New Moon in Taurus – Releasing the Fears of the Mind and Trusting the Call of Intuition

New Moon In Sagittarius - Meaning, Purpose and Creation - Humanity's New Story

7th May 2016

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

This month’s New Moon comes with a very potent message: release the fears of the mind, be open to the flow of change, listen to the call of your intuition, and find comfort in knowing you are part of a higher universal process.

Over the past week, we all have been finding our reality limited and times often, very overwhelming. We are currently moving through a huge energetic shift and for the most part, our response most effective response to this shift is not to struggle against the tide but to reality is to surrender to it, so we can naturally find the direction we are destined for within its flow.

The Evolutionary Potential of the New Moon

The Earth Trine

Helping us to find stability and direction, and to take steps toward pursuing that purpose, the Earth Trine is bringing to us much need groundedness during a time in which everything seems chaotic and unstable. The Earth Trine is formed when planets make 120° angles to each other in the Earth signs; the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. At the moment we have the Venus, the Moon, the Sun and Mercury all in Taurus, Jupiter and the North Node in Virgo, and Pluto completing the Trine in Capricorn.

So what is actually going on for us?

The Earth Trine archetype reflects at the deepest level the nature of our physical reality, and how we form and interact with it. The body is directly connected to the Earth sign triad; Taurus reflects our senses and relationship to our environment, Virgo relates to our physical routines and physical movements, and Capricorn reflects the directions we choose and our processing of each moment we interact with. As this New Moon begins the new lunar cycle in the sign of Taurus, we are offered a powerful invitation to open up to the wisdom and energy that these symbols reflect.

As we venture deeper into the 2016 timeline, our core nature will continue to change and as a result, our values and directions will continue to shift in new and unexpected way. A key moment within this process, the current Earth Trine forces us to slow down and asks for a deep inner reflection regarding what we seek in our lives at the most fundamental level. What do we value and treasure? What will we create? By going through this process of inward reflection, we begin to re-shape our DNA. How? Inwardly, words and thoughts affect our DNA, directly programming and influencing our genetic composition. In the outer world, what we value becomes what we interact and engage with, which then becomes assimilated into our energy field through experience, crystallizing in our being and helping to redefine how our concept of self.

The way this is reflected to us through astrological symbols is that our life direction (Capricorn) comes from the value (Taurus) we see in the potential. This in turn affects the routines and actions (Virgo) we adopt in our day to day lives. As such, the Earth Triad this month gives us the task of confronting and purging old energy and patterns that no longer serve us, to make very clear what we seek from our lives, and to begin putting that potential into action.

T-Square: Saturn and Mars (Retrograde) in Sagittarius Square Neptune and Chiron in Pisces Square Jupiter in Virgo

This cycle of purification is now in full swing and we are right on the front lines regarding the cleansing process of our collective and individual psyche. For many of us, deep unresolved fears and uncertainties are coming to the surface. Working alongside the New Moon in Taurus. we are being asked to processes and ground emotions that are frozen and unresolved, and to rid ourselves of what simply keeps us in deep fear and paralysis.

In our Earthly lives we have encountered many experiences that have brought us to see life in fearful and doubtful ways. Some have been great reminders that we need to be awake to our reality but many have hindered us from deviating from man-made securities, never taking risks and experiencing the enriching spectrum of situations that life has to offer. However, if we are to broaden our horizons and know ourselves in deeper ways, we need to know we can trust in the universe — and our own soul paths — to provide us exactly what we need. In this way, the energies of recent months have led us to (collectively and individually) begin questioning and integrating these experiences, and as the human consciousness moves from one of lack to abundance, beliefs relating to the survival consciousness are being purged. We must therefore remain open to seeing creative potential in each moment — truly living — instead of remaining in the fear of survival mode. Our expansion of our universal awareness comes from trusting ourselves intimately.

This very powerful T Square formation with Saturn, Mars and Neptune and Jupiter is all about reshaping our core beliefs and the ways we choose to experience our lives, and what we choose for our future. This is very powerful time for us as we will be looking to change our relationship to life as in a big way, seeking to be more open to and engaged in the deeper realities of life rather than being recycled in old habits and dynamics.

