Las Vegas False Flag Mass Shooting: A Mix of Real Casualties and Crisis Actors?

October 7th, 2017

By Makia Freeman

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

The Las Vegas mass shooting that occurred on the night of October 1st, 2017 is without doubt another false flag operation. The clues are everywhere. The official narrative is full of holes and the event fits the pattern of the false flag formula we have to come to know. We have another patsy who is a highly unlikely precision killer, we have evidence of multiple shooters, we have foreknowledge and we have no semblance of a motive. We live in such a twisted world that now, when events like these happen in the US, in an attempt to get to the truth we have to truly consider the possibility that the incident may have been a false flag hoax, i.e. a drill with crisis actors, fake ammo and fake blood. However, in this case, I personally know someone I trust who said their daughter’s friends were shot and injured. Many people are confirming that real people did indeed die in this Las Vegas false flag operation.

So, was it a mixture of real casualties and crisis actors? Is this the new way the New World Order conspirators now handle these events?

Let’s take a look at the evidence for this Las Vegas false flag operation and you can decide for yourself.

Las Vegas False Flag: Elements of Real Deaths and Elements of Fakery – A Look at the Evidence

Right off the bat, the official narrative is very difficult to swallow — for many reasons. It seems impossible for an out-of-shape 64 year old man, with no military training, to kill 59 people and injure 500 from the height and distance he was at in the time he was said to have fired. Many videos have exposed the muzzled flashes that were occurring around the 4th or 5th floor. If the bullets were even real, there were multiple shooters.

However, it is far from proven that there were actually real bullets fired that killed real people. Consider these 3 pieces of eyewitness testimony that used to be in this video (now taken down… surprise, surprise!)

A man down on the ground had claimed that:

“Someone has tapped into the sound system. There’s no hits, no hits. It’s the sound system.”

Another person in the same video had shouted 3 times (now here):

“They’re not real gunshots.”

A third person had stated (now available here):

“I really don’t see anybody actually injured.”

Someone in the comments below that video had claimed they knew someone who died, and linked to this LiveLeak video. However, this video doesn’t definitively prove anyone has died. It shows people who appear to have been hit … including some that bystanders say were hit in the head but are still breathing (is this even possible?). It also shows more of that bright red “blood” that was used during the Boston marathon false flag bombing.

Where There’s No Smoke, There’s… No Fire

If the patsy Stephen Paddock really had discharged his AR-15 rifle for 10+ minutes as we were told, there would have been plumes of smoke emanating from the window from which he was firing … yet in the multiple videos of the event, there was no smoke. Not even a little. Therefore, how can we seriously entertain the notion that real shots were fired from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel?

How is it that eyewitnesses in this video at the 9-minute mark were able to see where the alleged shots were coming from, but it took the cops (in CCTV-ville, Las Vegas) an entire 72 minutes to get to the scene.

Crisis Actors Busted

Remember the crisis actors in false flag ops like 9/11 who just knew too much information right after the event had unfolded – information they could not possibly have known were they not plants, being handled by governmental operatives? This guy on 9/11, “Mark Walsh”, is surrounded by the Men in Black as he trots out his story about how he witnessed the whole event and that the towers collapsed “mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense.” 

Talk about a scripted narrative! Who talks like that? Who talks like that right in the middle of an emotional crisis?

The same type of planted actors can be found in the Las Vegas false flag too. This video exposes some of them who appear to have incredibly detailed information about the event that could not possibly have known unless they were reciting a script.

Every false flag shooting or bombing seems to have some key “heroes” who were not only eyewitnesses but also active participants in saving people’s lives. In the case of this Las Vegas false flag operation, the mainstream media have decided to give a lot of air time to a guy we are told is called “Mike Cronk”. Mike apparently saved his buddy “Rob Macintosh”, who, we are told, was shot 3 times in the chest … but still survived … and seems to be doing remarkably well in hospital, fully conscious and smiling for the cameras. Amazingly, Cronk didn’t even get any blood on him despite being next to his best friend who got shot in the chest and who would therefore have been spurting blood everywhereThis video shows footage of Mike Cronk’s testimony and the “injured” Rob Macintosh, who, despite his supposed injuries isn’t even hooked up to an IV.

