The Lily of the Field: Transformation Through Natural Intelligence

The Lily of the Field - Transformation Through Natural Intelligence

9th August 2016

By Harry Krueger

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

“Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.” ~ Zen

The belief that parents are creators of children is one of several false assumptions in the hypnosis of life. This delusion is emotionally sustained by the misunderstood interpretation of the parental instinct.

The parent living under natural law — Intelligence, the mysterious expression of all that exists — knows that their primary role as good stewards (caretakers) is in the protection of the child from cultural predators. The parent who does not live under the guidance of Intelligence and who responds to life’s challenges from their indoctrinated state, believe it their loving duty to train up the child in accordance with their cultural traditions passed down from past generations. There is no freedom in looking at life’s challenges when that seeing is through the lens of past knowledge.

Being free is not something to be sought as a goal to be reached but rather it is in seeing through the lens of pristine awareness what is always already the case, a completed (matured) being. All efforts in seeking what is your natural state is a movement away from your reality. All seeking efforts are of mind (an aberration of the memory-senses complex). All that mind can do is to regurgitate the past. Mind is a cacophony of sounds given by others. We are possessed and persecuted by that noise.

The spinning mind does not allow for an off-exit from life’s merry-go round. The hypnotic belief of being creators of children and then addicting them with a false narrative, (capable of making independent choices) is to chart for them a course that never leads to the “returning home to the Father’s House” (Intelligence). Our present course is a doomsday inheritance.

The given identity is the beginnings into the interception of the whole energy’s natural flow. The sole fixation of this new phenomenon (divisive energy as self) is to protect (at all cost) its present turf. That protective divisiveness is the catalyst for the child’s future states of confusion, chaos and corruption. Without transformation, this state remains with the child throughout its life.

The word friend used here describes that which is free (the state of pure awareness). It is a friendly state (whole ground) in which human beings (as seedlings) grow to their natural fruition in order to be united with their beloved, Intelligence (There is no other love). From this whole-y ground will all life’s challenges be expressed. In ancient writings this ground is spoken of as “The ground upon which thou standest (Intelligence) is whole-y ground.” No greater love than this, that a man lay down his life (mind as false self) for his friend (the free state of the whole energy).

The words redeem, redeemer and redemption is the process used to bring one to redemption (the unification of pristine awareness and Intelligence). Pristine witnessing is the coin (price) used to buy back one’s soul (whole energy). It allows for the seeing (without the biased interpretations of mind) of how and why we are endlessly making false choices to life’s daily challenges.

This unfiltered seeing is also showing how we are daily being duped by mind, while all the while believing that our choices are self-generated.

Without an epiphany (a sudden apperception) there is no transformation.

The natural process allows for relationship to again be a pristine moment to moment experience. Absent the experiencer (mind) we are listening and witnessing without a content. The seeker is no longer seeking understanding from others (by believing in their false narratives) but rather seeks to discover through faith (that which is self-evident) understanding that is objectively discerned. Through this process we are redeemed by the true redeemer, Intelligence. The completed process as redemption is the fast track to the authentic life. Our flowering becomes reality (and only then) when our completeness is synonymous with how Intelligence (Life) expresses itself.

If we are serious about how we are looking at our present state (as something of greatest importance and so worthy of our whole attention) then that seeing (without condemnation or justification) is through the lens of Intelligence. The completed transformation from mind to wholeness is the lily of the field that is spoken of in ancient writings.

That flowering is my wish for you.

Pristine Awareness is Your Humanity, Mind is a Myth

“You are the world and the world is you” can be verified when witnessing oneself (in relationship) through the lens of pristine awareness. Witnessing, when done without condemnation or justification will show mind’s self-centered responses to life’s challenges. We have been set-up to respond in that manner by our caretakers. They are responsible for our life lessons. Our caretakers are our family, friends, educational and government institutions as well as various social organizations.

If left alone (not being indoctrinated with false doctrines) we would naturally fulfil our grand design. We would know that our natural state is one of not knowing.

Presently, neither the prime directive nor pristine awareness has any role in our daily life challenges. We are reacting (as if in a twilight-zone) in an imaginary pseudo reality. We are not functioning in accordance with our birth design.

Before the planet existed, our life form was preordained. All of the necessary physical life supports preceeded our arrival. We created nothing. We were not left to fend for ourselves. The same principle applies to all life forms. All species (moving and stationary) are the expression of Intelligence (the mysterious expression of all that exists). There is nothing to be learned in knowing how to be one’s self.

In our responses to life’s challenges, we are simulating a fantasy scenario given by others. Ours is a make-believe life, a virtual reality.

As an instrument, the memory-senses complex is not designed to respond to life’s challenges. That response is the sole function of the Intelligence – pristine awareness synchronization. The memory-senses complex is a tool for recording the experiences of pristine awareness. It serves as a utilitarian function. That instrument is not designed to provide solutions to life’s challenges. The creative energy (Intelligence) effortlessly provides for its own. It responds to all of life’s challenges all of the time.

The confusion, chaos and corruption that is experienced is because we are not in synchronicity with the whole energy’s natural flow. Mind (an aberration of the memory-senses complex) has temporarily usurped life’s authentic expressions.

The only way to again fall into step (“marching to the beat of a different drummer”) with our reality is through the pristine recognition of our biased choices made daily. That recognition (as regeneration) frees us from mind’s bondage.

Others (cultural societies) have said that we are born to overcome our sinful nature (less than being fully human). Nature creates only perfect species and therefor no species can be imperfect. There is no other you as separate from that reality.

When pristine awareness (through the ignorance of identification) proclaimed itself to be mind, the natural functioning process was temporarily suspended from fulfilling its grand design. Only through the pristine recognition process in seeing how we are being duped, does the natural process fulfill its destiny.

