Are You Giving Away Your Power? – Politics, Sovereignty and Personal Embodiment

Are You Giving Away Your Power - Politics, Sovereignty and Personal Embodiment

By Bernhard Guenther

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

It has been a while since I wrote anything political, mostly for the reason that I’m not a statist, I don’t believe in government (or any other authority ruling/governing me), nor in national identification, and frankly don’t care much for politics. Readers of my blog know that we are dealing with far deeper issues that most people are not aware of and which go way beyond poly-tics, which is really a distraction from what is truly happening to humanity, especially in this day and age.

I have written several articles about the illusory political circus before: Voting, Cognitive Dissonance and Fear of the Unknown (2012), The Illusion of Choice (2010) – and in 2008, I exposed Obama for the corporate puppet that he is (resulting in vicious attacks against me by Liberals and Democrats, some of whom later saw through the deception as well), and the illusion that there is choice through voting (ie. Obama was “selected” to win way before any votes were cast).

However, lately I’m having a strange déjà vu seeing all the support and hype around Bernie Sanders, another presidential candidate who portrays the image of “hope”. Where did I hear that before?

I’m always curious to see where any given candidate stands on more “taboo” topics, and Sanders fails the litmus test just like any other candidate. Not surprising to see, Bernie Sanders is a Zionist. In 2014 he joined the 100 to 0 vote in the Senate to give unalloyed moral and political support to the Apartheid/Zionist state of Israel during its horrific bombing campaign against Gaza (the open air prison), resulting in thousands of dead Palestinian civilians.

Here’s a speech in which Bernie Sanders defends the Zionist/Racist politics of Israel with the usual lies and distortions.

Some people point out that he has become more “critical” of Israel during his recent campaign speeches. However, there is a big difference between words and action, which became obvious when he suspended one of his campaign staffers for criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is clear that Sanders is still a Zionist despite his recent clever political rhetoric (read: PR stunt to appeal to liberals) of “criticizing” Israel with regards to Palestine where he fell into the “middle ground” fallacy as most people do who don’t know (or lie about) the true history of Zionism, the creation of Israel and how it relates to American politics, the lies of official history, and the world at large. That is a topic on its own which I have written about here: Israel and Gaza – Lessons in History and an Opportunity for Humanity.

Then Sanders supports vaccinations and made even this bizarre statement that is false and actually makes no sense. His claim to be “sensitive” is also emotionally manipulative rhetoric, for if he’d truly be “sensitive” about this topic, he’d do more research into it and speak the truth which is a big NO to vaccinations, especially mandatory vaccinations, where it all seems to be leading to:

“I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree but the difficulty is, if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines that could kill that child and that’s wrong.” – Bernie Sanders

(For more information on why Sanders’ statement is false, please see: Herd Immunity vs. Viral Shedding: Who’s Infecting Whom?)

Statists also make several assumptions they never seem to question; that a) voting affects the end result and that they actually have a choice in the outcome; b) that any given president is actually in “charge”, and c) that government is in place for the people by the people. Let alone the fact that all candidates support the major lies and avoid “taboo” topics, such as, besides Zionism, the official 9/11 story, and psychopaths in power to name a few.

However, beyond ANY political stances, it really comes down to the fact that Sanders is a statist. And that ends any debate about him or other candidates. It surprises me how so many people, many of them who consider themselves “awake and aware” or even “spiritual” are statists themselves and still believe in government, national identification, authority, and support it, looking for someone to “fix the system” or “save the country” and lead the way. It’s the ongoing Stockholm Syndrome. For a breakdown about what statism is watch this video:

It doesn’t matter what candidate or party you support, left, right, middle, independent, Democrat, Republican, Progressive, Liberal, Conservative… whatever. These are all labels of identification based on an illusory idea. Government is the most basic set-up of the Matrix Control System. As long as people believe in government, political solutions, and voting, nothing will change on a deeper level.

“When I hear a person talking about political solutions, I know I am not listening to a serious person.” – George Carlin

Emotional Reasoning and the Brain – Mind Control Basics in Politics

On a basic psychological level, statists who are identified with/support any given candidate or political party engage in emotional reasoning, resulting in confirmatory bias, cognitive dissonance and projections to make sure their chosen leader/savior looks better than the other candidate, especially in this day and age of personality cult (in particular in the US where it’s all about image) and emotional manipulative slogans/bumper stickers such as #FeelTheBurn and #AFutureToBelieveIn (Sanders) or #ChangeWeCanBelieveIn and #HopeAndChange (Obama) in the past. Interesting to note in those example are the words “Feel” and “Believe”, which just re-enforces emotional reasoning and shuts down critical thinking and objectivity (ignoring facts that may make their chosen candidate look bad) as well as the words “Change” and “Future”, alway appealing to some sort of ideal in the future via the emotional manipulative use of “Hope”.

