The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo – Inner Reflection, Boundless Expansion

New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo Boundless Expansion

1st September 2016

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

Today’s New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo brings us to a powerful energetic gateway. Last month’s Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius highlighted the scope of new horizons and new ways of being available to us, and reinforced the formation of our new core philosophies. However we still have emotional residues and psychic patterns to clear — and this month’s lunar cycle is here to clean up house.

The New Moon in Virgo brings into focus all the insights and deep inner healing we have recently experienced, as reflected by Jupiter’s recent transit through Virgo. Adding to this, the Nodal Axis, representing how we see things on a collective level, is bringing into focus how we are going about reshaping our lives and embodying our core beliefs.

There are some intense energy patterns coming this month, and while it is a time for reflection, it’s likely to be a bumpy ride if we don’t keep our sense of humour and look for the silver lining. Here’s what to look out for, and some ideas to help you embody the evolutionary opportunity the current astrological alignments are offering us. Let’s begin with Mercury Retrograde…

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, reflecting the energy of communication and connectivity, is currently Retrograde. It will turn Direct again on September 23rd.

As it backtracks through the zodiac, Mercury Retrograde pulls our awareness inward, giving us pause to reflect and connect with the aspects and parts of our lives that need some ironing out, or much-needed adjustment. This Mercury Retrograde asks us to examine our new self with the benefit of hindsight for the first time, to observe the past and address/re-adjust self-patterns that are not serving us or hindering us in our new direction. This is not to say we haven’t “done enough”, just that this transition is an ongoing process; as we do the inner work, and reshape and adjust our lives, we shift closer toward our fundamental core inner being while also moving further away from what we know, and into unknown territory — a totally new way of being.

Although Mercury Retrograde is commonly known as a period of miscommunication (a side-effect of that state of inner reflection), the silver lining is that this period allows us to focus on what needs to be done, changed or realigned in order for us to create and embody the next phase of our life with — and that requires as little baggage as possible. But, if we resist that process of reflection, this coming period will likely be filled with doubt, confusion and deep feelings of insecurity, even emotional paralysis. To make the most of this energetic opportunity, take the time to backtrack and honestly examine recent events in your life, and make the changes — with commitment — that you know are in alignment with the new direct your life is now taking.

For more information, check out my article: Understanding Mercury Retrograde in Astrology.

Venus and Jupiter in Libra

By September 9th, both Venus and Jupiter will have moved into the sign of Libra, and as a result, we will begin to start feeling lighter in our own inner space. The experience of Jupiter in Libra in particular may be felt as a tendency toward extroversion, as we begin looking outward again, however this is likely to be only a subtle adjustment because the influence of the Sun and Mercury in Virgo will serve to maintain our inward focus of completion and re-adjustment.

Stay still this month and allow yourself to be present with what is hindering your path, and keeping you from experiencing flow. As Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and the asteroid Lucifer will be in a full phase opposition to Chiron in Pisces, we can expect to feel blocked by others and even our environment. This again brings into focus the need to for us to honestly identify the areas of our lives that bring confusion, or chaos, or doubt, or which block our flow, and to re-adjust and re-organize ourselves — a necessary process, as we transition into our new paths.

The Sun/Moon Conjunction: The Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Virgo

As part of today’s New Moon cycle, the Moon’s conjunction (alignment) to the Sun in Virgo causes a Solar Eclipse, which was best visible from African. The evolutionary intention of this alignment brings us an energetic opportunity to clean up house; to shake out the rug, and purify the outdated and outmoded thoughts and ideas, and limiting patterns that linger; and to confront the fears we haven’t yet had the courage to face (the ones that consume our very essence.) Time to get it all out and give it a good dust off!

Assisting this New Moon energy is the tight tension angle between the Moon in Virgo and Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. The relationship between Virgo and Sagittarius is such that this alignment highlights the natural evolutionary transition from an intense focus on small details (Virgo) to opening up and seeing a larger scope (Sagittarius) — and, ultimately, integrating the two. This Virgo/Sagittarius energy pattern also drives us to question everything, and make decisions in alignment with our most authentic natural truth. And it’s in this process of aligning toward our truth that our deepest cleansing and purifying is taking place.

Beyond the Law of Attraction - The 9 Principles of Wish Manifestation

We have manifested our lives from the deepest parts of our collective and individual conditioning, and as we awaken to the truth of ourselves, and begin manifesting from that sacred space, we begin to experience and feel what is really right and soulful for us and what is not. This processes of awakening brings true empowerment, but it requires our presence. We must bring the knowing of our power into our being and be present with it, embody it, so we can begin to see what it truly means to bring spirit into matter. After all, we’re bringing a vision to life, as creators of a better future.

But this process does not happen easily, or overnight. The New Moon cycle in Virgo will help us once again get down and real with ourselves, and to rinse out all the debris that is holding us back from simply creating. Being conscious of distractions and the contents of your mind will help the purging process run smoothly, instead of leaving you completely overwhelmed. The transmutation of collective and individual energy is reaching a peak and, after this month’s lunar cycle, get ready for ‘the new’ in ways we can’t even imagine. Until then, friends, it’s time to clean up house.

New Moon Message

There came a point when many of us realised that the direction we were taking, collectively and personally, was not creating the meaningful life we desired. Much clearing and cleansing took place, looking deep into our past to relieve ourselves of the layers of conditioning that were holding us locked on a particular path, or very close by. We went soul searching, looking for our special gifts and asking ourselves what we would like to bring to the world. Clearing, cleansing and purifying.

The theme of aligning ourselves with our true intention for this life was a prevalent one for some time, bringing a widespread feeling of being ‘stuck in the mud’ of the karmic consequences of our past. Then – seemingly out of nowhere – a new direction began to reveal itself. It was a new opportunity that would take us out of the old and into the new; into the new life that we have been wanting for, or at least the first emergence of it. But it asked us to take that leap of faith…

Did you leap?

Either way, you will now find yourself in the in the realisation of that choice, with all its implications. By not leaping, we miss the opportunity to join the universal flow and see where it leads. But leaping into a new reality is not without its consequences either. It creates a chain reaction in the causal sequence leading to and resulting from that shift. The old structures, life philosophies, relationships and ways in which we organize our lives all need to be adjusted as a result of our new direction, and those changes in turn become part of the feedback loop that informs our decision making.

But change doesn’t happen unless we take the necessary steps; just as the process of moving house does not manifest merely as (Step 1) receive the keys to your new home (Step 2) live there.

Taking a leap of faith is always the first step in beginning a new life. Then, it’s a process of clearing, organizing, adjusting and restructuring.

While standing in the heart of the chaos and confusion change can bring, it can be easy to have moments of doubt, and question your choices and beliefs. But you can also choose how you experience this transition — so don’t spend your time doubting and questioning. You can’t know the future, you can only create it. As long as you make choices in alignment with your heart center, you will always know what to do and where to go, as your path unfold.

Go on — take the leap! When Mercury Retrograde comes back around again, bringing the gift of focused reflection, you will be thankful for the time, energy and consideration you put into taking that leap and creating a life that reflects your highest knowing.

And that process starts today.

To your boundless expansion!
Simon & Jennifer

Simon & Jennifer

The New Moon in Virgo – with Simon Vorster

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Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

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