Full Moon in Scorpio – Revealing Reality and Changing Our Core Beliefs

Full Moon in Scorpio - Revealing Reality and Changing Our Core Beliefs 1

21st April 2016

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

We are in the process of bringing life to our new inner knowing, and taking active and innovative steps to actively bring the new paradigm to life. We are creating a new collective identity, one that is far removed from the philosophies of the past, and with the onset of new energies it can be extremely challenging to know where we belong; to find our new ancestral tribe that will help us to co-create a new future together that reflects our new ways of being.

First, we need to find ourselves; to let go of who we think we are; to clear out limiting beliefs and perspectives. And today’s Full Moon in Scorpio offers us an energetic push in this direction, showing us the truth of our reality and raising questions about the core beliefs we still hold onto, which don’t help to serve and align us with our process of wholeness and integration.

Evolutionary Potential of the Full Moon Alignments

Venus Conjunct Uranus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn

As we have come to see in our current reality, humanity’s direction is reflected through so many different unique expressions, but the leading edge of our evolution comes with us exploring new horizons that break the shape of earlier structures and social paradigms. It seems almost farfetched to think back on how limited our ability to experience our consciousness was, until so recently, and the significance of the way we now see the world and interact with it cannot be underestimated. New evolutionary developments have begun to bring about radical and fundamental change in the collective consciousness, and allowed us to actually see potentials and possibilities in new and creative ways.

The challenge that many of feel is: How do we integrate these new feelings and understandings back into the world? How do we continue to see the world through compassionate eyes when it often appears so dark? How do we begin to move forward, to anchor change in the outer world that resembles the changes that have occurred for us on the inside?

This alignment — Venus (inner relationship) conjunct with Uranus (liberation) in Aries (new direction) and its relationship to Pluto (evolution) in Capricorn — brings about these fundamental questions, and reminds us: If we are to change the way we live on the outside, we have to validate our actions from the inside.

Mercury in Taurus Trine Jupiter & the North Node in Virgo Trine Pluto in Capricorn

The Earth trine plays a powerful role in how this Full Moon will be experienced. The Earth trinity (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) as an archetype reflects the natural laws of stability, being grounded, creating safety and security through practical methods. Abundance and self-worth are strongly connected to this archetype.

The Earth trinity expresses the divine feminine principle which serve us by revealing to us our own personal limitations. Our evolution comes through a process of seeing our limitations and then empowering ourselves by expanding beyond their boundaries. This way we truly overcome our own shadow, metamorphosing our psyche and inner reality beyond what we once felt possible.

The Earth trine also reflects the need to slow down and ground your energy, to ask yourself what is essential to you, and to consider how your daily routine and practices allow you to achieve and mature your higher, long term aims. One of the deepest lessons and themes we come to embody in our understanding of life on Earth is that of self-love. This goes far beyond being able to say “I love myself”, to actually being the embodiment of that love and living your life according to your deepest inner knowing.

So, the questions we should ask ourselves during this Full Moon are: Do I truly value myself? Do I validate my life from the inside? Does my life reflect my deepest sense of value and self-worth? And if not, what is holding me back? What changes do I want to see? And how might I create them?

Saturn and Mars Retrograde in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo

Both Mars and Saturn are now in retrograde motion, both in the sign of Sagittarius (representing natural law and higher wisdom), and both making strong connections to the Moon’s Nodal Axis. In accordance with this alignment, the very nature of our reality is seemingly coming to a halt. This is not to say that we stop being productive in our daily activities, but we are most certainly being given a break from the busy-ness of trying to achieve and actualise our worldly aims. Instead, the energy reflected by this alignment is uprooting and changing the way we see our reality, and what philosophies we use to process and navigate it.

Our core beliefs are the basis for how we validate our own personal truth, which becomes the basis for what and where we will see ourselves in the world, and what tribe we belong to (ie. who shares our truth.) This alignment serves as an opportunity to reshape our reality into a state that reflects our deepest truth, and gives us more inner balance and wholeness. Use this retrograde (reflection) period to delve into your inner world and ask yourself the really big questions. What type of early-life psychological conditioning has left disempowering imprints on your psyche? And how can you integrate and embody more empowering beliefs systems that serve your life and soul journey?

Full Moon in Scorpio - Revealing Reality and Changing Our Core Beliefs

The Moon in Scorpio Opposes the Sun in Taurus

What is essential? This question is a powerful key to unlocking the potential of this Full Moon.

On our journey of empowerment we have to survey the landscape of our own inner world. This means facing ourselves, the light and the dark, and until we learn to integrate the two, the process of inner reflection can bring much fear into our awareness. To add to this, the outer world is heavily influenced by fear-porn and propaganda. So, with fear influencing our inner and outer worlds, this can leave us dazed, confused and uncertain of our ability to embody our own potential and dreams. This shows up in our lives as limiting statements like “Yes, but what if..?”

One of our greatest challenges in this human journey is live beyond our conditioning and realize our own creative potential. This alignment offers us a chance to break old limiting patterns, by asking the question: “What if you do not follow your dreams?”

Full Moon Message

If you take a boundless, infinite and compassionate consciousness and put it into a body in a limited, mortal and judgemental world, eventually this consciousness will begin to believe things of itself that are not true. Eventually, excitement will become anxiety, love will become attachment, and reflections will be interpreted as limitation. Eventually, new directions and the potential to discover new things about ourselves will be avoided and feared, as they threaten the security we feel in knowing what the future holds. Eventually, routine and predictability become our way of life to the detriment of our true divine capabilities.

We all know that we are more than we allow ourselves to be. We have all focused on our lack and disadvantages instead of our potential and our greatness. We have all had experiences in our lives that have told us that we are less than magnificent, and over time we have begun to believe them to be true.

As children we are full of amazement, excitement and wonder. We crave new experiences and love to discover new aspects of ourselves. We experiment with life and explore how we can interact with the world in a variety of ways. Then, as we grow older, environmental feedback shows us things — norms, expectations, conditions — that we begin to internalize as truths. Over time, these truths become our core beliefs. But the thing about these beliefs is that they have nothing to do with who we are or what we are capable of. They are merely reflections of our collective evolution up to this point; they serve as a gauging point from which we continue to evolve.

So now, we are faced with the knowledge that we are amazing beyond what we have allowed ourselves to believe and that we can have a life that feels amazing, exciting and wondrous. But first… we need to let go of who we think we are. In order to embody our true potential, we need to identify and empty ourselves of the beliefs we hold about ourselves. Then, the sky is the limit! As our inner reality begins to shift, so too, our experience of our outer reality begins to reflect that shift back to us.

Dream big! Be courageous! Be the change!

Simon & Jennifer

Astrology Update | The Full Moon Scorpio

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