“Hope and fear: Fear is an enemy. We know this because when we are afraid, we react irrationally to things, we don’t think through. Hope is an enemy, too, though. That sounds kind of wrong, doesn’t it? Everyone likes to have hope: Don’t give up hope. But, here’s the problem with hope: Hope also deludes.We need to have a cold eye. We have to be able to look at reality in as alert and awake a fashion as we can. What is true higher consciousness? Well, it starts with awareness, with seeing things as they are, not as you want them to be, not as you hope they can be – you have to see them as they are. It is only through going over that first large hurdle, I feel, that we can really attain a true higher consciousness, a true awareness in which we are awake, not asleep.” – Richard Dolan

Edward Bernays, the “father of public relations” (manipulating the masses and public opinion via propaganda) would have been proud of these slogans. It’s mind control on the most basic level, non of which statists and partisans are consciously aware of for the most part (because they never think outside the box of “government”, never question the need for government to begin with and automatically identity with one side/candidate, be it left, right, democrat, republican, socialist, progressive, liberal, conservative or any other political identifications).

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” – Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

Then the masses themselves produce slogans based on these influences, even targeting the lowest common denominator which see in the #SexyForSanders movement with Bernie fans posing “sexy” pictures of themselves to make people vote for Sanders.

Besides the obvious poor taste and tackiness of encouraging people to vote for Bernie that way, the effect is not much different from the effects of porn on the brain. Recent studies have shown that sexual imagery weakens the connectivity between the striatum and the prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain used for decision-making, planning, and behavior regulation.

Then of course you have the emotional manipulative political rhetoric/speeches of any given politician/candidate, creating mass hysteria which fuels emotional reasoning (while shutting down critical thinking) even more. Political speeches are a great example for how NLP (Neuro-linguistic-programming) works as well (especially via the use of logical fallacies like “appeal to emotion”, “red herring” and “straw man”, etc.). Then people are influenced by herd/hive/group think and fall into the “bandwagon fallacy” (the fallacy that the more popular someone is and the more followers he/she has, the “better” he/she must be), not realizing that the beliefs they have are not even their own. That happens on an unseen energetic level as well, especially at mass political gatherings with all the projections and emotional highs (ties also into the mob mentality). From a hyperdimensional/archonic level this also creates all the “emotional loosh” for the hidden forces that rule over humanity (the real architects of the matrix beyond its 3D manifestation) to feed upon.

Most, if not all supporters of their chosen candidate, also literally “believe” anything he/she is saying during election campaigns where politicians obviously say what the masses (or their chosen target group) want to hear, which is a whole different story when said person is actually in office. For example, see what Obama “promised” during his campaign and what he actually did or didn’t do as president. ‘7 Lies In Under 2 Minutes’ is a video that shows it very well (notice the hysteria of the masses as he feeds them what they want to hear):

But of course the masses, in blind savior/leader worship, believe that the next guy/woman is the ONE who will “fix the system”. It’s a giant Stockholm Syndrome set-up based on authoritarian programming and essentially an archonic creation. It’s a closed loop. Statism is literally a religion (see video above) and believe in government is no different than religious belief. On a psychological level it works the same.

More about emotional reasoning and the brain in relation to political identification in this study:

“A recent imaging study by psychologist Drew Westen and his colleagues at Emory University provides firm support for the existence of emotional reasoning. Just prior to the 2004 Bush-Kerry presidential elections, two groups of subjects were recruited – fifteen ardent Democrats and fifteen ardent Republicans. Each was presented with conflicting and seemingly damaging statements about their candidate, as well as about more neutral targets such as actor Tom Hanks (who, it appears, is a likable guy for people of all political persuasions). Unsurprisingly, when the participants were asked to draw a logical conclusion about a candidate from the other – “wrong” – political party, the participants found a way to arrive at a conclusion that made the candidate look bad, even though logic should have mitigated the particular circumstances and allowed them to reach a different conclusion. Here’s where it gets interesting.

