New Moon in Scorpio – Healing Collective Trauma

New Moon in Scorpio - Cosmic Inception

11th November 2015

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Nothing is as it used to be within us. We have been through extreme inner transformation that has led us to deconstruct our programming and connect to who we really are. This month’s New Moon in Scorpio brings with it the gifts of expanding awareness and knowledge, and the desire to create create and merge our new inner reality with the outer world in order to help heal the collective trauma of learned separation and disconnection from Source.

As we step into the unknown and shine the torch brightly for humanity to see, we lead by rising from the ashes of disempowerment to soaring on the cosmic heights of infinite creative potential. Right now we are here to shine our own organic light, as beacons and way-showers, so that others can see another way of being — and feel inspired to want to join in with their own unique contribution. This we accomplish this by honoring our sacredness and the sacredness of others, by creating and holding our unique and authentic space, and shining our infinite beingness brightly into the universal energy field.

It is time to play in the light of the heart! Who is with us?

Planetary Alignment reflecting Potential Evolution

Virgo/Pisces Nodal Shift

Straight after the New Moon has formed and the seeds for the next lunar cycle are set, the subtle energetic bodies known as the “North and South Nodes of the Moon’’ are shifting into the opposing constellations of Virgo and Pisces.

The Lunar Nodes of the Moon are abstract points in space that reflect two dimensions of reality. The South Node of the Moon reflects the aspect of reality that contains experiences that have happened; the “past”. We experience this as feelings of security. The North Node reflects the dimension of time that is unconditioned and awaits the interaction of your consciousness: the “future”. The middle point, the Moon, reflects the present moment, the constant space in our conscious awareness that reflects that transition between what has happened and what is available for us as potential.

There is great importance with this shift. We are heading into a time frame where the potential for the human race to access deep inner spiritual awakening is profound. We are entering a period in which we can truly begin to heal old energetic wounds and repair our collective DNA. This inner understanding will become clearer as the energy and frequency of the Nodes move through the Virgo/Pisces Axis.

The best way we can take advantage of this nodal shift is to focus our energy on the expansion of our individual consciousness, and then assimilate the knowledge into the physical reality and collective consciousness.

The institutionalized education system offers insight into understanding elements of our outer world but lacks focus on self-exploration and understanding the human condition. This omission is intentional; the external world is constructed in such a way as to distract humanity from truly “seeing’’. Genuine understanding and spiritual growth comes through us turning our attention inward and honestly exploring the inner dynamics that are occurring within our own spectrum of existence, then applying that learning to our outer world.

Over the next year and a half, the movement of the Lunar Nodes will bring us more into alignment with this inner understanding.

North Node and Venus in Libra (00 degrees) conjunct Mars in Virgo (29 degrees)

As the Nodal Axes move out of Libra and Aries, a wonderful synchronicity unfolds. For the last year and a half we have been learning and exploring equality, balance, fairness, natural justice and the need to reconstruct our inner and outer world. Now that we have completed this cycle, the seeds for the next step in our evolutionary journey are being planted — and these seeds must contain the blueprint of sharing, inclusion, collaboration and re-balancing. These are important aspects of this interconnected reality which, when brought into fruition, give as great energetic power as we reconnect with our communal ancestral roots and bring about a change in the consciousness of the Earth, her inhabitants, and our DNA (which functions as our energetic blueprint at any given moment).

Jupiter in Virgo, The Sun, The Moon and Mercury in Scorpio Quincunx Uranus in Aries

This alignment brings in powerful potential for growth. In synchronicity with the Lunar Nodes moving into Virgo/Pisces, we now have even greater sensitivity in our perceptions which enable us to tap into a fuller understanding of self-healing (Virgo) and the nature of cellular regeneration (Scorpio). We are becoming more aware of foods that support or destroy the natural human design: what we put in our mouths becomes a part of our body, and our self. Now we are now being invited to take this understanding a step further, by integrating the understanding that this also applies to the choices we make, the experiences we create and the knowledge we acquire.

Astrology - yod quincunx

Each day we evolve through experiencing many situations. The body digests these experiences and stores them as energy and this essentially becomes our emotional imprinting. With this astrological configuration, we are being invited to learn to live more consciously in the present moment, and to choose more actively what experiences we digest into our energetic being. Our next step, therefore, is to engage in our lives in new ways. This is being reflected to us by Uranus (deconditioning) in Aries (new beginnings) at the Apex of this powerful yod configuration.

We are here on Earth to experience and explore, and we do this by following our unique instincts and feelings of special purpose. The process of deconditioning (Uranus) leads to self-discovery which in turn brings an inner understanding of our own place in the universe. When we manifest from an authentic heart-centered space and bring the frequency of our higher (deconditioned) consciousness into our human body, we support and heal our body’s energy signature and DNA —  and because we and the Earth live in symbiosis, we also contribute to repairing the energy signature of the Earth.

This is a crucial understanding. By following our hearts and expressing and living through the knowing of the heart in every moment, we begin to manifest physical realities that bring a higher consciousness into the human experience. By our actions, our inner transformation is reflected in the outer world, serving to heal the collective trauma of experiencing a false separation from each other and disconnection from Source. This is why it is important to do the inner work, to flush out any remaining distortions and programmed “realities” we may still carry in our being that are anchored in a consciousness of separation.

New Moon Message

I am the manifestation of consciousness in process. My body is my temple. This is the sacred space in which I process and experience all that I know myself to be and assimilate it into form through my actions, leading to the evolution of my soul and simultaneously of the collective consciousness. My body and this physical reality are not to imprison my soul but to aid it through the process of choosing to directly experience my inner knowing, and having that knowing reflected back through this physical reality.

If I do not remember who I am beyond this lifetime, beyond this body and this Earthly world, then what I process will be painful; it will reflect separation and duality back to me, which also reveals my inner universe to me — and my suffering becomes my gift, leading me back to remembrance.

My gift to the world is my knowledge, my empathy, and my sense of Oneness. I embody the blueprints of eternity within me. I carry the knowledge of all times and places to ever exist, and know them through their resonance within me. My mission is to process this knowing into the outer world, to integrate my consciousness through this lifetime and shine it through every moment, to birth my consciousness into the world and influence human evolution in directions that have never yet been explored. I am courageous in this journey and hold the place of knowing and truth in my being as I explore new, heart-centered ways to be. As I walk the walk, I manifest. What I manifest is my choice, in this and every moment.

Simon & Jennifer

The Virgo/Pisces Axis: Healing Collective Trauma (with Simon Vorster)

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