New Moon in Taurus - Self Reliance

Retrograde Planets (A New Direction for Us All)

We are now more than a week into the retrograde period of 2016 and, as with most retrograde periods, the experience of everyday life can become very frustrating. And in the case of the current planets that are retrograde, this effect seems to be greatly amplified. In synchronicity with the current shape of astrological alignments overall, the current retrogrades of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto seem to be bringing everything in our lives to a grinding halt, while creating a huge emphasis on the challenges of stability, remaining well grounded and surrendering to the flow of our life circumstances.

Deep and profound insights are available to us if we remain still, and see that the big shift we have all be experiencing and waiting to happen is actually now right in front of us.

New Moon Message

Our body is an incredibly complex intelligent system which, for the most part, doesn’t require our logical mind for its survival. Our intelligence if far greater than that of the mind, and has evolved over millions of years in direct connection to our environment, adapting and changing in perfect synchronicity with our circumstances. In our modern world, however, we often measure intelligence by our logical capabilities, like our ability to learn and recall and apply knowledge, our ability to understand and manipulate our environment, as well as the ability to apply logic reasoning. Our intuition, our innate ability to understand and communicate with nature and with our body, is deeply undervalued. However, when it comes down to the intricate web of our existence, our logical mind is of very little help to us in understanding what is actually going on in this amazing time. In the midst of the Shift, the world simply doesn’t make logical sense, and the way our lives play out will never be quite the way our minds plan for us. In reality, navigating the Shift asks us to rely on a higher intelligence than the mind, and to navigate a flow the mind itself cannot comprehend.

The current energy patterns are reminding us of the greater plan of our existence. It is adjusting and realigning us with our necessary evolutionary path and it is not taking our preferences into account. It is taking us into the places within ourselves that we would rather stay distracted from; it is asking us to reconnect with our innate inner wisdom — our intuition — rather than just our logical mind, and to connect to our body and our senses, and to accept her guidance. This is the gift of the Divine Feminine, but we must learn to suspend our fears in order to accept it.

In the same way that our conscious minds do not understand the unconscious processes taking place within us every day (like our metabolism, neurological processes, hormonal regulation etc.), our logical minds cannot comprehend the complex network of our interconnectedness with everything around us. With so much seemingly in chaos and confusion right now, our mind struggles to comprehend what it witnesses, which promotes a feeling of being out of control, which in turn creates the feeling of fear.

Fear is a very powerful emotion with appropriately powerful physical responses. It is part of our primal survival instinct, which keeps us from danger. But there is a big difference between a natural fear response to an immediate threat and the fears created in our minds. The latter does not serve us. The fear in our mind is always connected to the feeling of being out of control, which originates from our attempts to logically navigate our way through life. But, being an imaginary creation of the future-thinking mind, such fears merely limit our potential, holding us in a survival mentality and robbing us of the life and love experiences to be found right here in the present moment.

Once we connect to our intuitive and physical senses, and let their innate intelligence guide us, we can begin to feel our way through things in ways our mind cannot comprehend. This helps us to feel conntected and grounded, and we can better trust the process of evolution without feeling too overwhelmed by our thoughts feelings and experiences.

Right now, we are being asked to remember that, no matter what we are going through or how difficult, painful and frightening it might be… No matter how far from this reality you would prefer yourself to be… that you are always part of a greater universal process. We are being asked to let go, and to find ways to accept and integrate the vastness of our existence — to reconnect with our physical body, and allow her lead the way far beyond the limits of the mind’s intelligence. In essence, we are being asked to rewrite our approach to everything; to surrender what we think we know and allow each moment to unfold. And we do this by approaching our lives softly, with the love and gentle encouragement of the Divine Feminine, taking deep breaths, remembering who we are, and living our lives in the most authentic way.

Simon & Jennifer

About the authors:

Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Simon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer and teacher who has been practising astrology for over 10 years. Together with his partner and co-founder of Raising Vibrations, Jennifer Langstone, their work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. Through their website, Raising Vibrations, and the consulting services they offer, Simon and Jennifer share their thoughts and insights and, using the powerful tool of evolutionary astrology, help and guide others to find their own spiritual paths, live authentically in the moment and understand ways they are able to positively effect their own spiritual evolution.

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