“You are the world and the world is you” is a subjective (biased) reality.

Mind is a myth.

Quantum Child: The New Kid on the Planet

The quantum child does not come to fruition until its maturity cycle is completed. Maturity is not an accumulation of other’s and self’s life experiences. It is a physiobiological process that was predestined prior to our arrival on the planet. From birth we are evolving towards the completion of that process.

The reason we psychologically suffer is because that process has been interrupted by our caretakers and who had their process interrupted, ad infinitum.

Until there is an awakening from our present dream state, (responding to life’s challenges from biased interpretations given by others) that state will continue. It ends when our thinking process is witnessed through the lens of pristine awareness. Only then can the awakened caretakers be helpful to the child’s fulfillment of their destiny.

When the completed process is functioning, the child will know (from its newly found apperception) that its transformed state (as original face) is a unity of created and Creator (Intelligence). There is no other you. The former imaginary you was wearing a persona (a mask given by others) as a ploy to deceive.

The persona you (not being able to generate its own pristine energy) uses the tactic of deception to steal your energy. It deceives you into believing that you are mind. The deception is possible because we are presently witnessing life’s challenges through the prism (prison) of mind. Because of our persona we are carrying out those deeds unknowingly. Until the maturing process is fulfilled, transformation is not possible. The desire to engage in that process becomes possible when we see the beauty (wholeness) of it.

Once the transformed state is functioning, then (and only then) will Intelligence (as life’s expressions) become first responder to all of life’s challenges. There is then no longer the urge to be mind’s maniacal (uncontrolled emotions) co-conspirator for its endless desires.

To live a life that is free of doubt and anxiety we must first observe (without condemnation or justification) our incoming impressions through the lens of pristine awareness. That seeing will show the many flaws of prejudicial mind.

The living of the natural state requires that pristine awareness Acts as life’s antenna. That seeing quiets mind’s chattering thoughts. We are then left with the silence of pristine awareness as the carrier of life’s expressions.

Those expressions are my wish for you.

Pristine Awareness Acting as the Antenna for Life’s Expression

What makes us different (not better) than other life forms is that we are the awareness of our awareness (pristine). Only that awareness can watch with objective clarity the content that is stored in the memory-senses complex. Those images are the experiences of pristine awareness. The recorded data is a collection of fact and fiction.

Without the relationship between pristine awareness and the memory-senses complex (mind), we would not be enjoying the many conveniences that the natural sciences provide. The memory-senses complex is a necessary tool, without which those amenities would not exist. That instrument is one of service. Its grand design does not allow for the solving of anything.

You cant think about presence and the mind cant understand itWhen the memory-senses complex acts in accordance with its unfiltered birth design then it cannot be in jeopardy of any emotional wear and tear. The disease called Alzheimer’s is, I believe, a fatality of its emotional environment.

The stored images in the memory-senses complex became the catalyst of an aberration, called mind. Mind believes that of its own volition it has the ability to create its own reality and that that reality is discernable by all. Mind, (as false self or ego) believes itself to be an independent antonymous entity that is capable of generating its own thinking.

The past tells us of the periods before and after enlightenment. Both are opposite sides of the same counterfeit coin and their value is as useless.

Mind accepts truth as something which has its roots firmly implanted in the soil of indoctrination. Indoctrination begets emotion. Emotion begets empowerment. Without cultural emotions, words are devoid of meaning. Each culture, when acting on those feelings are reflecting their own emotional imprisonment. That belief system is presently functioning in all of the world’s cultures.

Without subjective emotions, another’s view point is perceived as intellectual information. All cultures are subjective pseudo realities.  The ancient story “The Tower of Babel” is the history of mankind.

The solid ground of true discernment (whole-y ground) is palpable when that foundation (whole energy) is built upon the relationship between pristine awareness and Intelligence (the mysterious expression of all that exists). That relationship is the Act of everlasting caring (love).

Psychological therapies are designed (for the most part) to bring objective clarity to relationships. The goals are noble but because the methods are not grounded in Intelligent principles, they must ultimately fail. This is verifiable because as a species we are failing. We have replaced regeneration (responding to life’s challenges from the innocent state of not knowing) with degeneration.

Many therapists are proclaiming that not only minds but also hearts need changing. What is not explained is the meaning of the word heart. Like the word love they accept what others have given. To follow one’s heart is synonymous with following your pristine apperceptions.

Our nature as given by Intelligence cannot be changed nor transformed. Intelligence can only produce that which is in its own image (likeness). No life form is separate from that. With transformation we get a whole-y different expression of how life is expressed. With change we get the “rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic”.

What is needed is a radically different expression of the physiobiological process. The dilemma is that the efforts of mind to bring about meaningful life expressions is a mis-reading of reality. The more of change that mind embraces, the more of failure is also experienced.

It is not the renewing of mind that is needed but the personal pristine revelation that mind is a myth. When it is seen through the lens of pristine awareness how we are contributing to the betrayal of the present moment (tradition) then that seeing makes possible the transformation from mind to Intelligence.

Being saved from mind’s iniquitous (immoral) behavior is what the ancients referred to as salvation. Only then will there be a personal relationship between pristine awareness and Intelligence.

That relationship is my wish for you.

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California-based Harry Krueger has spent the past 42 years working to awaken humanity to concepts of peace freedom and consciousness. When he was 35 years old, he discovered a book by Sri Krishnamurti (which he read 7 times in a row) and it changed his outlook and consciousness forever. Harry is now 87, and has never looked back.

Through his writing, Harry explores the glorious reality of who we human Beings truly are, and offers insights to help us to break through the false identification of who we are not.

“Life is real (and only then) when living the attentive life.”


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