Re-Connect With Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom To Heal The Root Cause Of Infertility

Re-Connect With Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom To Heal The Root Cause Of InfertilityJune 16th, 2017

By Vera Kaur

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

In ancient India, it was widely acknowledged that the body’s energies resonated in harmony with the energy rhythms of the universe.

Life was lived in tune with nature and fertility was believed to be dependent on the moon. The moon’s phases were associated with the phases of the menstrual cycle and as the moon affected the seas, which influenced rainfall and consequently the fertility of Mother Earth, the moon was worshipped as a symbol of procreation.

Modern day lifestyles have unknowingly detached us from nature, through breathing impure air, eating unnatural food, drinking adulterated water, ingesting toxic medication, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, using inorganic body and household products, absorbing electro-magnetic pollution, experiencing continuous low level stress and suppressing our emotions, causing our body’s energies to become imbalanced resulting in dis-harmony and dis-ease.

Ancient India energy healers had a wealth of knowledge on how to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of dis-harmony and dis-ease, by cleansing, regulating and strengthening the body’s energies to unify them with the universal energies to instill harmony and well-being, and through the generations much of this healing wisdom has been kept alive and can assist in healing us today.

The severity of infertility is simply diagnosed by examining the ten half-moons, visible at the base of the nail beds. These determine the health of the entire reproductive system. If the half-moons are barely visible or very pale in colour, rather than milky white, this is an accurate indication of weak fertility health.

It is believed that infertility stems from energy imbalances within the pituitary, pineal and reproductive glands, which results in impaired hormone secretions in the male and/or female body, leading to the inability to conceive.

To heal the root cause of infertility, for both male and female, follow these ancient practices for three months: 

Organic Wholefood Therapy

An organic wholefood diet consists of whole, unrefined, unadulterated plant-based food. The food we ingest directly affects our physical, mental and emotional energies. Nature’s food absorbs an abundance of life-giving solar energy from the sun, which makes it positively and negatively balanced, to nourish every cell within our body and mind. The nutrients absorbed from our diet are initially directed towards the cells of our major organs and glands. The sperm cells and ova are the last to receive these nutrients, therefore an organic wholefood diet that is naturally nutrient-rich, is highly beneficial for improving the quality of the sperm cells and ova to enhance ferility.

The following herbs assist in healing male and/or female infertility:

  • Shatavari is a powerful herb which regulates the hormones to enhance fertility.
  • Ashwagandha is a rejuvenating root which strengthens the reproductive system.
  • Amalaki fruit is a powerful antioxidant which rejuvenates the reproductive tissues.
  • Fennel seeds stimulate pelvic blood flow to regulate the female reproductive hormones.
  • Fenugreek seeds detoxify the reproductive glands and enhance ovulation and conception.
  • Ajwain seeds nourish and strengthen the reproductive tissues and increase the sperm count.
  • Black Cumin seeds cleanse the reproductive and urinary systems and improve sperm quality.
  • Turmeric Root activates the immune response to initiate the body’s natural healing capacity.

Re-Connect with Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom To Heal the Root Cause of Infertility - Herbs

Include a variety of raw dried fruits, nuts and seeds, sprouted legumes, avocados, organic ghee, seaweeds and cold-pressed green vegetable juice. 

Acupressure Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of diagnosing, treating and healing the root cause of dis-ease by applying intermittent pressure on specific areas of primarily the hands and feet, that correspond to the organs, glands, nerves, tissues and so forth. This regulates the vital energy within the body part, empowering it to function optimally.

Apply the following treatments for one minute each, three times a day for up to three months:

  • To regulate and empower the pituitary and pineal gland, apply firm intermittent pressure on the fleshy area of the underside of the big toes and the thumbs, using a wooden acupressure stick or a blunt pencil.
  • To regulate and empower the reproductive glands, apply firm intermittent pressure around the inner and outer ankle and wrist bones, using the tip of your thumb and concentrate on any painful areas.
  • To release daily stress, nervous tension and emotional anxiety, which can contribute to hormonal imbalances, firmly massage each of the middle toes. The degree of pain on these toes directly corresponds to the amount of accumulated stress within the body.
  • To enhance general fertility health and boost conception, place the fingers of the left hand over the naval and the fingers of the right hand directly opposite, on the back either side of the spine. Press the fingers gently into these areas to strengthen the spleen and kidney energy, which weaken with age.
  • To balance the emotional aspect of infertility, firmly massage the middle fingers. Physical ailments have an emotional component and our emotions correspond to specific fingers. The middle fingers govern sexuality and reproductive health, and are linked to the emotions of anger and impatience.
  • To assist in reversing the effects of aging upon the body and mind, intermittently press the youth maintenance point, which is located midway between the wrist and the elbow on the inner right arm. It is believed that the body’s life energy is discharged from the right hand from the age of thirty five, which initiates the aging process.

Nature Therapy

Simple practices to cleanse, balance and empower the body’s energies to initiate self-healing.

