New Moon In Sagittarius: Meaning, Purpose and Creation – Humanity’s New Story

New Moon In Sagittarius - Meaning, Purpose and Creation - Humanity's New Story

12th December 2015

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

As the Sun and Moon move into another formation, we are starting to write the story of the new paradigm. Seeding humanity’s awareness with the potential of new empowering directions, the archetype of Sagittarius shows us the way to higher consciousness —  infusing the ‘lower body’ with the ‘higher mind’.

Today’s New Moon in Sagittarius brings with it an energetic pattern that helps us to experience the full illumination of our potential. We are boundless and contain the entire universe within us. It now time to be that awesome expression of the universe.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Potential Evolution

Mars in Libra Opposite Uranus in Aries both Squaring Pluto in Capricorn

This current alignment has been the instigator for some of the heavy internal intensity you might have been feeling of late. Feelings of expectation and frustration, tension and extreme sensitivity, to name just a few. Holistically speaking, the main intention of this cosmic aspect is to facilitate the next stage of our collective evolution — to take us from where we are to where we want to be.

So let’s begin by providing some context to this situation. If we step back from the chaos, what is actually taking place here?

Over the past 3 years, we have gone through a series of internal shifts, shaking off old habits, old paradigms and generally reshaping our view of life on earth. There are countless examples that can validate this phenomenon. In terms of the current astrological timeline, the stage we are at now is one in which we are learning to integrate the reformation of humanity’s new consciousness. It is a process of change, of creation and destruction, and it can be extremely uncomfortable at times.

Right now we may be experiencing feelings of… What is next? How do I find my place in the world? How do I help to create the change I want to see? And, how do I sustain myself walking the new path that is unfolding in front of me?

Each cycle of change and the astrological alignments that reflect it, bring forth the next series of steps needed on this journey.

This is a time to find and establish a direction for yourself that has never been walked before. If it reflects the past, it is already done. The secret to changing the world for the better is to explore and engage with the Self and the Universe in ways that have never been done before. The path to ascension and self-mastery is not a paved road.

Venus in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces

With personal planet Venus making a Trine to Neptune, and Mars making tension angles to Uranus and Pluto, a new dawning of creativity and direction is available to us. Again, in relation to the overall story of humanity’s reshaping and reforming of how we define ourselves, a necessary task is at hand, dissolving boundaries and then re-igniting our sense of what it means to be human.

On one level we are experiencing a total loss and dissolving of meaning, which leads to a feelings of futility. This can be a difficult place to find oneself without understanding the higher meaning. It is a little like sitting in a rowing boat in the middle of the ocean, with no land in sight. But the path of self-exploration widens in these moments, and we have only our deep inner guidance to navigate our way back to land. These moments can be uncomfortable, but they are totally organic to our evolution. That state of futility and lack of inspiration promotes a state of total inner self-exploration. It drives us inward, to discover a meaningful connection and connect to our sense of purpose.

This is so vital at the moment. Unless we seek answers within ourselves, we will only limit ourselves in futility, and eventually come to a place in which the natural spark of our own divine wisdom cannot easily be accessed.

Sun and Moon in Sagittarius Square Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces

The path to finding our own inner knowing and becoming an active expression of our true nature is held in our personal stories. Big production companies, like American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent etc., use their contestants’ personal stories as a way not only to create a sense of personal connection with the audience (which is why so many souls gravitate back to watching) but also to appeal to its audience’s innate sense of special destiny contained within our energetic blueprint.

Each of us comes into this incarnation with a seed for ascension; a divine seed of growth within us. Our unique past life stories and current life limitations serve to promote our path of growth and expansion, shaping our special destiny. That understanding is key to our personal evolution: Our story can only become true and our lives really begin when we understand and acknowledge our karma and our energetic wounding, and then direct our lives toward transcending them. This can been understood as Karma Yoga or from karma to dharma.

New Moon In Sagittarius - Meaning, Purpose and Creation - Humanity's New Story

The Sun and Moon in Sagittarius Square the North Node in Virgo and the South Node in Pisces

The energy pattern of this alignment is about breaking away from the past and embodying a new future. As we mentioned above, humanity is at a critical stage in its awakening. This chapter of humanity’s story has ever been lived before, and that comes with a sense of anticipation, excitement and joy. What an incredible time to be alive! This alignment serves to promote deep and transformative healing as we actively seed the future of humanity’s evolutionary growth.

The Square alignment provides the context creative self-expression and activation of one’s own innate capacity to grow. Each of us as a duty to our own self-preservation. This process has been heavily distorted in the past and has only been available to the few who truly understood the laws of this universally plane. Now, as Pluto makes its movement into the 15th degree of Capricorn, we are headed for a challenging time. Take the time to look closely at the current situations in your own life, and be prepared put in the effort to grow through these challenges, not be defeated by them. We are being invited to step into our power.

New Moon Message

If we are to walk the earth as the true path-makers that we are, we must live from the neutral and unconditioned space of inception — the starting point. In this way the wisdom gained on our journey can aid us but not limit us, as we keep in mind the knowledge and wisdom we gain from the new experiences of walking that path.

In the moment of birth we are unconditioned by the past. We have no knowledge and thereby we have no pre-conception of anything in this world. This state allows us to experience the truest essence of who we are. This is Source at its purest. At this point of wholeness and balance, we find our spark. It is a state in which we are boundless.

The next step in our evolution is asking us to learn to operate from this place. We are creation, born to create, and when we see ourselves from this point of view we understand that everything is moving through us and into us. We are meant to experience life at its fullest and, if we are stopping ourselves from being present in every moment, bringing in the past or assuming the future, then the knowledge and wisdom and experience we have gained is never consciously known. The New Moon in Sagittarius speaks to the parts of ourselves that desires exploration and the search for more; it reflects the natural law of expansion, of ideas and experiences, and compels us to search for new experiences and exciting discoveries.

The path we each must walk to embody the truth of who we are is one that nobody can experience but ourselves. The beauty in this truth is that, in a world full of ideas and active expressions of creation, there can be no-one else to tell our story as it is for us. Our perspective, the gifts we bring to the world, and our unique potential, are all encoded in our being. And when we choose to awaken them in ourselves, we help our world to see the full spectrum of creation. This is the time to bring all of your unconditioned cosmic self to your fullest vibratory state, and let it flow into every aspect of your life.

Embody the change!

Simon & Jennifer

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Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

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