Instigating Change in 2016: One Small Step

Instigating Change in the New Year

20th January 2015

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The New Year is a time of change where, often, we contemplate new energies coming into our lives and how we might best instigate change. What does your soul really ache for? This has to be beyond something whimsical and short lived — just doing things because you’re supposed to or because it’s traditional. It has to well up from the depths of your being, because you’re committed to the inner inquiry and the path of your soul.

If you’re all ‘all-in’ to this process, then there are ways and means of discovering what’s ‘in the cards’ for you right now, and how to unleash powerful, alchemical change in your life. How is the flow beginning to guide you now?…

Move Beyond ‘Setting Intention’

Firstly, it’s crucial to move beyond mind led intention. Even though I know it’s a contradiction to what’s so often heard in the spiritual mainstream, we have to let go of ‘setting intention’ and separated – mostly egoic – agendas (which are so often based on subtle sense of lack). The universe has no agenda! It is simply expressing itself through you, your soul.

Once you’ve surrendered the need to try to control events and circumstances, then you can begin the process of opening up internally to the flow…

It’s only when you let go, that the internal chatter can quieten, and you can start to hear and feel how the flow wants to take you.

YOU – a Glorious Expression of the Divine

You’ll start to get a sense of change, a yearning that is working to shape new circumstances. But it won’t necessarily ‘speak’ to you and tell you exactly what to do. Because that’s not the purpose of the flow.

The purpose of the flow is to unleash energy through your soul and reveal you, as a glorious expression of the divine – you self actualise the One. In so doing, you’re harnessing the awesome creative potential of the universe, which in itself, shapes new miraculous events and circumstances. All you then have to do is ‘walk into them’.

So there first needs to be this letting go, and internal opening up. Meditation greatly helps of course.
Try this higher guidance meditation, which will help the flow come through you and into your life.

Activating the Power of Higher Mind

When you let go, you begin to open into higher densities of consciousness, through your higher chakras. This means unity consciousness can flow more easily through you. It activates the Power of Higher Mind, which will then start to provide three things:

  • a sense of how to be
  • what might be blocking you in your life
  • visions of the path shaping before you.

You can amplify this infusion by giving energy to your highest sense of beingness – what’s your highest truth now? How can you best unleash the majesty of you into this moment? It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, whether it be at work or with your partner, friends or family. Look for the highest expression of you now.

Instigating Change in the New Year - FB

Intuitive Higher Mind Visions and Feelings

You may then start to get visions through higher mind of the direction in life your soul now yearns to move in. It’s important not to override this, again with mind led intention or especially, trying to envision how best to manifest it – which leads to subtle efforting and struggle, thereby closing the flow down.

Instead, see the vision that’s presenting itself, or the feeling that is coming through you. Ask “what would you have me do now?” Then watch for the universe providing clues, signs and synchronicity.

What you’re looking for, is not the end goal to some grand design. Instead, all you need is the first step.

What exactly are you being invited to do now?

This is the key with instigating major change in your life; be it in your career, your relationships or your entire lifestyle. You don’t have to figure it all out in one go. Simply intuit the direction your life is wanting to go, then figure out the first step. Just the first step, that’s all you need. Then step into it with passion and vigour.

Just the First Step — That’s All You Need

If you look intently and closely enough, if you stay open inside long enough, this first step will always come to you. And the next part to realise is crucial:

When you take a step in truth, when it is truly fired by the soul, then you’re connected up to the internal superhighway of the universe – the entirety of the flow. When you take this step, miracles and magic can, and will, happen. You may not know how to get to the end game, but by stepping out into the apparent emptiness of the unknown, I’ve discovered time and again, that something truly amazing happens: the universe always comes to meet you. The landscape through which your soul is flowing, shapes to support your true destiny. And it happens in ways you could never predict.

It is with this in mind that we created this video for you called “One Small Step”. It’s about having the courage to follow the guidance of the soul, yet not struggling, controlling or intentionally manifesting where that should go. Let the flow come through you, then you’ll find the universe will shape around you in the most miraculous of ways. Enjoy…

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