As Financial Markets Around the World Fall, Let Your Soul Soar!

As Financial Markets Around the World Fall Let your Soul Soar24th August 2015

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It’s easy to be lulled into the false security that tomorrow will be just like it was yesterday: there’s plenty of food on supermarket shelves; gallons of fuel at the pumps; a never-ending supply of paper from the cash point. But change is in the air. Strong shifts in the underlying field are beginning to grow. We know this whole “shebang” is unsustainable and unstable. As I write this, there are 23 nations around the world where the stock market is already falling strongly. We are not heading towards financial crisis. We are already in it.

Embrace the truth. Be empowered by it. Push off from the banks (pun intended) and take the centre stream of your soul’s evolution. Don’t deny what’s going on; let’s not bury our heads in strongly shifting sand. Let’s inspire our souls to soar…

Progressive Unraveling of Imbalance

There are many predicting financial crash this autumn. It must sound like an old record stuck on repeat – it’s been said so many times. For me, it truly is miraculous that the system has managed to struggle on this far. I think it’s indicative of the incredible ingenuity humans have, in resisting the inevitable flow!

In my knowing of the Higher Benevolent Intent, it is not about any sudden crash. But rather a progressive unraveling of the imbalance. The Opposing Forces will try to cobble it all together, to frantically restructure that which is already unraveling (which could involve a purposeful crash followed by some ‘global economic reset’).

So that the unraveling can be progressive and manageable, we all have to play our part. We all have to step up to who we truly are. We have to allow in the light and truly let it guide us, moment by moment. If too many people stay repressed, stay quiet, then the intolerable tension of polarity builds. Suddenly it snaps. Everything is blown apart.

Right now, the divine feminine energy led by Gaia, is upwelling. It’s gathering strongly in the field, which many sensitive women (especially) are tuning into. The energy is gentle, but powerful, and ultimately, undeniable.

It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter what role you find yourself in. Whether you are a mother with kids, a student in college, or a company executive, look at the inevitable writing on the wall. Is it right for the divinely feminine, surrendered aspect of you, to be controlled by the system any longer? How can you tap into and express your highest self – to surrender into the flow? How would that inspire you to be – what would it inspire you to do?

The Writing on Wall Street

This article below by “Zero Hedge” came to my attention, part of which I felt to share.

The financial markets may be far from your interests (understandably), but everything is interconnected.

A shift in one place, mirrors the shift in another…

‘You can stop waiting for a global financial crisis to happen. The truth is that one is happening right now. All over the world, stock markets are already crashing. Most of these stock market crashes are occurring in nations that are known as “emerging markets”. In recent years, developing countries in Asia, South America and Africa loaded up on lots of cheap loans that were denominated in U.S. dollars. But now that the U.S. dollar has been surging, those borrowers are finding that it takes much more of their own local currencies to service those loans. At the same time, prices are crashing for many of the commodities that those countries export. The exact same kind of double whammy caused the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s and the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s.

As you read this article, almost every single stock market in the world is down significantly from a record high that was set either earlier this year or late in 2014. But even though stocks have been sliding in the western world, they haven’t completely collapsed just yet.

In much of the developing world, it is a very different story. Emerging market currencies are crashing hard, recessions are starting, and equity prices are getting absolutely hammered.

Posted below is a list that I put together of 23 nations around the world where stock market crashes are already happening…

1. Malaysia 2. Brazil 3. Egypt 4. China 5. Indonesia 6. South Korea 7. Turkey 8. Chile 9. Colombia 10. Peru 11. Bulgaria 12. Greece 13. Poland 14. Serbia 15. Slovenia 16. Ukraine 17. Ghana 18. Kenya 19. Morocco 20. Nigeria 21. Singapore 22. Taiwan 23. Thailand’ (and after writing, the Down Jones in the USA fell 888 points in 8th month of the year – now that’s waving a synchronistic warning flag).

If it interests you further, you can read the full article here… Zero Hedge

You Don’t Need to See the Whole Journey

So times are changing. They need to. Don’t be alarmed. Keep tuning into your soul. It knows by far the best path to take. Follow it, step by step. You might find yourself in a difficult and hazy situation. You might not know where that ultimately leads. Don’t worry. Just keep feeling forwards. Feel into the tightness that gets activated. The shifts of energy will stir up your karma. That’s exactly where you need to be. Feel into it – ultimately the haze clears and the next step reveals itself.

So you don’t have to see the whole journey. Only this next step.

With love and compassion for all,

(on behalf of Openhand)

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