When this “emote control” began to occur, parts of the brain normally involved in reasoning were not activated. Instead, a constellation of activations occurred in the same areas of the brain where punishment, pain, and negative emotions are experienced (that is, in the left insula, lateral frontal cortex, and ventromedial prefrontal cortex). Once a way was found to ignore information that could not be rationally discounted, the neural punishment areas turned off, and the participant received a blast of activation in the circuits involving rewards – akin to the high an addict receives when getting his fix.

In essence, the participants were not about to let facts get in the way of their hot-button decision making and quick buzz of reward. “None of the circuits involved in conscious reasoning were particularly engaged,” says Westen. “Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want, and then they get massively reinforced for it, with the elimination of negative emotional states and activation of positive ones.”

Ultimately, Westen and his colleagues believe that “emotionally biased reasoning leads to the ‘stamping in’ or reinforcement of a defensive belief, associationg the participant’s ‘revisionist’ account of the data with positive emotion or relief and elimination of distress. ‘The result is that partisan beliefs are calcified, and the person can learn very little from new data,’” Westen says. Westen’s remarkable study showed that neural information processing related to what he terms “motivated reasoning” … appears to be qualitatively different from reasoning when a person has no strong emotional stake in the conclusions to be reached.

The study is thus the first to describe the neural processes that underlie political judgment and decision making, as well as to describe processes involving emote control, psychological defense, confirmatory bias, and some forms of cognitive dissonance.” – from “Evil Genes” by Barbara Oakley

Sovereignty and Embodiment

On the most basic level, you can only be sovereign if you don’t follow any authority or let any authority tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. By that definition, as long as we believe in government we cannot be fully sovereign. In the end we are “citizens” of the earth, not of nations based on imaginary borders and illusory systems of government and national identification. No government can bring true freedom to the individual, on matter who is in charge or what system is being implemented. The political systems and governments are also not broken and don’t need “fixing” as many people proclaim. They are means of social control and social engineering and always have been.

“Government is the Entertainment Division of the military-industrial complex.” – Frank Zappa

However, we’ve been living under these political systems and governments for so long that we don’t even question them anymore, but accept them like in a global Stockholm Syndrome, idealizing them and not seeing reality for what it is. We are so conditioned and programmed that we don’t even question the need of a “government” to begin with. Most people are afraid of the “chaos” that they believe would ensure if there were no government or authority to ‘lead’ them and is in “control”, which is ultimately rooted in the fear of true freedom, taking responsibility and claiming our individual power and sovereignty.

It also shows how removed people are from nature, the Divine and the feminine aspect of consciousness. The belief in government is based on the male aspect of consciousness that needs to control with rules, regulations, and punishment (if you don’t obey), disconnected and (unconsciously) afraid of the Feminine. When you vote you literally give permission to be ruled/governed. From a metaphysical perspective it also keeps you enslaved out of your free will (trap of agreement), regardless of one’s well meaning intentions. Voting is like changing the tapestry in a prison cell without ever breaking out of the prison and not even realizing that one is in a prison.

Politics Sovereignty and Personal Embodiment - Change

In our disembodied society with most people living in their heads, disconnected from their bodies and Being, nature and their own wholeness; fragmented inside, they also approach the world (and their personal lives) in a fragmented analytical head-centric way, trying to “fix” the world, essentially projecting their own fragmentation onto the world, which is a mirror of their own head-body split.

Hence, “solutions” most often perpetuate this disconnection as we fight “shadows on the wall” and even create more problems and fragmentations with our head-centric solutions, despite our well-meaning intentions, be it in the world or in our personal lives.

This also ties into the compulsory need to “do” and “act”. Be it in our daily lives or “activists” who feel the need to “fight the system” or promote new “social systems”, or the need to identify with a political party, movement, the need to vote for someone who has the “answers” and can “fix the system”, which ties into the need for “authority” which is a mirror of our own “supervisor/authority” in the head, telling us what we should/shouldn’t do.

Nor will we have any significant “positive” effect on the world as long as we approach the “problems” in the world from a disembodied fragmented place (which we are most often not aware of because the head-body spilt has become so normalized in ourselves and the society we live in which is even more re-enforced now with the rise of technology with all the distractions).

Disconnected from our body and the feminine aspect of Being and essentially our own intuitive guidance system, we are being tricked to look outside ourselves for guidance and become followers rather than embodied sovereign individuals, connected to our guidance within.

