An Empowering Energetic Healing Exercise for Children

An Empowering Energetic Healing Exercise for ChildrenBy Jessie Klassen

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

During this intense energetic shift, it is extremely important to be aware of our energy bodies and of the energy that we are both giving and receiving. We are healing as a collective, purging our karma and coming back into balance, and if you are unaware of this, the symptoms can be overwhelming — and this applies to our children too, as children are especially sensitive and often pick up on and respond to feelings that are not even theirs.

Often times adults and children alike have energetic attachments to other people and experiences that are either draining or influencing our energy body. We become caught up in the past or else in the future, thinking about situations or experiences, both good and bad. The problem with this is that we are not living in the present. This is why cutting the cord to these attachments is so important to developing a strong sense of self, awareness, and presence in the now, as we are then only feeling our own energy, not the energy of others or of past experiences. In a world full of so many distractions and artificial stimulation, it is of utmost importance to know what is your energy and release what isn’t. And in the end, everyone benefits when we cut cords as we become stronger in our own energy and no longer interfere with one another’s energy.

So if you find your child affected by a memory, thought or experience — any energetic attachment — that is interfering with their energy body, this cord cutting exercise may be just what they need to heal their energy and feel more present.

Cord cutting exercises can be quite helpful for your child, especially if you are having behavioral difficulties or issues with them, or if they are doing things that seem really out-of-character. If they are old enough, you can guide them through the process I will provide below, or listen to a guided meditation; and if they are too young, you can perform the exercise with them, or for them.

To begin, simply ask them to think of someone that they feel they need to say something to, or perhaps someone they have had a “not so nice” experience with. Sometimes these cords are from sources that even our children themselves are unaware of, so in this case, just put out your intention that you would like to cut any cords that are not serving your child’s Higher purpose.

Cord Cutting Exercise

Take a few deep breaths. Feel your body relax. Breathe in, breathe out, and feel your body relax more with each breath.

Imagine tree roots growing out the bottom of your feet. Feel these roots reach down into the center of Mother Earth.  She is loving, just like a mother. You can imagine a glowing light there, and it is full of love for you. You could also imagine a tree trunk growing out from the bottom of your back and reaching down to the center of the Earth. Feel the love of Mother Earth here.

Now I would like you to think of a person who you feel as though there is something between you that needs to be said or healed. Maybe there is someone that you feel doesn’t understand you.  Or perhaps they hurt your feelings, or did something that you are not happy with.  Or maybe something else happened, an experience that upset you. (If your child can’t think of anyone or anything, it is ok. This can be done by you, for them. You can simply ask to see any cords that are not serving their Highest purpose.)

Your child (or you) may notice these cords (seeing/sensing/feeling) anywhere in their body.  Perhaps attached to their heart centre, or in their back. I have felt my own attached to my throat before as well, especially when there were many words that had not been said.

Once your child (or you) can see/sense/feel these cords, take a moment to notice what they look like. What color are they? Do they have a smell? Do they make a noise?What texture are they? Are they smooth, rough, shiny, slippery? How thick are they? Let your child know that there is no wrong answer and everybody’s are different.

Take a moment to notice where they attach to you and to the other person.

Once you see/feel/sense these cords, call in a Spirit Guide (or simply an energy) to cut them for you. You do not need to do anything but give permission for these cords to be cut.

You can instruct your child to call in a particular Source that you feel comfortable with, or you can let them try and see who shows up for them.

The cord cutting will be easy and effortless.

Once they are cut, you will be able to envision these cords either coiling up or coming back to your child in some way, and the other person’s cords going back to them.  They might snap back quickly, or fizzle like electricity, or sparkle and dance lightly.  Again, there is no wrong answer.

Now it is time to offer love and blessings to this other person/situation that the cords were attached to and also to give thanks to your Spirit Guide for their help.

You can explain to your child that this other person was in their life to teach them something, and that by offering love does not mean that they agree with what they did, but by loving and forgiving others, we take back our own power. We actually love ourselves more when we extend love to others.


Your child will now feel stronger and more secure in their energy body. It is nice to talk about their experience afterwards and ask them how they feel now. They may feel lighter, happier, or perhaps more peaceful.

You may be surprised who your child will choose to cut cords with, as often it isn’t someone you would expect. It doesn’t have to be someone they have had a bad experience with either; many times the most well-meaning people can become attached to us and drain our energy, or we unknowingly interfere with one another.

Cutting cords will not necessarily harm or severe a relationship, and you will notice that it creates a space and a lightness for a higher vibrating form of relationship to take form. But if this relationship wasn’t for the best, this person may simply fade from your child’s life.

When my daughter, Summer, performed this exercise, she chose someone that I was at first a little surprised at. But she had her own personal reasons and has since noticed an improvement in her relationship with this person. Our children are highly intuitive, so trust who they choose. I found it so cute that it was our beloved dog, Sidda, who showed up as her Spirit Guide to cut the cords. Our Spirit Guides have many forms as well!

Use your own intuition to tweak this exercise to suit you and your child, and don’t be afraid to get creative with the visualizations.

You also may notice that it might have to be repeated, depending on the situation and the strength of the attachments.  Sometimes seeing this person or thinking of them may cause an energetic charge to occur, and therefore the cords would have to be cut again.

You can have your child state an affirmation as well, such as “I am released from all cords that do not serve me.” or “I am free of all cords and energetic attachments” or “I am strong in my own energy.”

Affirmations are powerful and can help reinforce the strength of the cord cutting.  They will also let your child feel in control of themselves which is incredibly empowering, not only for children, but for anyone to know that they have a considerable amount of control over their situation and  themselves.

I had my son, Shep, write affirmations out several times a day for a while when we were dealing with some intense cords and energy shifts.  We personalized them to him with the emphasis that he was strong in who he is, is in control of himself, and that he can trust himself to do the right thing.  And I am happy to say that it made a huge difference in his mood and behaviour which was becoming quite unpredictable.

You can also let your child know that this is an exercise that they can do on their own as well whenever they are not feeling as sure of themselves or “off.”  This whole exercise really doesn’t take long at all, and once practiced, it will happen easily and with little effort.

Thankfully, a little bit of awareness goes a long way, and with the proper tools we can be riding these intense waves of energy rather than feel like we are drowning in them.

I hope that you have found this helpful. I would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact me via my website, contact me via email, leave a comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook.

Love and blessings,

The Sapling

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Jessie Klassen

Jessie Klassen is a writer, farmer, and the mother of 3 sensitive children. She is also a Reiki Master and empath herself, who is committed to raising her children in an accepting and spiritually-connected environment, grounded in Nature. Through her work, Jessie is inspired to help others connect with the magic of Nature to rediscover the magic of their own lives.

Jessie is releasing a children’s book, “The Sapling” on Amazon in 2017. It is the story of a little sapling who with the help of a wise old tree, overcomes her fears of growing big and becomes the tree she is meant to be! A portion of proceeds will be donated to the TreeSisters and the Nature Conservancy of Canada.

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