Is Life Just a Gaming Experience?

Is Life Just a Gaming Experience

By Ian Brown

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When walking a spiritual path through life, it becomes apparent that this reality is not as ‘real’ as it once appeared. Have you ever considered that life in this dimension is a hologram, a matrix, or some type of game? Is that really possible? Is the purpose of life for a soul to find its way to the next level of being – to Ascend – just like playing a game is about ascending to the next level?

Our perception dictates a lot of what we interpret, and people interpret the game of life in many different ways. Just as a game has certain limitations and rules, so do we in this limited third dimension: our vision and hearing are restricted to a very small fraction of the visible and audible spectrums; we have a limited number of years in the game before our play expires; and we pick up certain traits that handicap us, such as limiting belief systems that we inherit or are taught when we first start playing the game.

Gaming has evolved significantly over the past few decades, and similarly, people are playing all different generations of games in the game of life. Let us have a brief look at gaming and compare that to the ‘game of life’ and our quest for spiritual ascension.

A Brief Outline of the Evolution of Gaming

In the early days of gaming, there were mechanical games such as pinball, where the aim was simply to get the highest score on the machine to secure your fame (until the next person came along and beat your score, of course). There are flashing lights and sounds to maintain interest, but the aim was just to get the highest score of all people playing the machine.

The next evolution came when mechanical video games were eclipsed by video games. The concept of levels was added, where each level was generally harder to get through than the previous. Typically, in early video games, each person that played the game was the same object or character, and navigated or shot their way sequentially through each level. It was necessary to progress through levels to maintain playing, but the aim was to get the highest score, and each player had a very similar experience of the game.

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The single character game gave way to the next progression, where the player could select from a number of avatars, and could customise that avatar to personalize it. The landscape of the games grew significantly and became more complex, meaning that just advancing to the next level or getting a high score became less significant, and the game became about experiencing the length and breadth of each level. The complexity of the environment of the game ensured that each player had a unique experience, so comparing one player with another based on highest score or the level achieved at the end of the game became somewhat insignificant.

Then we saw multiplayer games, where many players are playing with each other at the same time, and in real time. New features allowed people to collaborate and share to complete a conquest or have an experience, and each landscape is full of secrets, so a hasty progress to the next level is an incomplete experience. The prize is mastery of the game itself.

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Who is Playing Which Type of Game in Life?

Many people are still playing the older style of game where they think the aim is to get the highest score – to complete the game with as many material assets as possible. They see themselves playing against everyone else. The game for them ends at physical death. Maybe they consciously do not realise they are playing a game.

Others have realised that they do not have to beat other players to win … they are playing against themselves and know that they can collaborate and share to earn benefits to help get to the next level.

A number of ‘players’ are now getting excited about completing this level of the game (the third dimension) and ascending to the next. And so they should be, for they have been playing this level for quite a number of lifetimes and a new level awaits them. However, just like the gamer who is chasing the next level, it is important to remember that Ascension is about mastery of the game. A level is a destination; whereas mastery is a process.

What kind of game are you playing?

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