A TRULY embodied politician would cease to be a politician and not attempt to run for office (the term “head of the state” says it all) or engage in this silly game of poly-tics, the need to control with power, authority, rules, laws and regulations, borders and national identifications, resulting in more and more fragmentation…..He/she would realize the madness of it all. …..all products of the head-centric male aspect (the “tyrant” within) disconnected from (and afraid of) the Feminine aspect of Being…..and essentially Nature and the Divine. There is no such thing as “conscious politics” or a “conscious politician”. It’s an oxymoron.

As long as we are not embodied but disconnected from Being, our own wholeness and essentially our divine nature, our “solutions” and “doing” come from the internal tyrant (which we project outwardly), the rampant male consciousness that is disconnected from the female within us all, regardless of gender (needs to be emphasized). It needs to have fixed answers, needs to control, tries to predict the future (caught in linear time and 3D thinking) and cannot surrender or even perceive the mystery, wholeness and perplexity of life and reality as it unfolds.

Politics Sovereignty and Personal EmbodimentBeyond sovereignty as a “citizen”, there is also spiritual sovereignty, not giving away our power to a religious/spiritual “authority”, be it the church or any of the world religions as well as priests, gurus or any deities, so-called “Ascended Masters” or even “aliens”, which some people wait for to “save us”. Yes, there are benevolent spiritual forces out there that help and guide us and we are not alone but true positive higher forces know that we have to do the work ourselves for our own spiritual evolution. We need to learn our lessons and become truly sovereign in our own embodied soul potential. As mentioned before, government and statism is a religion itself. It is entirely based on belief.

In order to have true shift of consciousness we need to transcend (not to be mistaken with denial/avoidance) these old systems of control, not fix them and do the inner work to become truly embodied sovereign human beings. That has powerful effects on reality on a metaphysical level, as our level of embodied being “creates reality” based on that frequency (not just thoughts and emotions as proclaimed in the many distorted/superficial versions of New Age type “You Create Your Own Reality” concepts). The old needs to “die”, before the “new” can emerge. This outer process is no different from our own inner process when it comes to spiritual evolution and it is not an easy process and entails disillusionment, facing yourself, hence most people avoid it and look outside for someone to “lead the way”.

The Trap of the Intellect

The point of embodiment and reconnecting to the inner feminine via sincere self-work is crucial here. On the other side of the coin, I see many non-statists and proponents of anarchism/voluntarism/contributism trying to convince others of the futility and dangers of government via intellectual discourse alone. Many of them don’t seem to be very embodied individuals, nor do they seem to be engaged in sincere self-work and body-mind practices, but are cut off from the wholeness of nature and their wholeness within – the body-mind split – and therefore are focusing on fragmented 3D issues alone (often times projecting their own shadow onto the world) and missing out on the bigger picture. Most of them also seem to be materialists (even Darwinists) based on my interactions with certain self-proclaimed “anarchists”.

Trying to get rid of government authority without becoming fully embodied sovereign individuals and anchoring ourselves to a higher frequency/vibration via sincere (esoteric) self-work is not going to happen, regardless of how logical and true the anti-statist arguments happen to be. Understanding it intellectually is not enough.

“As long as you continue to live in your head, the self will not even exist as an unbroken whole: when conscious thinking is independent of being, the male element is deliberately fracturing self and world. It is only when the pelvic center of your being is sensitized and fully participant in your consciousness—massively connecting and communicating— that the various and divergent aspects of the self will be able to reconcile into a whole.

The body holds the deepest currents of our being, and is our bridge to the life of the world around us – the being of the world. By separating the center of our thinking from all that, we enter a kind of alienation that makes us feel like spectators on the events that surround us. 

Furthermore, we start managing from on high what we cannot experience, because head-centric thinking is keen to create structures of control, systemization, judgment and acquisition. But being out of touch and off balance ourselves, we can only seed more imbalance with every willful, managerial impulse – even when our impulses spring from an agenda that seeks to improve things.

The desire to behave ethically, if coming from a place of disconnected reason, will necessarily focus on fixing how our behavior affects the material world; because disconnected reason tacitly expresses a contempt for the body, it will overlook the problem of how our relationship with the body affects our behavior.

This is our blind spot – and it is a towering liability, because our relationship with the world can only mirror and express the relationship we have with our own bodies. Having estranged ourselves from the body and its wisdom, we find ourselves also estranged from the world and its wisdom.”