Himalayan Rock Salt Hip Baths:

  • Take alternating hot and cold, mineral rich Himalayan pink rock salt hip baths in the evening.
  • Fill one large basin or tub, similar to a baby bathtub with hot water and one tablespoon of Himalayan pink rock salt.
  • Fill a second tub with cold water.
  • Sit in the hot water tub by immersing your buttocks and hips for a few minutes and then sit in the cold water tub for about thirty seconds.
  • Repeat the process several times and end in the cold water tub.
  • This ancient natural practice increases the blood circulation to the reproductive system, alleviates anxiety and revitalizes the entire body to enhance fertility.

Essential Oil Self-Massage:

  • Massage the lower abdomen, lower back, buttocks and upper legs with two tablespoons of warm organic ghee to which five drops of essential oil has been added.
  • Continue for ten minutes, preferably after the hot and cold hip bath described above.
  • Do not wash off the ghee/essential oil mix after the massage.
  • Traditional fertility enhancing oils for females include jasmine, rose and fennel and for males include frankincense, sandalwood and patchouli.

Barefoot Walking:

Re-Connect with Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom To Heal the Root Cause of Infertility - Barefoot Walking

  • Practice walking barefoot on the bare earth, grass or sand for one hour daily, during the spring and summer.
  • This traditional practice enables the body to discharge the accumulation of harmful negative energy and absorb a concentrated source of positive universal earth energy to balance the body’s natural rhythms, activate the endocrine glands and initiate the body’s self-healing response.

To reduce further energy imbalances, avoid smoking, drinking and the usage of wireless electronic devices as the electromagnetic radiation can contribute to infertility.

Mudra Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of expressional hand gestures which balance the vital energy flowing throughout the body and mind, to regain equilibrium. It is believed that the human structure is a miniature form of the universe, composed of the five elements, each of which corresponds to a specific finger or thumb.

Mudras can be practised whilst sitting, walking, or lying down during meditation.

Ushas Mudra

The ushas mudra balances the sacral chakra which influences the reproduction.

Reconnect with Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom to Heal the Root Causes of Infertility - Ushas Mudra

  • To practice, sit upright and clasp your hands.
  • Lightly press your top thumb onto your lower thumb.
  • Males should place the right thumb on top of the left thumb and females should place the left thumb on top of the right thumb.
  • Inhale vigorously whilst placing your clasped hands behind your head.
  • Stretch your elbows as far back as is comfortable.
  • Exhale slowly and deeply.
  • Keep your hands clasped behind your head and continue inhaling vigorously and exhaling deeply for a few minutes.
  • Release the clasp and repeat.
  • Practice two times a day.

Prithvi Mudra

Reconnect with Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom to Heal the Root Cause of Infertility - Prithvi MudraThe prithvi mudra strengthens the root chakra where the life energy reserves are stored which is essential for self-healing.

  • Place the tip of your thumb and the tip of your ring finger together.
  • Relax and extend your index, middle and little finger.
  • Practice two times a day for forty minutes in total.

Yogic Breath Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of controlling the breath by a number of different techniques to increase the vital energy within the body. Our breath is the life force that flows through each and every cell within our body, and by expanding our life force, we can harmonize with the life force of the universe to receive cosmic healing.

Gregg B

Dynamic Breath

The dynamic breath exercise relaxes the nervous system, purifies the mind and emotions, and detoxifies the body to awaken its latent healing capacity.

Couples should practice the dynamic breath exercise sitting and facing each other, under the moon as it is believed to unite them with the continuous cycle of creation.

  • Inhale slowly and deeply.
  • Exhale slowly and deeply while pressing the thumb and index finger of each hand together and chanting the sound ‘Saaa’ in one long note.
  • Release and relax the fingers, inhale and then exhale while pressing the thumb and middle finger of each hand together and chanting the sound ‘Taaa’ in one long note.
  • Release and relax the fingers, inhale and then exhale while pressing the thumb and ring finger of each hand together and chanting the sound ‘Naaa’ in one long note.
  • Release and relax the fingers, inhale and then exhale while pressing the thumb and little finger of each hand together and chanting the sound ‘Maaa’ in one long note.
  • Release and relax the fingers and repeat from the beginning.

The hands should remain apart during the entire exercise.

Practice for twenty minutes.

The dynamic breath exercise incorporates the therapeutic benefits of Chanting Therapy, which assists in detaching us from past and future anxiety and stress, to bring our awareness to the present moment and thereby allow us to return to the essence of our being to initiate self-healing.

Chromo Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of applying specific colours to parts of the body, by various methods to heal energy imbalances. The sun is comprised of seven colours, each of which possesses its own unique energy vibration and carries its own healing property. Traditionally, the sun was worshiped for its ability to provide the necessary healing energy required by the body, to treat and prevent dis-ease.

Orange is the colour associated with infertility.