Las Vegas False Flag Foreknowledge

There are at least 2 examples of foreknowledge here. The first is the Hispanic woman who allegedly told everyone that “you’re all gong to fucking die” 45 minutes before the shooting started. The other is the prediction made by an anonymous user on 4chan (see image above). Truthstream Media shone light on the motive, which is not only the predictable gun control agenda, but also the more specific agenda to roll out metal detectors/body scanners throughout American hotels – as a stepping stone to having them virtually everywhere in society, so that wherever you go you will be monitored, radiated and bombarded with personalized advertising as in The Minority Report.

Question everything. Like Sandy Hook and other false flag hoaxes, this Las Vegas false flag op has elements of being a hoax, yet there is also evidence real people were shot.

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About the author: - Knowledge is PowerMakia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at Tools For Freedom, writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance. An avid promoter of freedom, truth and health, his mission is to expose the truth, raise awareness about the conspiracy to enslave mankind and to help create a critical mass of people to stand up against it – and thus restore peace and freedom to the world.

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  • gerro benny

    My wife and children were killed and a black minister dewayne parker was the patsy ,this event went global an gave the new world order their first gun ban ,this took place in new orleans in 1993 my story at pass it on its about middle of my site ,this is the crisis actors first brush with me.

  • David Pilgrim

    can’t wait for the holloween false flag fiasco and god forbid their christmass (Christmas mass killing) finale

  • Nicole

    This is very interesting, thank you Makia for sharing your thoughts and what you see as important for us to consider. This sounds like another reflection of humanity’s insanity onto the matrix. This is also very important that what we do not believe will fade, it only works and retains its reflection as long as there are believers feeding the energy. Right from the beginning, this whole thing did not make sense. Fear is a great way to keep control of the masses, it certainly has worked in the past but now it is losing strength. It is a wonderful dream to watch the insanity of humanity fade and defeat itself.

  • There has been similar in UK – where media are allowed to roam into the ‘crime scene’ within hours when forensics could not have been completed… Where were the shells in the hotel room from all that fire, where was the blood from when he shot himself? I heard the autopsy confirmed he diet 2 hrs before the shooting but that report soon disappeared. do have a friend lost a friend- so real people were among those ‘injured’ but the hospital reports look staged and exaggerated and wounds dont even look real on the ones shown on TV- victims are not behaving like they were just in a disaster. I guess people dont want to see it as its so obvious i dont understand how they get away with it

  • Agreed!!!
    This was forwarded to me, I will just quietly leave this here, its short and should be viewed before deleted (censored) by FB
    Paddock still alive?

    • Nicole

      Hi Tye, this link you left leads back to this article. Is that right or just strange?

  • Johnny Kay

    Great article — thanks.

  • Anna Van Z

    I disagree that this was a false flag attack, and I don’t see much “evidence” here to support that idea. You don’t need to be “in shape” to fire automatic weapons, and the whole purpose of such weapons is to kill a lot of people quickly. Automatic weapons don’t belong in the hands of civilians. Period.

    This is the very predictable result of a violence-based culture where the NRA writes the guns laws, and obedient industry whores in Congress do their bidding. There are mass shootings on a regular basis, and it’s because apparently anyone, no matter how mentally ill, can basically get whatever weapons, in whatever quantity they want in the U.S.

    And just for the record, I am a rural gun owner, and the NRA does NOT speak for me and mine. I also don’t belong to any political party, so someone looking to slam my opinion with a dismissive label is s.o.l.

    • DoomNGloom

      The only problem is they weren’t automatic weapons! They were semi-auto fitted with a supposed bump stock! So he would still have to continually pull the trigger.

  • Pei Mei

    Glad I’m not the only one who thought of any of this. People have told me that I’m paranoid. I don’t think so…

  • GalSal

    There are evil people make money off this. Those who invested in airport scanners before 9/11 involved in that false flag and now involved in this one. Find out who is investing in these scanners and who invested in stock for Mandalay Bay. There are answers in much of this.

  • bulbulito_bayagbag

    Why no one gets caught if its a false flag? if there have been numerous false flag ops

  • Kali AK

    Hey guess what! Mike cronk and Rob McIntosh are real people from my hometown in Alaska. They aren’t some fake crisis actors so you can take your tinfoil hat off and wake yourself up because I know Rob and I also know tons of people who know Mike Cronk personally! Try again cause you are way wrong!