– Philip Shepherd, New Self New World

It’s almost like putting the cart in front of the horse – the utopian ideal of a society based on anarchism/voluntarism is beautiful, and it is important to educate people about the dangers of “government religiousness” which we have been conditioned to worship. However, the transformative work starts with oneself first and foremost; connecting to our own unique soul calling and purpose, our divine nature, and tuning into the wisdom of our bodies, our intuition and inner knowing.  

Sometimes we can get lost trying to convince others of how things “should” be, which usually leads to purely intellectual debates, focusing on the trees but obscuring the view of the forest (and what lies beyond) in the process, and not understanding the deeper metaphysical workings of reality which relate to our individual frequency/vibration.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, all of whom embody vast differences in terms (and levels) of consciousness, and wildly-dissimilar lessons to take on-board, some even lacking full “soul potential”. For some, their “purpose” is to evolve towards the “dark side” of creation – a purely STS (Service to Self) path; for many others, their purpose is to evolve towards the creative principle of STO (Service to Others) awareness, which can be seen as the equivalent of anarchism/voluntarism (from a spiritual perspective) – a harmonic that cannot be forced, but instead has its own timing in the grand scheme of Unified Consciousness evolution.

Moreover, if we don’t become aware of “the topic of all topics” (i.e., the hyperdimensional control of humanity and the 4D archonic forces who have manipulated humanity for thousands of years), we will just keep fighting the shadows on the wall – the symptoms of a higher order that affects us all. The term ‘Archons’ means “rulers”. Trying to get rid of government and 3D levels of control alone will not work in the long run, for they are just the manifestation of rulers on a higher (unseen) level, working through these puppet-authorities in positions of power and manipulating all of us in ways most people are not aware of.

Politics Sovereignty Personal Embodiment - Connecting wisdom body

As Above, So Below

If we don’t claim our own personal sovereignty from a spiritual frequency level; if we fail to connect with both the divine and higher self (which cannot be accessed via the logical mind); if we bypass becoming truly embodied and connected to nature; and if we essentially avoid expanding our vibration/frequency, then we will still be subjected to these archonic influences with or without our current government ‘model’. In fact, we may actually feed into their agenda by engaging in these well-meaning attempts to fight corruption and government on the 3D level alone. Any new “social system” (no matter how much sense it makes logically) will crumble into tyrannical tendencies eventually, so long as we get stuck in 3D thinking and limited views of reality.

That is not to denounce answers or become “ignorant” or just a “passive couch potato” – that would be black and white thinking, another product of the head-centric tyrant within – nor is it about demonizing the intellect. Its about understanding its limitations, using it as a ‘tool’ but not making it the ‘master’. This is about the sacred alchemical marriage of the male and female within, grounded in Being from which answers and our ‘doing’ arise that are not a product of pure analytical thought, but aligned with ‘Divine Will’ and our INDIVIDUAL role and purpose (Individuality in this context is not to be mistaken for personality/ego identification but relates to embodiment and full soul/spirit integration). Then Doing and Being become one as there is no separation.

Embodiment, reconnecting with one’s wholeness, fusing the separation of the inner male and female IS the process of what is called “ascension” or “awakening”. It is the “philosopher’s stone”, “holy grail” or the story of “the hero going into the underworld, saving/marrying the princess/bride” (his own feminine aspect of Being) as depicted in mythology. It connects us with the wholeness of nature/the world, our inner guidance system and divinity, as well as our own individual purpose for being here, something the intellectual mind can never ever grasp.

Recommended reading by Bernhard Guenther:

About the author:

Bernhard Guenther

Bernhard Guenther has had a lifelong interest in exploring the mysteries and hidden knowledge surrounding our planet and humanity’s origins, questioning the roots of what constitutes “reality”, and how social (and spiritual) conditioning impacts upon our collective search for the truth in all aspects of life.

His blog “Piercing the Veil of Reality” is a wide-ranging collection of essays, films and interviews, ranging from spirituality, shamanism, psychology, self-work, esotericism, history, to the paranormal and hyperdimensional realities.

Bernhard lives in Topanga Canyon, California, working with individuals from all walks of life, helping them in their path of healing and wellness via Integrative Bodywork and Holistic Coaching. His clients enjoy his intuitive and compassionate approach in person or over Skype.

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