiting for! It is time to live the life we have been wanting for so long, and to lead others toward their own sovereignty by our shining example. Your gift of free will is the key to standing up and living your dreams.

When we live in the flow of our most authentic being, the universe responds to our commands. Let yourself see yourself in your greatness and create the reality you’ve longed for, for so long. And most of all, never — and I mean never — give up!

We are the change and nothing is going to stop us!

Simon & Jennifer

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