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Yes, levitation is possible. What it requires is mastery of the illusion of physicality, by penetrating the unity consciousness of the soul, into every cell of apparent separation of the body. That’s a tall order one might reasonably consider! But there’s masses to be gained even by venturing down the path in that general direction. What we’re talking about is transcendence — you feel into the density of the body, normalising with it so as not to judge it as something solid and separate. Then you can attune to the light flowing into it, which turns the volume up on your interconnected experience. Progressively all manner of miracles and magic take off…

Embracing true Transcendence

Transcendence is not about trying to leave the body, and true spirituality is not about distancing oneself from the density of the physical. For subconsciously, this just creates an acknowledgement that there’s something you’re trying to distance yourself from. This in turn creates polarity — you become that subtle identity in some kind of avoidance, which defeats the object of becoming The One — by being as-One with everything that shows up.

In the Openhand Work, we’ll often guide people into increasing sense of density, by using yoga type movement (soulmotion) to push into the edge of the inner comfort zone — where things start to get tight, challenging and even painful. At this point, if you’re attentive, you’ll start to witness that part of separated self that slips into judgment: “I cannot deal with this discomfort, I want to be beyond it, I want it to go away”. Who is the “I” here? Obviously small I identity – because The One in you can tolerate anything, and it’s possible for your soul to expand out of everything.

Rather than avoiding such feelings and situations, there’s enormous opportunity and potential for growth in them. By feeling deep into them and going right to the core of the feeling, you have a chance to ‘normalise’ with them. Which means you stop judging it as a ‘bad experience’…“It’s just an experience that feels like this”. When you stop judging, the mind relaxes, which allows the subtle vibrations of unity consciousness — of the soul — to flood in. Since the soul is connected to the “all-that-is”, then you connect up to the unlimited potential of The One.

Just look at what The One has created throughout the known universe. So, in effect, you become a channel of this unlimited potential… 7 Ways to Manifest Greater Resources and Possibility in the Great 5D Shift

The Conditioning goes much deeper than Thought

I’m not saying this is easy! We are held in place in this reality by our belief — our conditioning — in it. And this conditioning runs deep — zillions of fixed neural pathways that have developed since birth, telling us: “Yes you are physical, yes you have limitation, and no, you definitely cannot fly!”

This conditioning goes much deeper than your thoughts. So for example, it doesn’t work just to think you can fly (and by ‘fly’ here I mean flying through life, interconnected with divine manifestation). You have to have penetrated into many layers of inner density — including the zillions of neural pathways that are conditioned to lock you into the separation — they are there, and have to be worked through.

I find it helps to realise that the body is mostly space — if you take all the space from between the sub atomic particles out, then there wouldn’t be enough matter to fit on a pin head. And even that is not solid, it’s vibrating strings of interconnected energy The more you penetrate this illusion, with meditation for example, the more you start to slip beyond the sense of solidity, and more into the subtle feelings of flow.

When you consider that all matter is like this, then you start to get that at a really deep level, physicality can be influenced and changed.

What’s the practical application of this?

Manifesting New Vehicles of Expression — Overcoming the Physical

To give an example, I’ve recently moved overseas to the Canary Islands. I’ve needed a car to get around. But within divine manifestation, as an interconnected part of the universe, it is never just about buying a car (or a house or clothes or anything else material). These become expressions of your soul — the material manifestation of you. So the soul is requiring something by which to express itself, and so if the soul is allowed to flow through, it will manifest what is genuinely required — note this has nothing to do with intentional manifestation, which eventually breaks down. It’s about allowing to come through, what is meant to come through.

Currently I know my soul is working into deep layers of the physical, which I can feel progressively during my morning meditations. And so out in the afternoons, just free-wheeling and following the pull, my attention would be drawn to a particular type of vehicle, that was an expression of the energy buried in that particular layer. But knowing that the particular vehicle didn’t feel a fully aligned expression of me, I’d let the manifestation go, but then work deeper into — and through — those layers in the subsequent days meditations. Now the vehicles that my attention would be spiked to, changed shape, colour and specification.

It’s important to say, this is NOT about trying to manifest. It’s about working to allow full soul infusion, as a divine expression of The One, then witnessing the external effect. BUT, we are in the physical for a reason, and so we can expect — we require — manifestation to happen.

When I’d just about reached what I thought were the final physical layers, the flow took me out onto the island, on a circuitous path, connecting with the vibe of the place, asking for the “resources of rightness” to appear, then reading signs and synchronicity. Half way round, the landing of higher knowing said I’d get an “Opel for Open”. But where to find one? The key is simply to hold the question, not needing the immediate answer – it’s not about finding, but instead following the flow.

It was nearing the end of the day and I was feeling to go home, having not found what I knew to be the right expression of me, and my heart was a touch weighted with disappointment, which I immediately recognised to work with and unwind out of. Right then, a little pull directed my attention to a tucked away industrial estate, which I’d not seen before. I was feeling pretty shattered by now, but I felt to overcome that, and to transcend the feeling by going right through it.

Then, what should appear at the very end of the last road on the industrial estate, what should I find, but a small Opel garage! And in it, they were selling a used car, with the perfect configuration for me and the perfect numbering in the registration plate — every number and letter spoke into my life’s situation. Better still, the model was called an Opel Ovrecame. I’d overcome the physical layers I was working into, and thereby divinely manifested by unleashing soul as a flow through life. I felt blessed by the miraculous.

An Earth Bound Misfit, Learning to Fly

On the way back, with my iPod on shuffle, this song came on by Pink Floyd, all about learning to fly, which I felt to share with you.

Yes, fly we can. But first you have to Overcome the physical, by transcending it…

“A soul in tension that’s learning to fly
Condition grounded but determined to try
Can’t keep my eyes from the circling skies
Tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit, I”

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