Do You Have a Burning Yearning for Change?


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You might be one of those with a strong sense to want to change your reality, and indeed the wider world. Yet we’re so often told of the need for “acceptance and surrender”. The two truths, the two impulses, seem to conflict. And how exactly does consciousness change our reality for the better? You may have strongly catalytic tendencies that cause you to witness injustice in the world and want to do something about it. So what’s happening with all these different energies? How do you balance what’s going on within, and maximise your creative impact in the world?

Acceptance and Surrender are Not Always the Same

Firstly it is important to realise that acceptance and surrender are not necessarily the same thing. True spiritual surrender is not acceptance of ‘anything goes’. This just builds another identity. Yet true surrender is not needing a particular outcome from the situation. The key word here is ‘particular’. Because it’s right for the soul to yearn for change — to me, that’s a key characteristic of the soul. But to want and need a particular outcome would only be ego.

It’s because the universe is naturally working toward balanced harmony — unraveling injustice and inequity where it exists. And since your soul is an integral part of this realigning energy, then you’ll naturally feel it flowing through you — which to deny, is to create extra layers of identity and ego.

Work with the Arising Energy

In some people, this realigning energy is immensely strong. It can well up within you, and feel so powerful, you could literally explode. This frequently happens in me — fortunately I’ve learned not to explode!

Instead, I began to recognise, that when I felt like this, it was usually to do with a situation of injustice in the wider world, although perhaps kicked off by some personal situation in the microcosm of my life. So when it happens, I let myself express the energy. It could be a power walk in nature, working out in the gym, swimming or dancing to music — I find a productive way to harness and express the energy.

What I notice when this happens, is that my attention is drawn to some synchronicity of positive change in the wider world. You’ve connected up to a realigning force of energy, harnessed it, and sent it out in a positive way, to do what it’s meant to.

Breaking Down is Necessary for the Emergence of the New

The great thing is you’re getting a positive feedback loop. The upwelling feels fulfilled and connected. So you know you’re expressing authentically, having a beneficial effect. Bear in mind though, this will also unravel – breakdown – unjust situations of inequity; so whilst it may seem like a destructive force sometimes, it’s important to recognise that breaking down is necessary for the emergence of the new.

So there’s a vital difference between desperately wanting a particular outcome, and connecting with an upwelling — a burning yearning — for change. Whilst the former is clearly ego, the latter is most definitely emanating from the soul. In which case, to gain the maximum sense of fulfillment from life, the maximum amount of personal success too, give maximum attention and focus on the upwelling. However that wants to express, give it all you’ve got.

Then watch the energy positively shape your life and the world around you in the most profound of ways.


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