The ancient Indian method to absorb the colour orange:

  • Place an orange glass in the sunlight in such a way that the sun’s rays are absorbed by the glass and fall on to the pelvic area.
  • The area should be unclothed and free of sunscreen.
  • Ensure the rest of the body is kept warm.
  • Absorb the concentrated orange rays on the pelvic area for fifteen minutes in the morning sun and fifteen minutes in the evening sun.

If an orange glass is not available, orange cellophane paper can be double-wrapped around a clear glass. 

Crystal Therapy

The holistic practice of placing the earth’s natural stones within the body’s magnetic field, to restore the flow of healthy positive energy within and around the body, by removing the toxic negative energy. The earth is crystalline as it is composed of minerals, and our bodies are crystalline in essence, therefore our energies resonate harmoniously with the vibration of crystals. Each crystal possesses a unique chemical make-up, which determines its healing property and appearance.

Re-Connect with Ancient Indian Holistic Wisdom To Heal the Root Cause of Infertility - Crystals

Tape the following fertility enhancing crystals on to your lower abdomen and place them under your pillow at night:

  • Moonstone for females symbolizes fertility and enhances the feminine energies to calm the emotions. Tape to the lower abdomen during a the full moon phase.
  • Carnelian for females alleviates fear and opens and regulates the sacral chakra to balance the reproductive system and encourage conception.
  • Unakite for females calms the emotions, cleanses and balances the reproductive energies to enhance fertility.
  • Shiva Lingham for males stimulates the sexual energies to restore virility and vitality to heal infertility.
  • Black Coral for males calms the body to heal the underlying emotional wounds associated with infertility.
  • Smoky Quartz for males lifts the spirits and balances the reproductive organs to heal sexual dysfunction. 

Yoga Asana Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of expressional postures known as asanas, each of which has specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits to unite the body, mind, and soul.

The following two yoga sequences balance the body’s masculine and feminine energies to realign with nature’s energies. Couples should practice together.

Surya Namaskar

  • The spiritual practice of expressing gratitude to the sun, the source of all forms of life and reconnecting with the innate stimulating masculine energies.
  • Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) is a sequence of yoga postures that flow together with rhythmic breathing.
  • It aligns the body with the cycles of the sun and stimulates the solar plexus chakra, to awaken and raise the energy throughout the body to instil physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Begin the day with twelve rounds of surya namaskar to embrace the divine activating masculine solar energy.
  • Practice on an empty stomach, outdoors, facing the sun.

Chandra Namaskar

  • The ancient spiritual practice of honouring the moon and reconnecting with the innate fertile feminine energies.
  • Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) is a sequence of yoga postures that flow together with rhythmic breathing.
  • It aligns the body with the cycles of the moon and restores the sacral chakra to soothe and calm the nerves and replenish the creative reproductive energies.
  • End the day with four rounds of chandra namaskar to embrace the cool receptive feminine lunar energy.
  • Practice outdoors, facing the moon.

Healing Visualization Therapy

The ancient Indian holistic practice of using colour to create positive images of healing within the mental body, which allows the emotional body to respond, by becoming receptive to healing, which subsequently initiates the healing process in the physical body. Each colour has its individual vibration and carries its own healing properties. Our body and mind are intricately connected, which allows our thoughts to have a direct influence on our physical health.

The following crystal healing visualization can be memorized, recorded or recited by a partner.

Practice morning and evening.

  • Lie down comfortably and place small fertility enhancing crystals (refer to ‘Crystal Therapy) on your pelvic area.
  • Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your reproductive system.
  • Release any tension from your pelvic area and allow it to be open and receptive to the crystal healing energy.
  • Bring your awareness to the crystals on your pelvic area and trust in the knowledge that the crystal healing vibration has the ability to restore the flow of healthy positive energy within your reproductive system by releasing toxic negative energy.
  • Visualize the crystal healing vibration being gently absorbed by your reproductive organs.
  • Feel your reproductive organs overflowing with the crystal healing vibration.
  • Visualize the overflowing crystal healing vibration being transported throughout your body.
  • Allow the crystal healing vibration to release any imbalances from your reproductive system.
  • Allow the orange healing vibration to release any anxiety within your mind.
  • Allow the orange healing vibration to release any pain within your emotions.
  • Release any resistance and allow your healing to be initiated.
  • Visualize the crystal healing vibration illuminating your entire being.
  • Open your eyes gently and repeat aloud,
  • ‘My positive thoughts and feelings create my happy and fulfilled future’.

Through the focused and regular practice of the ancient Indian therapies we can strengthen our body’s energies to vibrate perfectly in resonance with the energies of nature to activate our body’s latent self-healing ability to promote balance and harmony and heal infertility.

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About the author:

Vera Kaur is from Sikh Indian origin. She grew up with holistic therapies and in her twenties she lived in the ashrams of India, where she observed the remarkable results of the self-healing practices used by the traditional energy healers. Vera would like us all to be empowered with this ancient Indian wisdom, to take responsibility for our own well-being. Through her dreams and meditations, she was guided to write her book, ‘Diagnose, Treat, and Cure All Dis-ease with Traditional Indian Holistic Therapies’.

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